Cristiano ronaldo and kaka relationship

Spanish bank puts up Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka as collateral for loans. No, seriously

cristiano ronaldo and kaka relationship

Kaka's time in the Spanish capital was marred by injuries, as well as competition from a number of established stars, Cristiano Ronaldo first and. Kaka feels that the expectations placed on Cristiano Ronaldo are often " There were difficult moments, above all in his relationship with. Kaka Opens Up on Jose Mourinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Chelsea, Arsenal and More We had a great relationship off the pitch in Spain. We still.

I keep thinking you're just saying that because you two are very good friends But now that you insist, please tell me names of players who are more complete than Ronaldo? How many goals did he score from headers? How many goals did Messi score this season from headers? I'm talking about how complete he is, in terms of versatility.

Cristiano Ronaldo's left foot shot is the same as his right foot for example. In terms of taking free-kicks, I can only name one player who can be better than him and that's Juninho Pernambucano.

Cristiano Ronaldo and KAKÁ and Karim Benzema REAL MADRID

It requires a lot of time training together, talent, technique, patience, etc. That's a style of playing that is related to the characteristics of the players, as well as the coach.

Kaká: "My relationship with Mourinho wasn't bad" - (English version)

I think we'll never see Real Madrid playing in the same style as Barcelona does, not only because of what I just mentioned, but mostly due to the fact that Real Madrid fans are not that patient. If we ever attempt to do a similar game, passing the ball around so much without attacking, we'll immediatly start hearing a few whistles and boos from the crowd.

It's just a question and I don't know the answer, but it help us understanding that football is a colective game and we always depend on what our teammates can do. For those who understand Portuguese, I recommend watching the full interview video posted on the top of the article.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to make a full translation from the interview, but the most important ideas exchanged during the talk were already referred and reported on this article. Over the last days, Cristiano Ronaldo has been training with the Portuguese National Team, in order to prepare the 2-games playoff stage, against Bosnia Herzegovina. You can watch Juventus live streamthe first leg of Bosnia vs Portugal livenext Friday, the 11th of November.

Disaster is something they talk about all the time if they don't win, and Madrid live for this pressure from the media.

Ricardo Kaka Explains Why Even Cristiano Ronaldo & Zinedine Zidane

It forms a good group for next season, so for me they should value other things apart from trophies. I never felt like the best in the world, or the worst. These are things you have to learn from.

I speak with him without problems, and we remain on good terms.

Spanish bank puts up Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka as collateral for loans. No, seriously

He makes you work. Each coach has left a distinct mark on me, but the best I achieved was with Ancelotti. I liked his style of leadership a lot. However, I saw the messages from the players after Carlo left. They were disappointed as they know what kind of guy he is. I'm sure he will continue to have great success.

cristiano ronaldo and kaka relationship

This side has the technical staff, a president and a good team. Zidane has took them to the semi-finals and they are playing at a very high level.

Individual awards are relative because you don't win if you don't achieve great success with your team.

cristiano ronaldo and kaka relationship

He has personal problems that he should not carry with him on the pitch.