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cosmo and wanda relationship goals quotes

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Being hyped up on caffeine would darn well explain Cupid's rapid fire insanity. Or Cupid could have built up a tolerance for the stuff it's not impossible, trust me. Plus, if we want to get technical, Cupid isn't a fairy; he's a deity Roman god of love. In one episode, he specifically calls himself the "God of Love. It's in Da Rules.

The coffee he drinks has no caffeine. In "Just Desserts", Crocker mentions something about the earth flying into the sun if the earth's weight were to increase significantly in a certain area IE: But, then he gives the kids more dessert to make them fatter. Did he want this to happen? And, if so, why? Crocker is quite an angsty character, if you think about it and he may have just wanted to end it therefore he gave them more dessert in hopes that it would. Basically, Crocker was very angry and upset at the world and desired its ending.

Or, because of the Sugar High, his usual brand of 24 hour insanity was amplified to the point where it made him spout sciencey reasoning for a moment, before returning to crazy-town and throwing all that is rational and logical out the window by contradicting exactly what he just said and making the kids gain more weight. Then, of course, there's the whole "giving people dessert doesn't increase the mass of the Earth" thing.

It wasn't to make them fatter. He said that as a joke.

cosmo and wanda relationship goals quotes

He was just giving them desserts as a treat and jokingly saying it would make them fat. Cosmo and Wanda went only 24 hrs without granting wishes and they exploded, but Norm exploded in two weeks. That could be because Norm is bigger than them most fairies are the size of 10 year olds, Norm is the size of a human adult.

Regular laws of the universe suggest that it takes a longer time to build up enough pressure to explode if you are bigger. Genies spend hundreds of years without granting wishes.

Norm spent the last 30 in his lamp. The question should be, why did he explode at all?

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He was a fairy-genie hybrid. What did the 30 come from? But being only part fairy if the above troper is accurate could explain why he took a week to explode. What kind of unbelievable idiot would buy, or even design a glass house?!? What if there was some sort of severe weather? The glass would crumble and he would be sliced to pieces. You'd think someone old enough to buy a house would be smart enough to know that. His mother is just that good at her job.

It's called a greenhouse. They just wanted to make a Billy Joel reference one of his most well-known albums is called Glass Houses, taken from the old saying "Don't throw stones at glass houses"; also, the house Joel lived in was made of glass, if the house on the album's cover really was his house.

In "Power Mad" Wanda says Timmy can't wish his friends out because he wished for a game that he couldn't wish himself out of.

Last time I checked, "I" and "myself" can't refer to someone else. He said "you" and "yourself". But just because you can't wish yourself out of the game, doesn't mean that you can't wish someone else out of it. Cosmo and Wanda probably were suffering from an ear problem because of the loudness of the video games so they heard it wrong or The Powers That Be were lazy.

He obviously meant the theoretical "you" "anybody at all, nobody in particular". For example, "To make an omelette, you have to break a few eggs" — that "you. Regardless of what he meant, he said 'self', even if any player in the game can't wish themselves' out, there should be nothing keeping anyone from wishing someone else out. If I remember correctly, Timmy's wish was " Nope, it was "a game you can't wish yourself out of". That doesn't mean wish someone else out of it.

First isn't there a plural you in our language ,y'all, and I think it's like this "a game you theoretical can't wish yourself the same theoretical person out of" so there would be nothing stopping Timmy from wishing them out of the game.

English only actually differentiates plural and singular 'you' in context of numbers. You can't wish yourself out of" can apply both to you yourself or you and your friends or you and everyone. Why don't we just go with the fact that it was an incredibly stupid thing to wish in the first place? Also, why did they need enough power to make the game that they had to plug their wands into the wall while transporting a kid to Fairyworld is supposed to be near impossible for one fairy but they can do that on a whim?

Different types of energies. Most fairy magic is teleportation, which making or even rewriting a game is not. Seems odd that Remy Buxaplenty keeps trying to wish Timmy's Godparents away. Isn't there something in Da' Rules?

Yeah, but he wasn't trying to wish them away himself with his fairies. He was trying to make Timmy lose them forever, regardless of method. Is he addicted to it? Did The Powers That Be ruin his character or something?

Try it some time. Why weren't genies in the Fairly Odd Games? Or the other magical creatures? Deciding what the best magical creatures are is unfair if not all of them are there. Is this the fairies' Fantastic Racism against them or something?

Why didn't they at least ask? All the genies are trapped in their lamps and can't enter the Games. The genies don't care All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names.

They never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games. You know, like that. I think if the genies had entered, they would have bet for their freedom. Also several others would also enter. That would have put Timmy in a moral conundrum that would be quite interesting to work out with the options being: If the Pixies won, he'd become an office worker in Pixie World. And they'd be the best magical creatures. Canon if the Anti-Fairies won, he'd become Anti-Cosmo's evil godkid.

Canon If the genies won, they'd be free. And be the best magical creatures. If the Leprechauns won, they'd do something related to gold at the end of rainbows or four-leaf clovers, probably. And be the best magically creatures.

