Clym and eustacia relationship goals


clym and eustacia relationship goals

novel closes (should it end with the deaths or the marriage, on a tragic or a .. discourage Clym's interest in Eustacia: " 'Miss Vye is to my mind too idle to be .. ing therein the goal of her romantic quest for the permanence of extinction. Clym instinctively thinks of a relationship with Eustacia as a working than as a man with a purpose opposed to that recent past of his which so interested her'. The local laborer Humphrey mentions that Eustacia and Clym would make a at marriage; however, Thomasin neither denies nor confirms the truth of this. of obtaining a desired goal, Clym seems almost entirely incapable of any sort of.

In The Return of the Native, Thomas Hardy presents the reader with two pairs of lovers that marry to accomplish personal goals, not because of a mutual love and a desire to obtain a lifelong soul mate.

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Hardy reveals the true motives governing the participants in the novels marriage alliances: Eustacia, Clym, Thomasin, and Wildeve marry to carry out their individual plans for the future, rather than for love of one another. Eustacia Vye is a lazy, self-absorbed, cunning diva whose desire to marry Clym Yeobright is based on her vision of a extravagant life in Paris with her prized husband.

She gets so infatuated with her vision of what Clym Yeobright is, that before she even meets him, she has a dream of the two dancing the night away. Five years of a great city would be a perfect cure for that. At present speak of Paris to me.

clym and eustacia relationship goals

This is definitely not the expected response to a proposal of marriage, and further evidences that Eustacia is more interested in a possible life in Paris than the love of Clym Yeobright. Clym Yeobright also is interested in marriage to help carryout his own personal goals in life.

Before the two meet face to face, without the mummer costume, Clym is introduced to Eustacia by Sam the turf-cutter. This brief passage shows that when presented with the opportunity to marry, Clym first thinks about the possibility that she would be willing to help him in his desire to run a school.

As the relationship between the two progresses, Clym talks to his mother about his intent to marry Eustacia.

The Return Of The Native (The Lady Of The Lake)

He does not want to bear the disgrace of abandoning Eustacia and the scorn of his mother, so he decides to carry on the planed marriage and live with the consequences. She imagines Clym as a born leader of man who would go with her into the brilliant world — Paris which would give her the fullness of life and the freedom she craves for.

Is there any place like it on earth? Indeed, it should be noted that Clym is the returning native of the heath, while Eustacia is a complete alien on the heath, making her entrapment upon it even more poignant. Her belief that she will be able to convince Clym to return to Paris after they are married is another part of her downfall; she has too much faith in her own power There is a fatal incompatibility between the two lovers.

All her fears come true. The death of Mrs.

Yeobright is a turning point in their relationship. When Clym learns the real cause of Mrs.

Personal Goals Influencing Marriage In The Return:

He storms in on Eustacia. He screams at her and calls her a whore and a murderess.

clym and eustacia relationship goals

Eustacia, then decides to elope with Wildeve in order to fulfill her long cherished dream of Paris. On the night of her elopement, weather assumes a menacing shape, and Eustacia seems to drown herself alongwith Wildeve.

clym and eustacia relationship goals

Thus the most incompatible relationship Clym and Eusacia comes to an end.