Bazarov and arkady relationship counseling

Fathers and Sons by Ivan S. Turgenev: Chapter 10

bazarov and arkady relationship counseling

Turgenev provides the reader with a relationship that begins well, but then proceeds downward. Bazarov and Arkady spent most of their days separated. ventured out to the next town to see Arkady's uncle who was a privy-counselor. On the other hand, Pavel Petrovich had grown to hate Bazarov with all the . that as a relation he wants to see us again, and invites you, me and Arkady to go to stay .. Take my advice, Pavel Petrovich, allow yourself a day or two to think it all . Thus the relations existing among Bazarov, Arkady, Pavel Petrovich, and . weight to Pavel's advice, striving to conduct himself in a way which Pavel will find .

Vasily asks Arkady what he thinks of his son. Arkady praises Bazarov and says that Bazarov will be famous someday, and he thinks the world of him Bazarov comes and he and Arkady are lying in the shade, and they talk about their childhood. Arkady asks Bazarov if he loves his parents, and he says yes. He starts to tell them a story, and Bazarov falls asleep.

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Vasily wakes him, and they go to dinner. A priest, Father Aleksey, joins them for dinner. Arina sits by Bazarov and watches him playing cards.

Vasily is very hurt because Bazarov has only been home three days after being away for three years. Bazarov does not show any emotion or regret After Bazarov and Arkady leave, Vasily sits down in his chair and lowers his head He comforts his wife, holding her in his arms. Analysis Arkady and Bazarov still disagree on some issues, and they almost get into a fight. The tension between the various relationships in this chapter is like the glue to which Bazarov refers in talking about his father.

The characters must come to terms with what is inside of them before they can have a relationship with one another, and we can sense once again a foreshadowing of the climax. Bazarov tells his father very nonchalantly that he is leaving the next day.

The final scene represents a generation that is lost in its own sorrow and one that cannot keep up with the changes that are happening in their present Russian society. Bazarov has absolutely no remorse or pity or compassion for his parents. They are unwelcomed, so they only stay a few hours. They return to the farm, and Nikolay is delighted to see his son. What did you say?

bazarov and arkady relationship counseling

I suppose that you prefer to remain in one place because you are self-indulgent, very fond of comfort and ease and very indifferent to everything else. Well, now I understand why we have become such friends, you are just like me--" "We have become friends.

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Why, I had forgotten that you want to go away. The lamp burned dimly in the darkening, isolated fragrant room; the blind swayed from time to time and let in the stimulating freshness of the night and its mysterious whispers. Madame Odintsov did not stir, but a hidden excitement gradually took possession of her. It communicated itself to Bazarov.

bazarov and arkady relationship counseling

He suddenly felt he was alone with a young and beautiful woman. He made no answer and sank into a chair. Surely you can't attach any importance to slanderous gossip!

Chapter 10

She was upset that he had understood her words in that way. I am unhappy because.

bazarov and arkady relationship counseling

I have no desires, no love of life. You look at me suspiciously; you think those are the words of an aristocrat who sits in lace on a velvet chair. I don't deny for a moment that I like what you call comfort, and at the same time I have little desire to live. Reconcile that contradiction as best you can. Of course it is all sheer romanticism to you. What do you want?

bazarov and arkady relationship counseling

Yes, I am old--" she added, softly drawing the ends of her shawl over her bare arms. Her eyes met Bazarov's and she blushed slightly. I have not even the desire to go on. I think if I were strongly attached to something. That is your unhappiness. But I was wrong in calling it unhappiness. On the contrary, a person should rather be pitied when that happens to him.

I want everything or nothing. A life for a life, taking one and giving up another without hesitation and beyond recall. Or else better have nothing! If I have no value, then who needs my devotion? The main thing is to know how to devote oneself.

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I don't want to boast. The sounds of the piano floated up to them from the drawing room. I want to say one word to you. Her eyes rested on Bazarov; it seemed as if she was examining him attentively. He walked across the room, then suddenly came up to her, hurriedly said "Good-by," squeezed her hand so that she almost screamed and went out.

She raised her compressed fingers to her lips, breathed on them, then rose impulsively from her armchair and moved rapidly towards the door, as if she wanted to bring Bazarov back.

A maid entered the room carrying a decanter on a silver tray.

bazarov and arkady relationship counseling

Madame Odintsov stood still, told the maid she could go, and sat down again deep in thought. Her hair slipped loose and fell in a dark coil over her shoulders.