If the wizards and witches won they'd do something stereotypically associated with wizards and witches. And they would be the best magical creatures. If the fairies won, they would be the best magical creatures and Timmy would be able to make the other groups do what ever he wanted them to.

Canon I personally think the reason only Fairies, Anti-Fairies, and Pixies compete in the games is because the games were created to settle an argument between those three groups. Genies and such weren't invited because they simply weren't a part of the argument that brought the games to life. How exactly did Cosmo and Wanda grant the "only two people in the universe" wish in Just the Two of Us? Killing people is against Da Rules, so I'm pretty sure wishing everyone out of existence would be rejected.

And even if Cosmo and Wanda poofed everyone to a pocket dimension or something, how could their magic effect those like Jorgen when it's been repeatedly shown that there are those that their magic has no effect on? Maybe because Timmy didn't wish away everyone in the entire universe? He only wished that he and Trixie were the only intelligent creatures on Earth, besides Cosmo and Wanda, and Trixie didn't question why.

There's no reason they had to be dead. He just made them leave the earth temporarily. And of course, when they came back, no one remembered anything, or that would tell them that fairies exist. It's been shown by Mama Cosma that a fairy's color is hereditary, but Poof, the son of green Cosmo and pink Wanda, is purple. Cosmo's mother is aqua. Also Big Daddy has no discernible color scheme but both of his daughters are pink Blonda dyes. Big Daddy's eyes are pink. Eye color is hereditary.

Still, green is a mix of blue and yellow, while pink is a light red. If the genetic coding for yellow is recessive when faced with the red gene, purple may be a valid option. Recessive genes are just weird like that. Something like a certain hair color might not show up for decades, and then just pop up on any random kid in the family. If their colors were hereditary, if you think about it then in 3 generations all fairies would be brown. I always thought there were some kind of 'master color' and every generation is a slight variation.

Aqua is a variation of green, and pink and purple are variations of red Why is Timmy still after Trixie, even though she's been shown on at least two occasions to be extremely paranoid and severely histrionic? You would think that nearly getting garden-tooled to death for leaving her alone for twenty seconds would be enough to turn a guy off, even with Status Quo. Especially since Status Quo agrees that she's flat-out, probably homicidally insane, and it wasn't just a one-episode wish backfire.

Yeah, he thinks she's hot, but wouldn't the very things he tried to get rid of her for in at least two episodes be reason not to resume his already mostly baseless pursuance of her? In case you haven't noticed, every human character is either insane or has some sort of psychological disorder.

Timmy seems to have ADHD and makes completely crazy wishes, never learning anything despite the outrageous consequences. Timmy's parents are completely oblivious to Vicky's cruelty even though she has burst into their house with chainsawssuggesting they spend too much time in a fantasy world.

Vicky is a sadist and pretty quick tempered. Tootie is probably bipolar and has an unhealthy obsession with a boy that treats her like dirt. Veronica seems to think she's Trixie. Chester gleefully eats garbage and has a number of other weird obsessions.

Crocker speaks for himself. Principal Waxaplax has attacked people over food. Doug Dimmadome seems to be megalomaniacal. In short, sanity is overrated in this world. Never learning anything despite the outrageous consequences is probably the key phrase.

cosmo and wanda relationship goals quotes

How does Status Quo agree with that? Trixie went insane for one episode, when she discovered that everyone she cared about had disappeared. Not to mention she had Hidden Depths. She kissed him in one episode for choosing his friends over popularity though she made sure no one saw and was shown to care for him. And now she's not insane. Trixie does display remarkable periods where she has emotions for Timmy. The main problem is that Timmy, being the nice kid he is, will help Trixie and Tootie equally when they need it.

In Fairy Idol, doesn't Chester know Timmy has fairy godparents at the end? How does that work? No, because he never knew about Cosmo and Wanda in the first place, so the only fairy Timmy's ever had as far as Chester knows is Norm. And Chester's memory was erased after he made his third genie-wish. Something very minor from Channel Chasers- "Ignore the shaving cut and the five o'clock shadow -" Maybe he got a really deep cut the last time he was shaving and had let some of the hair grow back.

They were in a Blue's Clues parody and the joke is that the Steve Expy is supposed to be a kid like the target audience, even though he's obviously in his late 20's. Despite the show's major case of general inner inconsistencies Somewhere in the middle of the episode Wanda mentions they can give him all those things Remy is giving him, and he replies that he's better, because he can give him what he wishes without having to worry about anyone seeing it. But not once, not twice, Timmy simply wishes something to his fairies in public for example, in the classroomand we're just supposed to assume that, since no one was on-screen, no one even noticed he was wishing something to his school material and suddenly it came true?

Viewers Are Morons aside, is there any logic I'm losing here? Never thought of that, but yes that is a huge case of them failing logic forever and having to repeat a grade.

Most of the time, Timmy makes wishes that appear as coincidence. Additionally the wishes he makes in that episode are predominately hidden-casting; one example in that episode being that he wished for a lunch before opening his lunch box so it's fully likely that his parents who do care, as they point out and prove often enough could have made it for him.

