Cleaner wrasse and fish relationship site

Cooperation in the cleaner fish-client mutualism - Social Evolution and Behaviour Lab

cleaner wrasse and fish relationship site

Cleaner fish are fish that provide a service to other species by removing dead skin and The cleaning symbiosis is an example of mutualism, an ecological interaction The best known cleaner fish are the cleaner wrasses of the genus Labroides found . By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By removing bloodsucking parasites, the cleaner wrasse improves the At particular sites, an itchy individual can attract the attention of the In many ways, they're the glue that cements the relationship between the cleaners. Cleaner Wrasse gained their name by setting up 'cleaning stations' in which fish come to, and have their body internally and externally cleaned of any parasites.

Cleaner Wrasse Cleaning up a Big Fish

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cleaner wrasse and fish relationship site

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cleaner wrasse and fish relationship site

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