David rossi and erin strauss relationship questions

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david rossi and erin strauss relationship questions

it was about pm and I was finally getting to spend some time with Dave. your godfather David Rossi didn't tell you about his relationship with Erin Strauss. Rossi & Strauss' affair gets more steamy,exploited & more in this new steamy action go down with characters Erin Strauss and David Rossi. But executive producer Erica Messer tells us that their relationship will Season 14 premiere raises questions about Matthew Gray Gubler's future on the show. SES Erin Strauss was the BAU Section Chief, the direct superior to SSA Aaron Hotchner. She finally questions Hotch, who tells her that he believed if Foyet were She is present at JJ and Will's wedding and happily dances with Rossi and the in a romantic relationship, and in "Brothers Hotchner" and "The Replicator,".

Sometimes you have to let the fans have something to ponder and wonder about.

david rossi and erin strauss relationship questions

Not sure what, if any evolution of that scene is going to develop. Tell me more about the season-arc. Will David Rossi be involved in his own personal arc?

What can you tell us about his direction in Season 8?

I personally am very involved with military affairs, and I think the upcoming episode will give me a chance to express some personal feelings about that topic. First off tell me about being a part of such an iconic series.

I started Fat Tony as a one-time gig over 21 years ago. I enjoy doing it as much now as I did the first day.

david rossi and erin strauss relationship questions

Is it tough juggling Criminal Minds, The Simpsons, plus other things you might be working on? The Simpsons involves very little of my time so I can squeeze in a few episodes of Fat Tony in each year with no problem. Back to Criminal Minds season 8, any big guest-stars coming our way? Our casting people are great, so I anticipate some wonderful guest stars coming up.

I think the quality of our show reflects on why we are able to get wonderful guest actors to come work with us.

Give me one phrase to get fans pumped about the new season. What can we expect in Season 8? I come from a background of ensemble theater where the ability to work together over an extended time with the same people only means things should only improve year after year. We all take our work very seriously, so there is no reason this should not be our best season ever.

Finally I ask this to all my interviewees. What have you been watching on TV lately? I watch a lot of the Travel Channel and the Military Channel. Mix in sports and news and a few Seinfeld re-runs about sums up my t.

Criminal Minds (a.k.a that other show Jeff Davis created) S8 spoilers - Oh No They Didn't!

Got any Criminal Minds scoop? Remember JJ's first fight scene last year?

david rossi and erin strauss relationship questions

Get ready for more of those — under even more perilous circumstances. It's gonna be a little worrisome," A. Perhaps she's the next one to be held captive. Dave moved from Isabella's room to the next bedroom, peering inside. The twins' room is what they called it, but the two little boys sleeping within weren't actually twins.

david rossi and erin strauss relationship questions

They were only two months apart and nearly inseparable when they were together. They loved spending time together so much that their mothers moved into the same apartment building so that the boys' could be together as often as possible.

Twenty month old Ares and eighteen month old Caden appeared to be as different as night and day. Ares, with his dark hair and dark eyes, was a chip off of his father's block. His personality was entirely his mother's, though. Not even two and he already was making up stories, lost in his own world.

Ares' side of the room was decorated with kings, castles, and dragons. Caden's side, on the other hand, was decorated in a tasteful jungle theme, a reflection of his love of animals. He spent hours pretending to be a cat or a dog or whatever animal he happened to discover that day. His hair was nearly white and his eyes a crisp green. If it wasn't for the fact that he looked exactly like his nephew, Dave might doubt Caden's paternity.

Despite their differences, they had remarkable similar conceptions. Dave was helping Penelope clean up after her infamous Halloween party.

She was feeling blue because Derek had brought a new girl to the party. He was hurting because Emily had just told him of plans to take Isabella to visit her mother in France for Isabella's first Christmas. One thing led to another and soon he was taking her over the back of her couch.

Just as with Emily, they agreed to be friends the next day and when she came to him in the beginning of January with news of her pregnancy to be co-parents.

With Ashley, it was New Year's Eve and clean-up. Ashley had thrown a big bash, only to be disappointed when her crush ended up canceling on her. Dave and Penelope spent the evening trying to cheer her up, despite his pain over missing Isabella. After the party cleared and Penelope left with Derek, the two lonely souls found themselves bonding over their lack of a love life on Ashley's couch. To this day, Dave wasn't sure which one of them kissed the other first, but he was definitely sure he was the first one to remove all his clothes.

He was terrified of Penelope's reaction when Ashley came to him just a month later with news of her pregnancy, but the two women supported each other and became the best of friends. Dave moved to the last bedroom, his baby girl's room. Dave peeked inside only to find a pair of bright blue eyes staring back at him.

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Knowing that it would be better to grab Sarah now instead of waiting for her to work herself up, he stepped inside. Dave pulled the tiny four-month-old girl with golden curls into his arms. They settled into the rocking chair, a small sigh leaving Sarah's lips as she snuggled against her father's chest. Dave sang her a sweet lullaby.

david rossi and erin strauss relationship questions

Unlike with Emily, Penelope, and Ashley, JJ knew exactly what she was doing when she went to visit Dave the night that Sarah was conceived. Sure, she wasn't expecting another child out of the deal, but she had wanted a night of no-strings-attached-hot-sex and that's precisely what she got. She and Will had broken up nearly three months beforehand and JJ wanted to get her rebound out of the way before moving on to the person she had been half in love with for the last few years.

And rebound, they did. By his count, they rebounded on his kitchen table, the chair in the study, the hallway, and his bed, twice. To say that he was unsurprised when she told him she was pregnant a bit later would have been stretching it. He seemed to take it as fact that he was destined to impregnant all the females of the BAU. All except for his darling Erin. He and Erin were currently making their third attempt at a relationship.

Unlike the first two, neither of them hid the relationship this time around.

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That alone made this try unique, but add in the fact that the pettiness and jealousy was missing this time, and Dave was sure they would finally be together forever. But the second she brought up his children, all his past insecurities came rushing in.

He glanced at the small girl and found her fast asleep.