Why did the Pixies and Anti-Fairies lose their individual motives, and decide that they wanted to destroy the world in Fairly Odd Baby? I can't justify the pixies, but for the anti-fairies: A better question is why are the pixies even working with the anti-fairies? They're the complete opposite: Yeah, it would be the ultimate bad luck. This troper still has no clue about why the Pixies were or why they teamed up. This troper supposes the Powers That Be supposed that since they were both evil Thinking about it, the Pixies act like a business.

If they wanted order, isn't the most efficient way to do it is completely destroying the Earth? Maybe then there would be no one to go against them? Or Anti-Cosmo brainwashed him.

If he's as smart as Cosmo is stupid, I don't see why not First, keep in mind that destroying the earth would severely limit the Fairies. Even with opposing purposes, working together would be beneficial for both the Pixies and Anti-Fairies in the long-run.

Second, Anti-Cosmo is a calculating genius. He could have off-screen made a promise to let them recreate the earth as they want if they help. I remember another guy who basically felt that destroying everything would bring about order. His name was Nekron. Maybe they felt that destroying the planet would mean the universe would be a less chaotic place, especially without any godchildren making wishes. Hey, at least it's an explanation If I recall correctly, Cosmo gets sick and spends an episode involuntarily transforming.

The show then goes into detail about how Fairies' shape-shifting is a biological function, controlled by a gland. Yet how many times have the Fairies lost their wands and been rendered pretty much helpless? Pretty much a Fan Wank Voodoo Sharkbut Could it be because the gland needed some stimuli regarding the functionality of the wands?? And that the sickness itself is because the gland gets too I just rewatched Wishy Washy and noticed something: Turner walks on screen and starts talking to her son And apparently they aren't seen.

Adults Are Useless indeed. Actually, she never really saw them, she was crying the whole time and didn't look Timmy's direction to see his fairies. Why doesn't Tootie have fairy god parents? Timmy himself noted that Vicky spends more time tormenting her since they live together. Shouldn't she be the one in more need of them? In the episode "Birthday Wish" it is said that Tootie is twice as miserable as Timmy and can have fairies, but she also tried to give away her secret.

A more believable explanation is that she is too happy to have them. Yes, that Birthday episode said she was twice as miserable as Timmy, but that episode, Love Struck, and Boy Toy are the only episodes she acts truly miserable in, and in all three Timmy was just as responsible for her misery as Vicky was. As long as Timmy keeps occasionally doing nice things for her, Tootie stays in a medium where she is just about happy enough to not receive fairies, sort of like Timmy keeping Vicky around to remain miserable enough to keep fairies.

Or perhaps SHE was assigned fairy godparents after the episode Birthday Wish, it's just pure speculation but from the previews of the movie Grow Up Timmy Turner, she seems to interact with Timmy's godfamily that would imply that she is perhaps somewhat aware of them, also, if this is the case, it may have been explained to her that she shouldn't reveal them.

As for why we never have seen Tootie's godparents, perhaps she's just better at hiding them than Timmy! Maybe, Tootie did have Fairy Godparents at one point of her life, but she told someone she had them and she lost her memory. I would imagine that there's some kind of simulation run on each kid who's eligible for fairy god parents to determine how likely they are to reveal the secret, and how easily they can be stopped.

If they aren't likely to reveal the secret, or are, but could be stopped easily, then they get FGPs. So it's likely that they do know, by the risk is just too great. Near the beginning of "Just the Two of Us" Chester is too poor to afford skates, but he can afford an entire female skating outfit?????

Well, it didn't say specifically that Chester couldn't buy skates, and AJ probably helped with the money. If he was going to be born, why did Anti-Cosmo help HP kidnap Poof in the special when he would have his own super powerful baby? Why did Foop's birth happen a long time after Poof's?

Most importantly, why did they screw up the established naming convention? It should be Anti-Poof, not Foop! Remember Anti-Fairies are the opposite of Fairies so that explains why the Anti-Fairy female has the baby. As for it taking so long for Foop to be born, this was lampshaded a bit when Anti-Cosmo wondered why there was an Anti-Fairy for every Fairy, but there was no Anti-Poof.

As for the name, it sounds like the producers were just looking for a gimmick name, even if it did fly in the face of established canon. This troper always thought it was because Poof was the sound fairies made and Foop was the sound Anti-faries made.

A logical explanation behind Foop's name could be traced back to the episode "Nega Timmy". In it, Timmy wished to do the opposite of whatever his mom and dad told him to do. Once he made that wish, whenever a "Poof" cloud appeared, which happened every time his parents told him to do something and Timmy did the opposite of what they said to him, it was backwards and read "Foop" which might be why Foop was named that.

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Scientists did a similar thing about antiparticles: They had an excuse, though; the positron was the first antiparticle discovered.

In the first Nega Chin episode, the representation of the Chin from the 80's is muscular and wielding guns. Wouldn't that be the 90's Chin? If you mean that, as a parody of the Dark Age-era heroes, then not quite.

It was probably more specifically a parody of Batman: It was released inand is generally cited as one of two comics the other being Watchmen that kicked off the Dark Agewhich lasted well into the 90s. In the episode where Timmy runs a lemonade stand to afford tickets, why doesn't he just wish for something like a tank and sell it?

