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Delsin Rowe x Fetch Walker aesthetic - requested by @the-sad-hat his relationships; whether it be the one he had with you, his friendship with Fetch and . for the game's goals, even if it is a slight disconnect for modern youth audiences. This Pin was discovered by tasunka. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Delsin and Fetch establish a more intimate relationship if you choose when you zoom in, your character highlights weak points on the enemy.

Your karma does level faster, but that does not mean you will kill enemies faster or anything like that. It just means you might not have to put in as much effort.

Story For the most part, the story is very similar, regardless of which path you choose. Having said that, the differences that do occur are mostly in the cutscenes and what the other characters think of you. If you choose good karma, your tribe will generally be a lot more accepting of you.

They will want you back home and rejoice when you get home. If you choose evil karma, they do not have the same reaction. I won't ruin the story here, but let's just say they are not pleased with what you have done.

As far as the other conduits go, for the most part it did not make a difference. Delsin and Fetch establish a more intimate relationship if you choose evil karma, but Eugene pretty much stays the same.

The important thing to note is that there are no major impacts on the story, there is no main character that dies only on one karma choice or anything like that. If you would like the feeling of esteem that comes from crowds cheering and supporting you, then pick good karma because, naturally, people don't like you when you are evil.

Powers This is probably what you are putting the most weight on for your karma choice; although, it is still a fairly subtle difference. Originally, I had planned to write a list of each individual karma-dependent power upgrade and do a break-down of the two karmas; however, I soon realized that this list was going to be much more extensive than I first planned.

Also, most of the upgrades actually counteract each other, to the point where they don't make a difference.

Abigail Walker

So, I decided that I will, instead, just run through a quick breakdown of the differences I found noticeable when I was playing. There are only a couple that really make a difference. She learned her melee attacks by watching anime Japanese animationas revealed in First Light. The events of First Light appear to conflict with what Delsin saw when he probed her mind as he completed the draining of her Neon Manipulation power.

Although this could be explained by a combination of the drugs she was taking at the time combined with the psychological trauma of Brent's death distorting her memory.

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First Light, Abigail shows some proficiency in using parkour, though probably not as adept as Cole or Delsin. Instead of climbing, Abigail mainly relies on her powers to scale buildings. How she acquired it, is unknown. It was a short trip to the bodega below your apartment and Delsin, who had been relaxing in his pajamas like you were doing, decided to just go down in what he was wearing; which meant he left his vest…and his beanie.

You just wanted to wear them to see what it was like! You had been so embarrassed while he found it to be extremely cute. It was one of his favorite memories; your adorable blushing face as you quickly took off his beanie and pretended like nothing had happened.

Hi, you have reached the D. P help line, do you have a bio-terrorist incident to report?

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Strange, second time a billboard has been vandalized recently, we are sending D. One thing that Delsin loved was how well you got along with Abigail and Eugene. The two of you got along extremely well afterwards; you understood how it was like to want to flee from reality and enter a world of fantasy and you absolutely loved going shopping with Abigail.

That girl had a great taste in clothing and you both made it a tradition to go shopping frequently, even if it was only to window shop. Delsin loves your name. He had sketched it out for you once in a little piece of paper and gave it to you.

Reggie, who had been eating a slice of pizza from the box that you had ordered, nodded in understanding. Both of you admired Delsin and the rest of the conduits in your own little ways though you both understood the responsibility that came with those powers.