Charlie and monroe revolution relationship advice

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charlie and monroe revolution relationship advice

Charlotte “Charlie” Matheson() is the daughter of Miles and Rachel This gives the hint that the leader of the militia, Bass Monroe, is making plans of . However, Charlie agrees with Miles' advice that mourning will not help her find Danny. He doesn't approve of Connor's relationship with Charlie and tries to. Today's rant post features Charlie and Monroe from Revolution, or Charloe, as the fans are want to call it. Now, this is one of those relationships. See more. When he came back for her the stuff of fairytales Best Couple, See more. Charlie and Monroe Revolution Tv Show, David Lyons, Best Shows Ever, Amazing Quotes . Revolution Monroe gives his son Connor an advice.

Three years later, her brother Danny was born. One night in when Charlie was only five years old, her father arrived at home stressed and worried. While Charlie and her brother were watching T. He then called his brother in a panic, informing him that the lights would turn off and would never turn back on. Moments later the electric service to their house was disrupted, cutting off Charlie's cartoon and causing the lights to go out, signaling The Blackout. She never returned and was presumed dead.

Charlie, 12 years old.

charlie and monroe revolution relationship advice

Fifteen years later, in the yearCharlie, her brother and father are living in a peaceful village built by the survivors of The Blackout in a former sub-division cul-de-sac in Sylvania Estates in southern Wisconsin. While out searching for relics of life before the blackout, having lied to her father about going hunting, Charlie and Danny stumbled across a ruined RV, left behind after The Blackout.

She and Danny go inside and explore the RV where she comes across a postcard from pre-Blackout Chicago. Their exploration is brought to a sudden end when Danny opens up the air conditioning compartment and a cloud of dust falls on him triggering an Asthma attack and forcing him to find clean air.

Charlie breaks open the front window and pulls Danny out. They run back to the village and meet up with Benwho takes Danny to his girlfriend, Maggiewho is a medical doctor.

As Danny recovers, Charlie and her father argue about Maggie's presence in their home. Charlie is angry that her father seems to have replaced Charlie's mother with Maggie. Ben becomes angry and reminds Charlie that her mother is dead. He admonishes her for not being more careful out in the wild, suggesting that her carelessness could lead to her winding up dead like her mother.

Angry, Charlie storms out and retreats to a secluded area where she has stashed a collection of pre-Blackout relics. Charlie adds her new Chicago postcard to a collection of others and begins to flip through the stack she has collected.

While reminiscing over the postcard, Charlie hears gunshots from the village. She hurries back to find a dozen villagers dead and her father mortally wounded. With his dying breath, he tells her she needs to go to Chicago and locate his brother, Miles. After her father dies, Charlie starts to pack her backpack.

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Maggie enters and suggests she should not go. When Charlie remains adamant that she is going to Chicago, Maggie then states that she will be going with Charlie. Charlie completely ignores her and leaves the room.

Bass & Charlie - the Whole Charloe Story [renewed]

As she begins to walk out of the village, Maggie and Aaronwho was a friend of her father's, follows her, also carrying backpacks. She comes across a boy at a waterfall and the boy hears her.

charlie and monroe revolution relationship advice

He announces he knows she is there and Charlie tells him she was just getting water. They go their separate ways after that. While they were sleeping, three bandits come in and holds the three at knife point. Maggie tells them she has a bottle of alcohol in her backpack. They drink the bottle and one of the bandits grabs Charlie and starts taking her to the cockpit. Soon, the bandits start coughing up blood; Maggie had secretly put poison in the drink.

The thug begins to attack Maggie where she grabs an airbag from the plane and strangles him. Just as the other bandit was about to rape Charlie, the boy who spoke to Charlie at the waterfall shoots an arrow at the bandit, killing him.

Charlie and Nate shortly after arriving in Chicago.

charlie and monroe revolution relationship advice

They decide to all go to Chicago together. After passing by Wrigley Field and entering downtown Chicago they arrive at a The Grand Hotel, causing Aaron to comment that he was married there. They sit down at the bar and Charlie asks the bartender where Miles is. The bartender says he doesn't know and after Charlie explains the events to why their here he said he will talk to her in the backroom.

The boy, who identifies himself as Nate, does not trust the bartender and holds out a pocket knife at him. The bartender easily grabs the knife out of Nate's hand and holds it against his throat and says, "She's my niece He and Charlie go into the backroom where she explains the situation more, assuming he is coming along to save Danny, but he tells her he was keeping a low profile from the militia and tells her he was not going.

'Revolution' Season 1, Episode 2: 'Chained Heat' Recap

Charlie tells Miles that they are family, while he says he doesn't even know her. In tears, she runs out of the room back to the group and tells them they have to leave. After seeing that Charlie was crying, Nate goes up to Miles and yet again takes out his knife and demands to know what he did to her. Miles, once again, easily pulls the knife away and pulls up Nate's sleeve.

Branded on his arm was the insignia of the militia ; which means he is a spy. Nate takes out his bow and arrows and backs out of the bar. They stay for a little while longer until Miles tells them he was going to stay and drink a bottle of single malt scotch and tells them to leave.

Miles already killed almost half of the squad with hand-to-hand combat, but soon gets surrounded. That is when Charlie, Maggie, and Aaron reveal themselves and fight along with Miles.

After killing a soldier with her crossbow, Charlie runs outside to reload when a soldier comes out and ambushes her. She is almost killed before Nate runs out, knocks the soldier unconscious with his bow and runs off. After Maggie treats a wound Miles sustained he agrees to go with them. Charlie then sits at a table and looks at a picture of her parents. She wonders where Miles is, so she looks around and finds him. He is ready to slit a man's throat with a sword.

Charlie stops him and begs him to spare him as he is already unconscious and Miles indicates that he is a bounty hunter and would attempt to track them down again. She still wants him to show mercy, so he and Aaron drag him off and lock him in a boxcar.

They continue on to Pontiac, Illinois where Miles explains that they are looking for a woman named Nora Clayton ; whom he indicates is a highly acclaimed bomb expert and could help them in their attempt to rescue Danny.

They arrive at a tavern where he thinks Nora is.

Jess Anastasi: Ships that aren't Shipping -- Part Two: Charlie and Monroe on Revolution

Miles orders Charlie and the others to wait there, and he goes to the backroom to find Nora. He asks someone he knew and indicates who he is by throwing down a piece of yellow stone.

A man calls Miles's name and Miles recognizes the bounty hunter that Charlie stopped him from killing. The bounty hunter calls out to his cohorts and they carry in Charlie, Maggie, and Aaron all gagged with knives against their throats.

Miles simply states he doesn't know them. As the bounty hunter is about to slit Charlie's throat, Miles quickly surrenders himself. They start to walk out of the tavern when Miles makes a daring escape attempt and succeeds in killing the bounty hunter's cohorts and threatens to strangle him to death if he doesn't tell him where Nora is. The bounty hunter says she does not go to the tavern anymore and Miles breaks the man's neck, not knowing that Charlie was watching.

After they make it to the woods, Miles explains he has to leave the group, and to meet up with him in two weeks further on. Charlie does not want him to leave, but Miles leaves anyway.

Charlie leaves during the night and follows Miles. Anyway, so in the first part of season two, Charlie's only purpose in life is to track down and kill Monroe.

Well, she succeeds in the tracking him down part, but the killing Somehow it all ended with them tied up in the bottom of an empty pool, and between snarky comments, the spark was more than obvious. Enter the Charloe fans.

So the Charloe fans had been given hope that something, anything, would happen between these two, other than all the time they spend kicking butt and taking down their enemies.

And it was all well and good, until a few episodes ago when Monroe's son, Connor, came into the picture. However, for the first few episodes featuring Connor, he and Charlie didn't share any screen time, until this past week. Right from the first scene, Connor was trying to chat Charlie up, but she was all like "and I'm supposed to take you seriously? Fast forward to three-quarters of the episode later, to see Charlie and Connor lying naked under a blanket together in a field.

What the hell, people? To her credit, she gives it a shot after stumbling upon Miles engaged in a swordfight with none other than C.

Thomas Howell because who hasn't been there before, right? As it turns out, Howell is a bounty hunter, and the prize for bringing Miles to Monroe David Lyons is worth sacrificing the bones in his hand. After a second scuffle with the bounty hunter — this time in a market, in Pontiac, Illinois — Miles decides enough with the uncalled-for family reunion, and ditches Charlie, Aaron Zak Orth and Maggie Anna Lise Phillips to go off in search of an old friend named Nora Daniella Alonso.

When Charlie runs off in search of Miles, it puts Aaron and Maggie on their own with plenty of time to ponder the necklace Ben bequeathed upon Aaron, and the true nature of the blackout. It seems as though the majority of the population is convinced the blackout was some kind of natural phenomenon, but as Aaron has pointed out for the second time, the blackout violated the laws of physics — and as far as he's concerned, that means the event was deliberate and manmade.

It also allows for Revolution to try and offer some insight into what the survivors of the blackout have been going through for the last 15 years. Nevertheless, Aaron and Maggie at least have a purpose now that exists beyond simply tagging along and staring in awe as Miles slays half a dozen men while in handcuffs.