First of all, he's ish; not exactly an age of high intelligence. Second, because if he did that, then we wouldn't have a minute show. Plus, even if we did have a minute show where he succeeds in selling the tank, it would've be focused on the destruction caused by Tank Goodness and worm its way into the Ice Show. Why didn't he wish for the stadium to have more seats, and then wish for more tickets? Because he isn't too smart. Alternatively, the stadium is on the edge of a cliff.

Add in a few more seats, and bye bye. He tried that, Wanda said it would violate the fire code And besides, it was already mentioned. Da Rules forbids wishing for money. I'm assuming wishing for something to sell for money would also be covered. In one episode, Timmy and his godparents switch roles, turning Cosmo and Wanda into normal kids with green and pink hair, no less and Timmy into a fairy. What would have happened to Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda in that episode?? Would they have become anti-normal children??

And would an Anti-Timmy had been born?? Fanfics about this do exist. In one episode, Wanda is shocked when Cosmo manages to light candles under the water in the fishbowl.

Professor Calamitous

Just before he does it, Timmy asks "What's new? It's kind of the whole premise of the show! I don't see why she should be so surprised that he could light three measly little candles. Well, Cosmo lit the candles through non-magical means. If he used his wand, it wouldn't have been a shock, but he rubbed two sticks together. The sticks actually were their wands, so that probably had something to do with it. First, most magic is teleportationor alchemy.

Imaginary Gary had to exist, even if it was inside Timmy's mind. Gah is a future form of Timmy. Even the flying can be explained through the wings and a 'magical force' counteracting gravity. And neither teleportation nor alchemy technically break the laws of physics. Hell, there's Unwish Island where things that are unwished go because they can't be destroyed.

And then the trash episode where we get introduced to Big Daddy. How could the Aquaman Expy get a movie when he was lost in space with the other superheroes Timmy wished for? Like how Adam West was playing the Crimson Chin. Chester's dad is always referred to as "the worst baseball player ever", and it's once said this is because he lost the World Series. Don't you have to be one of the best to even get to the World Series?!

Probably was benched the whole time, maybe. As a secret weapon? Chester's dad probably lost the World Series for his team single-handedly by doing something really stupid or unlucky e. As a result, he ruined his own reputation as a baseball player forever. He wears the paper bag to hide his identity from any fans of or teammates from his old team who might want to lynch him for his blunders. This is Dimmsdale, remember - people have really, really, ridiculously short tempers here.

Given that they're also really stupid, the paper bag is probably the height of concealment by their standards. Plus, we don't ever find out Chester's dad's name, do we? It's Bucky Mc Badbat. It's never stated he got in by merit of how good of a player he is - he could've just been on the team so they'd have a complete reserve roster, but he was the one player they never had to call up In a recent episode where Trixie Tang throws a costume party, Crocker dressed up as a fairy Uh, did the writers suddenly forget that, oh, I dunno, Crocker is well-aware what a fairy looks like.

This is the guy who can single-handedly figure out nearly all of Timmy's fairly-related shenanigans, and yet he's unable to recognize the very thing he has an obsession over!? Futhermore, why is it that he doesn't recognize poof. In Bad Heir Day it's established that he knows Poof is a fairy and is perhaps the only fairy he genuinely cares for and he knows that Cosmo and Wanda are Poof's parents.

Earth to Crocker, that fairy you briefly raised as your own son. That may be the reason actually. If he cares for Poof why would he want to expose him? Perhaps a case of bad heir day taking place after this episode.

Spongebob is known for not broadcasting the episodes in chronological order, why not FOP? First, there's a considerable lack of chronology among episodes. Yes seasons tend to be chronological, and mini-plots may reference past episodes in the plotline, most other episodes are stand-alone with no real chronological aspect to them.

Second, why would he reveal a fairy that he loves? Third, it's not uncommon for costumes that are life-like to be considered unrealistic when you first see them. Wanda's designated "nag" status. Just a few seasons ago, characters on the show, and even fans were labeling her a nag.

Um, I think I should let you guys know that there is a huge difference between "nagging" and "looking before you leap. She also tends to be the character with the most common sense into a group of idiots.

Of course, they'll see her as a nag. And even if they did intervene, they would probably be worse. Plus, real life social services aren't too much better.

We have repeated episodes that show that his parents do care for and love him. Remy even outright states it as his primary reason for hating Timmy: Timmy has godparents AND real parents that love him while Remy only has Wandissimo who even remotely cares for him. But of course Vicky wouldn't allow either. Da Rules only apply is a human sees them. Technically, that's the only reason the Nicktoons Unite! SpongeBob is a sponge, Danny's half ghost, and Jimmy is under the guise they're elaborate "computer programs".

One episode ended with Cosmo letting Chip Skylark out of his head to end the episode on a song. How could Cosmo get Chip in there without him seeing him? It probably wasn't the real Chip Skylark in the first place.

Maybe because of his singing Chip counts as a magical creature and is therefore allowed to see other magical creatures. When Vicky planned to forcibly marry Chip Skylark for his money Cosmo and Wanda couldn't interfere because of the rule against messing with true love. Since when is marrying someone for their money true love?

