Dbz piccolo and gohans relationship

dbz piccolo and gohans relationship

Gohan and Piccolo (孫そん悟ご飯はんとピッコロ大だい魔ま王おう, Son Gohan to Pikkoro Daimaō, lit. "Son Gohan and the Great Demon King Piccolo") is the two hundred sixth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. Piccolo explains that Goku’s friends will use those. Super Saiyan Gohan and Piccolo. Though I do believe Goku was a pretty good father (he could be better at times), Piccolo was this figure that Gohan could look . On Dragon Ball - General, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I think the relationship between Piccolo and Gohan is my favorite aspect of.

After killing his own father.

dbz piccolo and gohans relationship

Caring for Gohan like his own. Personally one of the reasons I love their early relationship in the start of DBZ.

We see another character with a dead father in early childhood. Boosting even more of that father son like relationship between the too. We all hated it. And Piccolo is the strong silent type, keeping to himself.

dbz piccolo and gohans relationship

Remember piccolo is just now being trusted with Goku's child. He I'm Dragon Ball was a technical villain in the tournament. Having a different style of training for young Gohan. The training to become a man. He develops through Piccolos harsh cycle of training and becomes a young man. Not a whiny child that hates to be bossed around.

dbz piccolo and gohans relationship

Leaving him out to fend on his own didn't take away their relationship, but monumentally boost it. He learned that the world isn't such a good place. Piccolo deserves more credit for having Gohan learn this the hard way. He bond between them grows stronger more and more each time they cross paths and train.

He saw the little runt Gohan and fired a mouth Blast at him! Piccolo knew what he had to do and rushed in front of the young boy.

Gohan and Piccolo

Another huge boost for their relationship. One takes the hit for the other. Having a bond of having each others backs. He cried for the first time in his life, and for of all things a child. But not just any kid, a prodigy child.

dbz piccolo and gohans relationship

He knew he had to save this young man for his potential in the future. Piccolo gave up his life for hogans. Showing both of them how important they are to each other. Once again in this point in time, the bond immensely grows between the two. Having the death of one for the life of another. Gohan being the young boy with potential that should not be looked over.

A true light of hope for the Z-Fighters.

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Gohan and Piccolo, the two that can't be separated, in the bond of friendship. A father figure to a child. Goku may have been right about that, but I doubt he ever thought it would be his son that would be the one to break it out of him.

Since the Saiyan saga, all Gohan talks about is the Namekian that lived a paradox life of trying to kill him while vowing to protect him every day for practically a year. Gohan even dresses like Piccolo more than he does his own father. As for Piccolo, he has a sense of self discovery that DBZ can, at times, be a kids show, and that caring for someone else gives you something to fight for and makes you stronger.

Fast forward to the Cell saga and guess what? These are the moments DBZ fans live for. The climactic faceoff between the Saiyan Prince and the Saiyan Outcast. A rivalry fueled not by the end result but rather the thrill of fighting a worthy opponent. Two warriors whose contrasts are only matched by their dedication to the art, as well as the amount of unconditional respect they give one another.

There were two quintessential battles between these two great warriors. The first time was to decide the fate of the Earth. It showed us just how far Goku was willing to push his body to save the Earth and defeat the last of his own kind. It was also the fight that sparked their rivalry for the whole continuation of the series. A spark that laid dormant for a long time. Until of course their inevitable rematch.

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This time it became far more personal. This time it was about Vegeta and the traumatic past forever clouding any chance he had of moving on and accepting his new life on Earth. If only he could finish that one bit of business, defeating Kakarot, than maybe his past would stop haunting him, unaware that it could cost him the peaceful life his wife and son have tried so hard to offer him. It was about restoring his honor by being the one to avenge the death of his people.

dbz piccolo and gohans relationship

It was dashed from him in an instant, by whom else than Kakarot, who in complete contrast to Vegeta was driven by entirely selfless notions. For Goku, defeating Frieza was more about justice and the security of all innocent life in the universe, not proving anything to himself.