Denmark and canada relationship

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denmark and canada relationship

in , thereafter basing its relations with the EU on a special agreement. Canada, USA, Iceland, Denmark/Greenland, Sweden, Norway and Finland. A considerable majority in Parliament has approved the ratification of the EU's free trade agreement with Canada (CETA). As a result, Denmark. Canada–Denmark relations refers to the current and historical relations between Canada and Denmark. Canada has an embassy in Copenhagen. Denmark has.

The dispute over Hans Island is very real, having soured Danish-Canadian relations for decades and remains unresolved to this day.

Canada–Denmark relations

This war of words and whiskey over control of a tiny portion of the vast High Arctic, remains a key point in bilateral relations. From ministerial and military visits, to international science teams, Hans Island has enjoyed a storied and coveted existence in an otherwise forgotten corner of the world. Uncertain Past With Danish control over Greenland established inDenmark has long had a significant presence in the High Arctic region.

denmark and canada relationship

Following the purchase of Alaska by the United States, and the formation of Canada inBritish and American interest in the region increased. Anglo-American efforts to explore and chart the region often relied on Inuit and Danish peoples in Greenland. Canadian sovereignty in the High Arctic came abruptly inwhen Britain transferred the British Arctic Territory based on the claims of 16th century explorer Martin Frobisher to Canada. This was undertaken in order to prevent American claims based on the Monroe Doctrine no European ownership in North America to the region.

Given imperfect mapping techniques and the difficulties inherent in Arctic exploration, Hans Island was not explicitly included in this transfer. In the s, Danish explorers were finally able to accurately map Hans Island. The island is a mere 1. It is so remote that the closest inhabited location is Alert, Nunavut, km to the north.

Indeed, very little distinguishes Hans Island from the thousands of other barren islands in the area.

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Consequently, one rightly wonders what all the commotion is about. The reason that Hans Island has become a flash-point in international relations, is that it is located in a spot where geography and international law collide. Specifically, Hans Island is located in the middle of the 35 km wide Nares Strait, which separates Nunavut from Greenland. Under international law, states have control over territorial waters which extend 12 miles Consequently, Hans Island falls within both the Danish and Canadian 12 mile zone, with both claiming the island as a result.

However, given the remoteness of the island and the disintegration of the League of Nations of which the PCIJ was the judicial organ in the s, this ruling did not resolve matters. Consequently, the now eighty year old ruling of a defunct court has little power.

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Following the s, Hans Island faded into obscurity for several decades as both Canada and Denmark attended to more pressing concerns. Later, the island once again fell through the cracks of international law in the early s. InCanada and Denmark agreed on the demarcation of maritime borders in the Arctic.

denmark and canada relationship

French investment in Denmark is less significant. Almost French businesses have been identified in Denmark, including Saint-Gobain employeesKeolis and Schneider Electric Exports of French goods to Denmark as well as imports increased in leading to a trade surplus for the second year running.

Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation France is the leading destination for Danish tourists. France also works to promote and modernize the image of the French language in Denmark by targeting specialist higher education institutions and professional sectors. Scientific cooperation between our two countries covers all areas of excellence in Danish research environment, micro and nano engineering, health, ICT, surveys and studies on Greenland.

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There is significant researcher mobility between the two countries: Cultural and artistic cooperation is primarily dedicated to promoting cultural industries. A programme of invited authors and a Franco-German project in to create a resource website for players in the publishing industry have helped to promote the book in Denmark. Musical cooperation takes the form of regional Nordic tours with a particular effort made in a tour of 4 concerts by a pop-electro artist and a tour of 4 or 5 gigs by a French DJ.

Artistic exchanges in the fields of visual arts photo, contemporary artperformance arts dance, theatre, circusclassical, contemporary and jazz music are supported through partnerships created with Danish festivals and Aarhus, which has been voted European Capital of Culture for Lastly, partnerships with the University of Copenhagen, the Royal Library, Cristiania, the Golden Days festival cover the fields of scientific culture and debate and discussion.

denmark and canada relationship