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Vicky seemed to love him, and probably thought his supposed money was a bonus. Being such a money-loving person she is, the bills would put her genuine interest in him off. Vicky may have a seriously warped view on love. And since when is a Precocious Crush like Tootie's crush on Tommy true love?

Considering what happens when you put this rule in the context of child abusethere obviously has to be an exception for this in Da Rules But maybe not, since just saying "I'm happy and I don't need my fairy godparents anymore" gets rid of them regardless of whether it's true or not.

The idea that fairy godparents only come to people who admit they're miserable carries Unfortunate Implications Da Rules may mean "true love" in a different sense - in the case of Tootie and Tommy, she truly loves being in his company, so fairy magic may have to take that as genuine.

As for the "I'm happy and don't need my godparents" stipulation, the guy who comes whenever a child says that seems willing to listen to an alternative explanation, if there is one - the only reason there wasn't in the scenario in question was that Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda were willing to vouch for the fact that she'd said it and meant it genuinely, as neither of them wanted Vicky to have fairies anymore.

Why does Mandie keep an apple in her Victoria's Secret Compartment? Because it was a bomb at that point. They were at a school, and you know the old cliche about teachers and apples In the episode when, at the end, Pappy had to go away foreverwhy didn't Timmy wish that he didn't have to?

Because if he did that, he would lose Vicky as a babysitter permanently, which would eliminate the reason he needed fairies in the first place. It wouldn't eliminate the reason, because the reason wasn't just Vicky. There was Francis and Crocker and everything else in this Crapsack World. That's the excuse for his behavior. Anything that bugs you about him can be attributed to his age.

But before the lava reached Vicky's house Wanda was begging Timmy to wish it away. Since when did she need a wish to do magic? If she couldn't get rid of the lava because Timmy wished for it in the first place, couldn't she have at least protected Vicky's house some other way? Da Rules have an attendance to obstruct to the point where people are in danger and can't be helped. Anything concerning Timmy, since always. It's never stated in the actual show but the pilot which wasn't Retconned states that Cosmo and Wanda can't interfere with Timmy's affairs unless he specifically wishes for it.

So yeah, Da Rules probably considers any and all consequences due to the lava an extension of Timmy's wish so Wanda can't do anything, period. Maybe he was just THAT unintelligent?

Actually, the reason he's still in the 5th grade is, he gets to keep his fairy god parents although he should really let go Yeah, but if channel chasers is canon, Timmy could have gone to senior year of High School Not only that, but since Timmy still has his fairies that means Vicky must still be babysitting him.

Maybe I'm missing something, but that makes no sense. He keeps his godparents so he gets to stay in elementary? I doubt Vicky's baby sitting him though. His parents can't be that dumb.

It might be meant to show that Timmy is keeping his life exactly the way he's used to with his fairy godparents, and staying in the 5th grade is a part of that. She tells the heroes that Plankton has taken control of Bikini Bottom. He has locked up anyone who has resisted and one of those was Mr. KrabsSpongeBob's boss. Sandy then tells the heroes that Plankton is capturing Jellyfish in Jellyfish Fields, the home of the Jellyfish, and is sending them to his Jellyfish Fortress Factory, where he is extracting their sting for energy.

Sandy has a plan. Next, they need to sneak into Plankton's fortress and shut down the machines. They will then be able to go to Plankton's control center and shut everything down. Timmy says that it is like an action movie and asks if they have any secret agents.

Sandy says that they do. He is in Jellyfish Fields and his code name is "Agent Star". Sandy says that their mission is to make contact with him. The heroes go to Jellyfish Fields, but before they can get there, they have to go through a gully and defeat a lot of Syndicate troops.

Once they do, SpongeBob tells them that they have to be quiet so that no one, but Agent Star knows that they are there. SpongeBob warns Patrick of an approaching Jellyfish Harvester, but it is too late. Patrick gets sucked up and put into a basket. SpongeBob starts crying, but Danny assures SpongeBob that they will get him back.

The heroes go through Jellyfish Fields, destroying Jellyfish Harvesters along the way. Eventually, they reach an area that has a statue of Kevin the Sea Cucumbera famous Jellyfisher. The heroes eventually reach an ability pod for Jimmy.

He enters and gains the ability to use a flare gun. He uses it on a device that is keeping a bridge up. It then falls and they continue. Soon they reach the ship of the Flying Dutchmana ghost that haunts Bikini Bottom. The heroes meet him and he tells them that they can never leave. SpongeBob greets the Flying Dutchman. He says that he has been practicing being a pirate. The Flying Dutchman does not like the idea of keeping SpongeBob.

He says that if he had his old crew back, he would not need the heroes. Danny suggests that they help get the Flying Dutchman's crew back. The Flying Dutchman says that his old crew will not listen to them. Danny says that he thinks that the crew will listen to them. The Flying Dutchman agrees and says that if the heroes can get his six crew members back, he will let them go.

