Country boy and city girl relationship

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country boy and city girl relationship

Yes. If the OP is a dedicated countryboy who wants absolutely nothing to do with the city, that wouldn't work. I can't even stand the thought of. Thread: Country boy here, dating city girl geographically undesirable? . before she starts catching new energy relationship feelings for you. To him, big cities mean crime and pollution, while at our rural retreat I fear our children's encounters with leeches, farm equipment and.

The unknown and something completely new to you can be very attractive and create a fiery chemistry between you both. The city girl sees it as refreshing having a more traditional relationship with this southern gentleman. The backwoods country boy treats her like a fairy tale princess.

The country boy may find the city girl interesting and exciting as she is not like anyone he has ever known before.

I'm a city girl living with a country boy - The Globe and Mail

Physical attraction combined with being complete opposites can be the beginning of one of the most passionate love affairs you will ever experience. During this time, you live in the moment and nothing else matters but your new found love of your opposite.

country boy and city girl relationship

Getting to know this person can be exciting as you live in their footsteps or boot steps in this case and them in yours. You find what you are missing in your own life in your new found opposite mate. You crave what the other has to offer and the feeling this gives you is so euphoric you ignore the realities. The truth is combining two completely different lives is not only complex but can be intimidating to one or both people in this new found relationship.

You can not take the country out of the boy and the city girl would not want this as that is what she finds so attractive about him.

As much as she may try to make him feel comfortable in her world it is just all too much. Her world is not only so completely different from his, but also undesirable and intimidating to the country boy.

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He greatly admires her successes, confidence, and beauty. However, these same qualities he loves and adores about the city girl are also exactly what intimidates this country boy and brings him a feeling of not being able to measure up.

The country boy does not feel he is good enough for the city girl and he begins to put up his walls and shy away from these insecurities and his fairy tale princess. The city girl has an easier time fitting in and she feels at home in the arms of this country boy.

I'm a city girl living with a country boy

He was a small-town boy working as a junior marketing executive, and he seemed anything but a hick. Seventeen years later, I've come to realize the awful truth of his early confession. To David, city living means crime, pollution and neighbours who can see inside our windows. I grew up on the not-so-mean streets of Toronto and love everything about city life. And I know, from the top of my head to the tips of my pedicured toes, that the country is chock-full of life-threatening hazards for our children.

Thankfully, David's job means we have to live in the big bad city, where my country-bred husband lobbies to get cameras mounted above our front door so we can see home invaders masquerading as Jehovah's Witnesses.

country boy and city girl relationship

Meanwhile, I have been known to set the alarm when leaving the house only to leave the back door wide open.

The way to keep my rural half happy, it has turned out, is to go to the country on every weekend possible. As we sail east past the city limits, toward the farm David purchased before we had even met, I can feel the week's tensions melt off his shoulders and settle like wet cement onto mine. I never know what menacing new escapade will be suggested. I just know I won't like it.

country boy and city girl relationship

It started when my firstborn was barely out of diapers. The family owns something called a Green Machine. Made by John Deere, a Green Machine is best described as a five-wheeled instrument of death. Or that's how I felt when David suggested letting my toddler take the wheel while seated on his lap. Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement The Green Machine is actually a cross between an ATV and a miniature tractor.

country boy and city girl relationship

It goes a mere 24 kilometres an hour, and is as heavy and lumbering as a lame rhinoceros. And every bit as deadly, I argued, in the event it tips over. And they were off, hand-in-hand, on the first of many country bonding experiences. Why couldn't David's idea of quality father-son time consist of pushing our baby on a swing in the park while manfully performing under-doggies?

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Would he next be encouraging him to wade into the fast-moving, leech-infested stream that runs through our farm to catch crawfish? Yes, as a matter of fact.