Cite examples of contrast in jem and scout relationship

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cite examples of contrast in jem and scout relationship

Although Jem is staring at Walter pour molasses and proceeds t all over his meat and vegetables, he doesn't say anything. Scout, being the. Dill quickly becomes friends with Jem and Scout, and is shown to be a talkative Her relationship with her teacher is only worsened when, after recess, Miss Caroline tries to give money to another student, Walter Cunningham, for lunch. Scout-is well-educated and from well-established home-is a stark contrast to children. There are some difference between Jem and Scout in, "To Kill a Jem is a responsible young boy, but he sometimes takes risks which are Just another site (no title) · Relationship of Daughter to parent.

In a house down the street lives a neighbor named Boo Radley. Over the years, there have been many rumors about Boo Radley. Allegedly, Boo's father has made him stay in the house ever since he got in trouble with the law in his youth. For fifteen years, no one heard a word from Boo Radley until he attacked his father and stabbed him using a pair of scissors.

The neighborhood began to buzz with rumors that Boo Radley was crazy, but Boo's father refused to acknowledge this. After his father died, Boo's brother, Nathan, moved into the house with Boo. Having heard this fanciful tale about Boo Radley, Dill is fascinated with him. Indeed, Scout describes Boo as a "malevolent phantom" and sort of a larger than life figure. Dill tries to come up with a plan to lure Boo outside so they can see this "phantom" of a person.

Eventually, he convinces Jem to run up and touch the Radley home. Jem does it, though clearly terrified. While he does, Scout watches the house and thinks she sees movement inside, like someone is looking out the window. In Chapter 2, Dill departs for the summer and Scout is excited to start school. However, Scout quickly realizes that school does not live up to her expectations. Scout is an extremely intelligent girl and has already taught herself to read because, every night, her father reads to her.

However, her new teacher-Miss Caroline-insists that her father must have taught her to read, basically calling her a liar and making Scout feel guilty over her education.

cite examples of contrast in jem and scout relationship

Her relationship with her teacher is only worsened when, after recess, Miss Caroline tries to give money to another student, Walter Cunningham, for lunch. Scout tires to explain that Walter will never be able to pay the money back, as his family is so poor they often pay Atticus with things like turnip greens when they need legal help.

It is quite a contrast from her hotheaded attitude towards Walter Cunningham earlier in the novel.

cite examples of contrast in jem and scout relationship

This development of womanhood takes place gradually throughout the novel as she spends more time with the feminine character of Aunt Alexandra. The intelligence of Scout also aids us in our understanding of events. Scout was very knowledgeable about the case and she was able to interpret what she had heard. She had interpreted this for herself and Scout had the ability to answer most questions asked by Jem and Dill about the case without hesitation.

The Society of Maycomb and its Influence on Jem and Scout in "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee

Harper Lee could have presented the character of Scout in a less intelligent way, but by making her intellectual it updates the reader making the novel more interesting to read. Scout is also a very inquisitive young person, because of this Harper Lee is able to introduce a lot of dialogue to create effects.

cite examples of contrast in jem and scout relationship

Once again Scout learns about society as people query her on what she acknowledges as right and wrong. For example, by Scout asking Dolphus Raymond questions, we learn that he does not really drink. Analysis of King Lear Essay Although she has matured, she is still curious and this is indicated by her inquisitive approach to the Hitler case. We see the society through her eyes and realise the hypocritical county of Maycomb.

cite examples of contrast in jem and scout relationship

He is from a different area and because of this we have a contrast in beliefs. However, we see that he has dependence when he runs away. He was able to travel many miles to meet Jem and Scout and I would interpret this as maturity. Dill has also yet to be affected by the prejudice in societies. I think that the main thing that Dill learnt throughout the novel is to tell the truth.

cite examples of contrast in jem and scout relationship

The example that I feel shows this the clearest is when he is talking about his father. Dill had grown up and realised that telling the truth is the more mature thing to do.

The reason the Radleys keep to themselves is their religion. They criticize Miss Maudie for gardening instead of being inside her house, reading the Bible cf.

The fanatically religious Radleys, thus, deviate from their neighbors because they have their own way of doing things and do not accept the way others live. After their younger son Arthur caused some trouble in the past, Mr and Mrs Radley chose to lock him up, rather than sending him to an industrial school cf. By doing that, they isolate their son from the outside world and hurt him forever.

With regard to the Finch family, there is one member that deviates from the rest: Tom is an African-American man charged with the rape of a white woman. Alexandra comes to Maycomb to help her brother through this difficult time, though she acts in a reserved way and seems to show little compassion and understanding. Aunt Alexandra has a different understanding of raising children. Whereas Atticus is a more laid-back, liberal parent and gives his children opportunities to experience themselves, Alexandra is stricter and does not permit Scout to make her own experiences, for example, when she wants to visit their black housekeeper Calpurnia at her home.

Aunt Alexandra is a narrow-minded woman.

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Scout is confused by this, for she was raised differently. She declares, I never understood her preoccupation with heredity. Somewhere, I had received the impression that Fine Folks were people who did the best they could with the sense they had, but Aunt Alexandra was of the opinion [ As the readers understand, Scout learned how to look at other people from her father Atticus, who also sees people as individuals and does not judge them simply by their name or background.

For him, good people are those who do good things. When Scout wants to play with Walter Cunningham jr.

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To her, all poor people are the same: No matter, if they are industrious and striving to change their situation like the Cunninghams or if they are lazy and accountable for their own poverty like the Ewells.

This is one of the biggest differences between Atticus and his sister: He does make a distinction and his children follow his example. The following sections 3. Apart from them, the novel does not mention any other members of this group. Scout introduces the readers to the large Cunningham family early in the novel on her first day at school.

The Cunninghams are very poor as the prices for crops and other agricultural products have fallen heavily as a result of the Great Depression. They struggle to survive to such an extent that Walter jr. As a result, he has got hookworms cf.

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Although there is no hint in the text, the Cunninghams have probably more than one child and they produce just enough to get by cf. This shows that he is a good-hearted and upright boy with pride and principles like the rest of his family. Since he was not able to pay his debts in money, he paid his dues in natural goods. He is an honorable man whom Atticus respects. In that scene, Scout recognizes Mr Cunningham and starts to ask him questions about the entailment and his son.

This way, she singles him out from the rest of the mob.