However, if they fail, the heroes will have to be his crew forever. They go through several ships and get the crew back. They head back to the Flying Dutchman. SpongeBob says, "So long, Mr. The door leads to the Jellyfish Fortress Factory. The heroes enter the factory. Jimmy looks at some plans and says that there are four Emergency Vents that they should be able to release the Jellyfish through.

The heroes hear a noise. SpongeBob sees that it is Patrick in a jar. Jimmy uses his shrink ray to shrink a boat to make it more accessible to the humans. Timmy goes on a vat that contains Jellyfish and shoots the jar that Patrick is in. Patrick starts walking but gets stuck. The heroes notice an ability pod for Timmy. He enters it and gains the ability to become Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder, his superhero sidekick alias. This ability allows him to twist valves with a robot hand that comes out of his mask's chin.

He twists a valve and a platform lifts allowing Patrick to continue to the next room. It also opens a door, allowing the heroes to continue. As they go through the factory, the heroes go through puzzles and help Patrick along the way.

One of which includes having Jimmy use his flare gun to make a large container spill out some water to allow SpongeBob to use that water to stop two fires that are blocking Patrick's way. Eventually, they find Patrick, who is behind a giant engine.

They destroy the engine and Patrick reminds them that they need to open the four emergency vents. After fighting some Syndicate Troops, the heroes find the first valve. They get to it and Cleft turns it. The next room they enter contains two paths to two of the valves and one of the valves in it.

Sponge Bob soaks up some water and shoots it on a giant Jellyfish that then allows the heroes to jump on it. Cleft does so and goes on a path that leads him to the valve in the room. He leaves and the heroes take one of the paths. One of them leads to an area with acid and three hanging platforms with barrels on it.

Jimmy uses his flare gun to make the platforms fall, allowing the heroes to cross to another platform that has a vertical moving platform that leads to a platform that has the valve. Cleft pulls it and the heroes return to the main area.

One of the paths leads to an area with laser walls, which can only be turned off with buttons. Behind the walls, there is one of the valves. Danny uses his phase ability to float over to the buttons and push them. Cleft then turns the last valve.

The heroes head back to the main room. Once all the valves are turned, Patrick, who is waiting for them in front of a door, tells the heroes that Mr. Krabs and Plankton are through the door.

The heroes go through into the next room, which has a path that leads to the Chum Bucket's laboratory. After defeating Syndicate Troops, they enter the next room, which contains Plankton's Lab, a cracked wall, Goddard, and an ability pod for SpongeBob. He enters and is given the ability to make bubble bombs.

He uses one to open the crack. The heroes continue into a corridor that leads them to another cracked wall. After SpongeBob makes a bubble bomb and it explodes, they enter the kitchen.

Here, cleft has to move a refrigerator, so that he can pull a valve that opens a door. The heroes go through the door and enter the dining area. Here, the heroes have to defeat all the Syndicate Troops before the door to a stairway to the roof, where Plankton is, opens.

Once they do this, they head to the stairs. They go up the stairs and reach the roof. After a short conversation with Plankton, he gets in a giant crab machine and the heroes have to defeat him. SpongeBob sends a bubble bomb to the underside of the Crab machine.

This makes the machine flip and the heroes can attack. Eventually, the machine flips upright and the process repeats. After the heroes defeat Plankton, he reveals that the Syndicate is still getting power from Dimmsdale.

He also reveals that the machine that they are building is a Doomsday machine. He takes a pod and escapes. The heroes take a portal to Dimmsdale. They land at the front of the Crocker's Fortress Fortress of Mr. Wanda says that there is a rainbow of Fairy magic flowing into Crocker's Fortress.

Jimmy is confused because he thinks it is a real rainbow. Wanda tells him that it is a different type of rainbow.

cosmo and wanda relationship goals quotes

The area contains a giant head of Mr. Crocker, which is the entrance, two pillars, two platforms, one that is short and one that is taller, an ability pod for Jimmy on the taller platform, and a button on the wall of the short platform. Jimmy uses his shrink ray on the pillars. He goes on the short platform, onto the closest pillar, onto the head, onto the other pillar, and onto the taller platform.

He enters the ability pod and gains the ability to headbutt things with a special helmet. He then goes back to the button, which is called a "Slam Pad" and presses it. It opens the mouth. The heroes then fight Syndicate Troops through the fortress and use Danny's phase powers and SpongeBob's bubble bombs to get further into the fortress.

Eventually, they find themselves in a corridor with Syndicate Troops, another head door, and a button. One of the heroes pushes it and the head opens, revealing a room with a giant crystal and several pathways. The heroes enter the room. Wanda says that they need to redirect fairy magic back to the central prism before they can use it to get to Fairy World. One of the paths leads to a yellow room where the crystal is in the front of the room. The room has net platforms and bridges that lead to the redirection switch.

Jimmy sees a candle and uses his flare gun. It causes a platform to appear. The heroes follow the first bridge and stand on the first net platform. Jimmy notices another candle and fires his flare gun at it.

It causes two more bridges to appear. The heroes follow the path until they reach a solid platform that has a slope leading to the redirection switch. One of the heroes slams on the switch and the magic is redirected to the Diamond.

