Black lagoon rock and revy relationship advice

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"Black Lagoon balalaika". Revy Rock kiss by Gamira18 Skull Sketch, Black Lagoon, Anime Ships, Face Claims Guns, dogs, muscle cars, advice, and my life. Manga, Chapter Black Lagoon. Anime, Episode The Black Lagoon . In Tokyo, Revy opens up to Rock, saying that she has lived "on dirty air" her whole life . relationship begins fairly well (about as well as relationships with Revy go), . Chang offers pointers and advice while Revy, in turn, admits that she is "not yet. Do you think there can really be a relationship between rock and Revy? Can Hiroe want to let us understand something but not to denaturalize.

Thinking about it, he knew Sawyer wasn't all that picky about gifts, as long as it was something she enjoyed she would be happy with pretty much anything. I have to say that was much better advice than what Revy offered. What did she say? He told her and he briefly wondered if she would stop laughing after the first few minutes. When she did not stop he let himself out of her office, letting out a sigh as he wondered if he was getting punished for something he had done in a previous life.

Deciding that it would just be best to pick out something that Sawyer would like rather than trying to ask for advice again, he headed straight for one of Sawyer's favourite shops which she dragged him to at every opportunity. Standing behind the counter reading a magazine was a man who looked like an American biker from some film, covered in tattoos and enough piecing's to set off a metal detector.

What brings you here anyway? Usually, the misses is right beside you. Pete gestured to the store around him, its walls littered with knick-knacks with gothic and otherwise mystical tones, posters, films and various choices in music. Every time she comes in here she has her eyes on everything, but I do have one suggestion if you're willing.

Black Lagoon fans: what's up with that?

I'll give you it for two seventy-five because it's for Sawyer after all. Handing over the choker he saw the details of the main section of it, which was made up of several metal cords wrapped together into a single rope like design, somewhat similar to a Celtic design that Sawyer had shown him before. The two end's however, were two mythical creatures and were both highly detailed and designed, made from silver like the rest of the choker.

Placing it in a simple bag he handed it over to Rock and hoped that Sawyer loved it as much as she would hope. When Valentine's day finally arrived he headed straight to Sawyer's apartment, bumping into Shenhua and Lotten on the way out, giving them a short greeting he headed inside and saw Sawyer sitting at the table in her usual morning attire, a large shirt and a pair of socks, whatever she had underneath was all up to his imagination.

When she opened them she became a blur as she tackled him onto the table and began to smother him with kisses, "I can't believe you got this!

The relationship of Rock and Revy : blacklagoon

Does Shenhua know about this? This is kinda her place isn't it? Shenhua is terrifying when she's mad. So you are stuck being adorable.

Rock stared at the now empty room in front of him. His apartment had been small but it had been enough for him to live in, of course with Sawyer now seeming to be a permanent part of his life he would happily change it to be with her.


His thoughts were interrupted by a loud honking from outside, "Hurry the fuck up Rock or you can bloody walk to your girlfriend's place with all your crap! Little shorter than usual but nice fluff piece between Sawyer and Rock. I'll start work on the next piece within the next month or so. I've got a few ideas on what I would like to do next but it's making it all fit together nicely. But this is the last holiday piece for the time being.

If there is a particular event you would like to see them in give me a shout and I'll see about making it happen. Oh and I will mention I'm writing this with a grammar engine working in the background, so I should now have fewer mistakes Simple or otherwise. She also does not openly admit to him that she does care about him, but she instead displays it when she hands him a silver bullet. Rock is also the only person capable of keeping Revy in balance, other than Dutch who can only influence her by virtue of being her employer and the guy who "signs [her] checks".

Rock's presence appears to keep Revy's more volatile tendencies in check, as she often remarks how much worse any situation might have gotten had anyone other than Rock been there. Eda particularly seems to be aware of Revy's feelings for Rock, and often questions her about them, to which Revy either sidesteps or fails to give a clear answer. Eda also aggressively flirts with Rock in order to provoke Revy, which always elicits a violent threat from Revy and causes her to react in an almost territorial manner.

In general, Revy seems to become much more self-conscious and easily embarrassed around Rock; after Revy deflects Eda's mock-flirting with Rock, Eda makes fun of her volatile temperament in front of him, causing Revy to blow up and challenge her to a fight; on another occasion, when Rock walks in on Revy's playing Wild West with a group of kids she met in the park, Revy, who had clearly been enjoying herself, first turns red with embarrassment then acts out in defensive anger, breaking one of the kids' cork guns and promising violent retribution should Rock breathe a word about it to Dutch or Benny.

