Cancer and taurus relationship 2016 presidential candidates

USA Presidential Election & Donald Trump ~ Darkstar Astrology

cancer and taurus relationship 2016 presidential candidates

Jul 27 , pm The candidates and their Vice Presidential picks, however , are perfectly aligned. "What's amazing is As a Taurus, he doesn't get over people he gets involved with easily. But he and an Aries could be explosive— and because he's an Earth sign with his Moon in Virgo, he can sustain the relationship. Thirty-three percent of presidential elections have been won by Taurus. 6. 4. Scorpio. 5. 5. Leo. 5. 4. Cancer. 4. 3. AM PST 1/8/ by Susan Miller Taurus (April May 20) a manager , publicist or personal relationship — gave her sleepless nights by pressuring her to do too much. He'll wobble and won't make it to the election. Virgo (Aug.

Donald Trump could end up going Independent, Third Party. None are Leo, so there will be no lion on the throne. Sadly, none are Sagittarius.

Presidents Day Special: The Astrological Signs of the Presidents

Prior to being elected as Governor, he served as the Mayor of Baltimore from to and was a Baltimore City Councilor from to On May 4,Carson announced he was running for the Republican nomination in the Presidential election at a rally in Detroit, his hometown.

He has been governor since January and was re-elected for a second term in the election. Presidential election at Liberty University. As chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard HP from toshe was the first woman to lead a company in the top 20 as ranked by Fortune magazine. A member of the Republican Party, he has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination in the presidential election. He is a candidate for U. President in the election and was a candidate in the United States Republican presidential primaries.

On July 21,he announced his candidacy for the presidency in at an event in Columbus, Ohio. However we can still look at the chart of her only daughter, Chelsea Clinton, who does have an A rated time. Bravely, Joni is the only astrologer out of the across-the-board predictions of Hillary to win, that says Hillary may NOT be inaugurated.

Joni Patry seems to agree with me, that Trump has a karmically significant chart. But without a clear time for Hillary Clinton, I cannot put my head on the block and state outright that Trump will win, just that he has a good chance.

However when the polls, betting odds and peer pressure is all against it, you tend to err on the side of caution. Eris has been triggered by Uranus on and off this year, and during that time it has been joined by Ceres too. It describes a lioness mother, a queen of high standing. The Leo decan 1 Moon is the most elevated planet in the chart, Chelsea must really look up and admire her mother.

But how do we unravel Hillary Clinton from all of this? The Sun rules the 10th house of the mother. This fits as Hillary will have a Pisces Moon wether she was born at 8am or 8pm.

So it is almost like Hillary and Trump are two sides of the same coin. Each one is showing the collective their own shadow and the division is between the sexes too.

Hillary is the devouring mother and witch to men while Trump is the misogynist pig for women. Hillary was first lady to Bill Clinton from Jan — The Monica Lewinsky scandal broke at the start of this Virgo period. This makes sense in terms of the themes I have uncovered so far. In Hillary became the first, 1st lady to become a candidate for elected office and now here we are in with Hillary running for president herself. But, it comes to an end in August So during this time Hillary either becomes president or retires from politics altogether.

Set 39 shows an Angular mars in Aries in b 3rd house, an aggressive set demonstrating perhaps rash or less-than-factual statements.

Sets suggesting Trump's loss in Limbaugh's 10th chart are as follows: Limbaugh's astrology does not evidence that much positive astrology on election day in this chart, so the above sets suggest loss. Jack Nicklaus picture from astrodatabank.

Open in andand the Master's in,smf His main negative one is strong because it influences both conception Angles. It is comprised of: The two lights mercury, node bind these planets together into one set.

His positive sets consist of the following: B mars rulesB Asc within c 3rd house so this is a golden benefic.