One of the rooms is blue and the crystal is in the front of the room. Two cages are blocking two platforms of two different heights. Danny uses his phasing power to enter one of the cages. He picks up the platform and the cage moves down. Danny then moves it near an area further into the room that has a high platform and a button that Timmy with his Cosmo gun can hit. Danny then goes back and does the same for the other cage and platform.

Timmy uses the platforms as steps to the high platform he presses the button and a caged area that was blocking the heroes opens. Behind it, there is a slope leading to the redirection switch. One of the paths leads to a dark pink room where the crystal is in the front of the room.

The room contains skinny platforms and giant machines that go down and up. One of the heroes follows the path, missing the machines. At the end of the path is a slope leading to the redirection switch.

The hero slams on the switch and the magic is redirected to the Diamond. One of the paths leads to a purple room where the crystal is in the front of the room. At the front of the room, there is two platforms on the side that are connected by a cage door that is blocking the heroes. One the sides of the cage door, there are two caskets. The heroes hit the caskets.

Both caskets contain ghosts. The casket on the left contains the switch. One of the heroes pulls it and four more caskets are revealed; two on one side and two on the other. Like before, there is a cage door blocking the heroes. The heroes break the four caskets and again all four contain ghosts.

Danny takes care of them. The one closest to the cage door on the right contains the switch. One of the heroes pulls it. The cage door opens revealing two paths to the platforms that were next to the cage doors.

There are three caskets on one side and three on the other. The one on the left contains two caskets with ghosts and one with a switch. The one on the right contains three caskets with ghosts. One of the heroes pulls the switch, which makes stairs appear in the backside of the room.

They lead to a button. One of the paths leads to a light blue room where the crystal is in the front of the room. The room contains a pool of water on the left and some separated platforms with rings at the bottom between the platforms that are above some ice.

SpongeBob absorbs some water and hits the rings, causing two ice cylinders that are about the same height as the platforms they are between to appear. The heroes walk across them. SpongeBob sees another pool of water on this larger platform. He absorbs the water and spits it on three rings that are between the final platforms.

The cylinders appear and the heroes cross them. The path leads to the button and one of the heroes slams on it. The magic is redirected to the Diamond. After each redirection, the heroes have to face Syndicate troops. After they face the last Syndicate troops, it is time to go to Fairy World. Wanda tells them that on the count of three Cosmo and Wanda will touch their wands to the diamond and they will all transport to Fairy World.

Jimmy does not understand what is about to happen, but he trusts them. Timmy tells them that it will take them straight to Fairy World. Timmy then adds that they have to figure out what Mr.

Wanda says that Mr. Jorgen shows up and Jimmy, Danny, and SpongeBob scream. Jorgen is relieved that there is finally help. Cosmo Wanda then point out that they may be small, but they are mighty heroes. He first asks the heroes to free the captured fairies. He adds that they will need all of the fairies to take back Fairy World.

Timmy says that they should get to it and that they need to stop Mr. Crocker as soon as possible. They starting heading to Fairy World. When they get there, they enter an area with an ability pod for Danny. He enters and gains the ability to use his Ghostly Wail, a super powerful blast of vocal energy.

Using this power and others from the team, the heroes save the fairies and head back to Jorgen. On their way to saving the fairies, the heroes come across the final ability pod. It is for Timmy. He enters it and gains the ability to heal characters. However, it uses up his power energy in the process.

When the heroes reach Jorgen, he tells them that Mr. Crocker is on the Big Wand and that they should take the path next to him through the mountains to get to the big wand.

He opens the door to the path and the heroes start traveling on it. The heroes travel the path until they reach the mountains.

They continue through the mountains until they reach the Big Wand. The heroes get to the top of the Big Wand and meet Mr. Crocker is in a mech suit. He reveals that the Syndicate has enough power for the Doomsday Device and soon the Syndicate will demonstrate its power over all worlds by destroying one. Much like the generators in Vlad's Castle, there are Tesla coils.

Unlike Vlad's Castle, all the Tesla coils have to be frozen to destroy them. Unlike the previous two bosses, where the heroes had to drain the power of villains before defeating them, Crocker can be hit before destroying the Tesla coils are even shut down. In fact, the player has to hit Crocker until near defeat to make the Tesla coils vulnerable to freezing. The challenge comes with the fact that Mr. Crocker can use the Tesla coils to regenerate his life. The heroes have to go through three levels of the Big Wand before defeating Mr.

When the heroes defeat Mr. Crocker, he reveals that the Doomsday Device is fully charged and he floats away. Jimmy says that they need to head to Retroville right away and they need to find Professor Calamitous before he uses the Doomsday Machine. They use a portal and head back to Jimmy's lab. When they get there, Cindy is there. Jimmy asks why Cindy is there. She says that Jimmy has once again ruined the lives of everyone in Retroville.

Jimmy asks here, "What makes you think I'm involved? Timmy walks over to Cindy. Cindy continues, asking what Jimmy is going to do about it. She does the same for Timmy. Jimmy says, "We haven't got time for this? We need to find Professor Calamitous before he starts his Doomsday machine. He explains, with the help of the other villains, that all the worlds will bow down the Syndicate's power or they will be destroyed.

He explains that since the Doomsday machine is ready, their worlds have no choice, but to accept the Syndicate's demands. He also says that the heroes cannot stop them. Jimmy says that they can stop the Syndicate if the heroes disable the Syndicate's Doomsday machine. He says that he has to find Professor Calamitous' lab. SpongeBob says that he thinks that Goddard might need a bath and that he looks like he has fleas. Jimmy says that Goddard does not get fleas.

He realizes that Flea-bots are the reason that Calamitous was able to copy his Portal plans. Cindy criticizes Jimmy for caring about fleas inside of Goddard. Jimmy explains that they need to find Calamitous' lab. If Calamitous is watching them, then the flea-bots are sending him a signal which he can track the signal to Calamitous' lab. He says that they needs a plan. He thinks really hard and has a "Brain Blast". He says that they can shrink themselves down with a large Shrink Ray and fly into Goddard's mouth using his Hovercar.

Once they capture the flea-bot, they can trace the signal back to calamitous' lab. Timmy uses his Freeze powers to open a locked door.

The heroes heroes then go through a path that ends with a platform where Cleft can twist a valve to open a door. He does so and they enter a room with some of Jimmy's inventions. Jimmy then headbutts Slam Button to enter the room with his Hovercar. The heroes do Jimmy's plan perfectly. They end up inside Goddard. They leave the hovercar and Jimmy explains that the signal is the strongest in Goddard's head.

He explains that there are also minor drains to take care of. The heroes go through Goddard's body, fighting flea-bots. Cleft helps take care of the drains. Eventually, the heroes face the Artificial Immune Robots, which remove unwanted things. However, it thinks that the heroes are unwanted, so it attacks them. The robots are needed to access the next areas, so Danny overshadows them. The heroes continue until they reach Goddard's main processor.

Jimmy says that the only way that it can let them inside is to get security clearance for Timmy, Danny, and SpongeBob. Jimmy adds that he already has clearance. If the heroes enter Goddard's memory through the ports one the platform, they should be able to convince Goddard to give each of them access. Timmy asks what they will have to do. Jimmy explain that if the heroes have to help Goddard, he will trust them and give them clearance.

There are three areas. Each contain a virtual version of Jimmy's backyard. In Danny's, he has to use his phase ability to locate Goddard's memory tokens, which look like wrench, which are like bones to Goddard, to gain the trust of Goddard.

They are hidden all around the yard. In Timmy's, he has to use his Cleft ability to locate wrenches, but can also use his freeze ability for one. In SpongeBob's, he has to use his water soaking ability to shoot water at large flowers.

Once all three tasks are completed, the heroes go up stairs to a door, which leads to Goddard's head. The heroes enter Goddard's head. Jimmy says that the Flea-bot should be in the room somewhere and reminds everyone that they need to retrieve the transmitter so that they can trace the signal to Calamitous' lab.

The heroes do not see the Flea-bot. A giant compared to their current size Flea-Bot appears and all of the heroes' scream. They have to defeat this Flea-bot. To defeat the Flea-bot, the heroes hit it, but like Crocker, it can regenerate its life when it goes between Goddard's eyes. To stop it from doing this, a character has to hit one of Goddard's eardrums, which looks like a large version of real drums.

This repeats several times. They then head to an abandoned warehouse using the hovercar. They go underground and meet the Syndicate who are in the giant machine. They all have force fields around them.

Crocker laughs and says that the Syndicate cannot be stop. Jimmy says that they are there to stop the Syndicate. SpongeBob then adds that once the heroes stop the villains, then the villains will spend a long time in Jail. Professor Calamitous says that the heroes will not quit until the Syndicate shows them… He struggles to continue.

He then figures out the word and continues to say, demonstration of their power. Retroville destruction will commence in 5 minutes and counting. Have a nice day. He says that he never got around to finishing the override switch. Danny asks them if they are crazy because they will be destroyed too. Vlad says that they will be safe inside the protective capsule.

Crocker says that even Fairies cannot save Timmy now. Timmy says that they have to disable to doomsday device. Plankton asks what kind of amateurs do the heroes think the Syndicate is. There are four paths in the room. The order of the villains is: Crocker, Plankton, Professor Calamitous.

It should be noted that it was not that Vlad was defeated, Mr. Crocker was defeated, etc. Crocker a few times, etc. Eventually, the Heroes defeat the Syndicate and power down their protective capsules. Professor Calamitous is surprised that the heroes stopped the defense system. Jimmy says that Professor Calamitous has taught Jimmy a valuable lesson in teamwork. Professor Calamitous says that it is not over yet since the heroes still have to stop the Doomsday Device.

Timmy says that there are only 30 seconds until it goes off. Jimmy tries to think of an idea. Meanwhile, SpongeBob looks around. Danny suggests going ghost with it. SpongeBob spots something and runs to it. SpongeBob tries to get the attention of the heroes, but they are not listening. Timmy suggests using Cosmo and Wanda to send it into a black hole.

Jimmy then says that he can reconfigure the plasma flux and reverse the polarity. He then realizes he does not have enough time to do that.