Benny, in particular, seems more aware of Revy's real feelings towards Rock then he lets on, but only implies it and only towards Rockmost likely out of concern for his physical well being. In the "Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise" and "Roberta's Blood Trail" story arcs, it becomes much more apparent how much Rock means to Revy, and how much the thought of losing him distresses her.

black lagoon rock and revy relationship advice

Revy by this point is considerably warmer and more empathetic towards Rock, becoming more concerned with the effects that Tokyo and Roanapur have on him, and encouraging Rock to see his family. When Rock jokes that hanging around with the Lagoon company is proof that he is not normal, Revy gives him an uncharacteristically affectionate smile. Another silent display of attachment comes when Rock admits, later on, he is beginning to feel alienated from Roanapur, and though Revy just barely manages to cover it up, she is visibly hurt and upset that Rock might become detached from Roanapur, and therefore her.

When Rock ends up talking to Yukio, Revy is pointedly shown sulking, whilst emitting disgusted groans and remarks frequently enough to suggest that she is actually jealous. She also chases after Yukio Washimine and Ginji Matsuzaki when they kidnap Rock, the second time she has rescued him to no apparent self-benefit, even though she frequently promised to leave him behind if he ever got kidnapped. Whilst not wanting to lose Rock, Revy seems equally determined to prevent the noxious world they inhabit from corrupting him, as seen when Yukio is about to commit suicide in front of them.

black lagoon rock and revy relationship advice

She yells for Rock to look away and look at her. Also, during Roberta 's blood trail, Revy seems very angry at Rock's new attitude, thinking he is becoming corrupt due to being in Roanapur too long, and she demands that he leave Roanapur for good once the job was over.

Her anger over Rock's transformation is made clear to her when he fully explains his plan to her, that he had to step into the darkness to make it work, and he says he feels the same as she does. Infuriated that Rock thinks he knows what it is like to be her, Revy violently kicks him across the deck of the ship. Fabiola also theorizes that Revy's nihilistic view of the world contributes to her attachment to Rock, and her denial of the darker side of his personality that has been emerging throughout the story.

Revy has subconsciously cast Rock as her knight-in-shining-armor, capable of doing what she is incapable of; saving her from herself and Roanapur.

black lagoon rock and revy relationship advice

She is afraid that he would lose his humane side and leave her stranded in the darkness, but is unable to express her true feelings to him to stop his descent into corruption. Edit Dutch is Revy's employer to the Lagoon Company. As the boss and initial manager of the company he usually dishes out orders and stabilizes some situations outside or within the group, especially with Revy, who he would occasionally have to knock some sense into. In episode 4 he says that if shooting was her only skill he wouldn't have hired her.

As cool headed as Dutch is contrasting greatly to Revy's behaviorhe seems to get along or at least work smoothly with Revy. There is a respectful relationship between them. They seemed to work well in sync when performing their usual tasks and other adventures; like raiding ships a reason why Rock was therestorming the neo-Nazi ship, fighting off Luak and his goons, and helping Jane escape.

In Moonlit Hunting Grounds, as Revy seemed troubled after the events in the sub with Rock, he pointed out that a similar situation happened when Benny first joined. He also mentions the times when she had "Whitman Fever".

black lagoon rock and revy relationship advice

Edit At times, it seems that Benny serves as little more than a source of annoyance and teasing for Revy. In the past, however, Revy saved him when he simultaneously caught the unwanted and dangerous attention of the FBI and the Mafia.

In some ways, their relationship could be seen as similar to her relationship with Rock, only in the later stages.

Nonetheless, they are on friendly terms. Edit Revy and Eda can be considered "friends", in terms of the teasing, the head-butting, and explosive behavior in combat or to each other, sometimes revolving around Rock; they are very much alike, with Eda being obviously much more levelheaded and stable. They would also frequently take on bounty hunter jobs together. Eda has been known to playfully tease Revy as to her relationship with Rock, believing it to have romantic undertones; Revy typically responds in an embarrassed manner and tries changing the subject.

black lagoon rock and revy relationship advice

Edit Balalaika seems tolerable of Revy's behavior. Revy normally calls her "sis". While their relationship is typically amiable, Balalaika views Revy as little more than the occasional help provided by the Lagoon Company, but it does not mean she's not grateful or appreciative. Balalaika and Revy nearly came to blows in Tokyo when she threatened to kill Rock, with Revy trying to talk her down; had it not been for Rock's clever words, a fight would've ensued between the two.