Astrology of The Presidential Election, Including Incumbency of Ryan and McCain

Again, b3 mars rules B Asc in c 3rd house. Because transits are for the most part not affecting Nicklaus' negative sets and they are his positive ones, I have to interpret this astrology as a win for Trump. Sean Hannity picture from astrodatabank. It was not stated he had stopped supporting Trump for president. The nodes make it stronger.

Set 41 shows b3 mercury on an Angle with C Asc at 23 Aries 23 with. Hannity's sets for the election are mixed: The last set takes on a tone of being deceived or overly hopeful when combined with all the negative sets. But he also has: Return moon at 3 Aquaius 02 is in the same set with pc3 jupiter at 3 Scoprio We do not know if these Angles are true because we have no idea where Hannity now resides.

More plausible, t3 jupiter at 29 Pisces 24 is conjunct c3 Sn at 29 Pisces In sum, it looks like the negative sets outweigh the positive ones, but the latter are not negligible.

cancer and taurus relationship 2016 presidential candidates

Noteworthy is the fact that t10 saturn at 3 Capricorn 36 falling in Set 40 above. That gives the set two saturns, pulling down the normal good fortune of the set.

cancer and taurus relationship 2016 presidential candidates

So I am going to judge this a loss for Trump. David Duke picture from astrodatabank. Duke is also running for the U. Senate as the member from Louisiana. That confuses interpretation of his election astrology.

cancer and taurus relationship 2016 presidential candidates

It is not surprising he is a spokesman for a certain segment of our nation. Duke has one major negative set for the election, but it does not pick up a 2 AM transit. Here it is, pc moon, ruler of C MC, at 27 Aquarius 18 is in the same set with pb saturn at 27 Leo 23 and pc3 mars at 27 Scorpio 41, His positive sets are: This is a timed golden benefic with influence to two Angles. The above results are mixed. I looked at Duke's 10th chart results, which were more positive than negative.

Hillary Clinton ~ President Or Prison?

My interpretation of these results is that Trump loses but David Duke wins his election as a U. Senator--a first, I think, for him. Set 42already on an Angle with a node, also influence C MC through c neptune. While saturn is good at establishing boundaries in whichever area of lifeneptune does just the opposite. It dissolves and obscures boundaries, making Set 42 one which describes a sense of vulnerability as well as deflation.

C 3rd house shows a lighted neptune in it. Along with his neptune on an Angle, it suggests a certain amount of grandiosity in Leo, neptune, make believe along with a tendency to be deluded.

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I would include his calling Trump a modern Churchill in the latter category. Among his benefic ones are the following: The above are strong positive implications for a win for Trump.

cancer and taurus relationship 2016 presidential candidates

If we had any doubts about that, it is highlighted by pb3 sun at 0 Cancer Which do we count predominant? Most of the time in this particular paper, I have not payed that much attention to which houses are ruled. For instance, a set influencing a 3rd house of mind will be stronger for positive when with benefics like venus and jupiter, and more strongly negative when with malefics like mars and saturn.

I know, for instance, that just venus transiting a moon—regardless of what house that moon rules, is a powerful indicator of a temporary sense of victory. Above, Falwell has the venus transit to a moon, and it even influence an Angle and a 3rd house. Likewise, t3 saturn at 11 Aquarius 53 has moved into closer opposition to c moon at 12 Leo 46, and t saturn, at 20 Scorpio 23 has gotten even closer in its conjunction to c3 sun, ruler of c 3rd house, at 20 Scorpio Bobby Knight Now retired, Knight was an accomplished basketball player then famous coach at Indiana University.

It means he is a spokesman, and really smart and intuitive about something—probably basketball. And he has other beneific directions at the time of the election. Nonetheless, as an official Trump supporter we want to look at his astrology for 2 a. This last one is the strongest. The above suggest Knight's candidate loses in spite of Knight's strong positive astrology during the period of the election.

Steven Seagal Seagal is a famous martial artist and actor. It seems good for martial arts though more astrology may be involved. Seagal's sets for election date are: