Chitanda and oreki relationship

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chitanda and oreki relationship

I can't stop thinking of what happens between Oreki and Chitanda after the last episode of the anime. Does anyone know what happens in the. Soon after, during the scene Oreki and Chitanda are talking on the phone, Their relationship may not have started, like many of us may have. This one gif basically describes their relationship, Chitanda pulls Oreki out of his shell and makes him enjoy life more, and I love them together.

In a sense, he chose the better of two bad options. While they wait for the librarian in episode 2, Chitanda becomes curious about why the school history book gets loaned out every day. At first, he tries to get Chitanda to stop pestering him, but soon realizes that refusing her any more would actually be more costly than just acceding to her demands.

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Houtarou, being a very pragmatic sort of person, will sometimes do a small amount of work in order to avoid having to do even more work. Chitanda is pretty pushy In episode 2, Chitanda actually grabs Houtarou and drags him to the library to search for the club's archived anthologies, thus justifying his fear in the second half of episode 1 of being forced to go all the way to the music room. Later in the episode, with the mystery of the frequently-returned book, Chitanda shoves the book in Houtarou's face until he finally gives in.

Point here is, Chitanda can be a pushy kind of person.

chitanda and oreki relationship

Sometimes, Houtarou just doesn't have anything better to do As his sister notes in her letter from Varanasi, Houtarou should join the Classics Club because if for no other reason he isn't doing anything better with his time.

In episode 3, when Houtarou agrees to help Chitanda out to a certain degree with the matter of her uncle, he thinks back to his sister's letter and figures that indeed, there's not really any good reason for him to say no - as long as it doesn't involve going too far out of his way. In episode 20, when Chitanda invites Houtarou to visit the Arekusu shrine on New Years', he again agrees, mostly because he doesn't have anything better to do.

His thought process is elucidated upon a bit more in the novels, making it clear that this was mostly why he agreed to go. These are more or less the reasons why Houtarou does anything towards the beginning of the show.

As Houtarou develops, though, he starts developing other motivations. Houtarou actually starts wanting to do things In episode 18, Houtarou decides he wants to look into Mr.

chitanda and oreki relationship

Ogi and why he was struck by lightning thrice, and hence goes out of his way all the way to the public library to learn more about the matter. This is presumably a result of Chitanda's influence on him over the preceding months not that Satoshi, Ibara, and others didn't play a part either.

He's different now than he was at the beginning, when he was wholly devoted to his tenets of energy conservation. Houtarou probably develops feelings for Chitanda In episode 21, we see Houtarou flustered when when Chitanda tells him that, in her family, it is customary not to give gifts to people who they are truly close to. When there's something that bothers Chitanda, like an unsolved problem or invalid theory, she's most likely to voice her opinion on the topic, but in a vague way.

Due to her polite mannerisms, she tends to try to keep quiet before letting others know how uncomfortable she feels about things. Nonetheless, Oreki can smell Chitanda's nervousness, and always thinks of her well-being.

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The real question is, does Chitanda like Oreki? It probably didn't seem so from the anime, but she definitely showed shyness towards him in the end, and vice versa. Chitanda admires Oreki to a certain extent, and can't help but awe at his ability to solve mysteries. Other than Oreki, Chitanda holds a good relationship with Satoshi and Mayaka, the other two members of the Classics Club.

While Chitanda does have a healthy friendship with Satoshi, she spends lots of time with Mayaka.

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The two girls always are on the same page, whether it is having each others backs or making Valentine's Day Chocolate together. As seen in that arc, Chitanda holds very deep feelings for Mayaka as a friend, and cannot sit still until everything is resolved. To be honest, Chitanda's main attraction are her shining eyes and beautiful petite outlook. Simply put, Chitanda's a very cute character overall, and has an alluring atmosphere around her.

She's able to influence and draw people in, and has an excellent control over not only her memory but her senses as well. After all, her biggest contribution was changing Oreki's nature; she made him curious about the things around him, and made him do things he normally wouldn't otherwise.