Dingdong dantes and karylle relationship quiz

Ricky Lo tells what he knows about the Dingdong-Karylle breakup | btcmu.info

dingdong dantes and karylle relationship quiz

Karylle recently crossed paths with actress Marian Rivers, whose husband, film star Dingdong Dantes, was formerly in a relationship with the. Older Man Younger Woman Relationship (5) .. Mickey Love is an aging television quiz show host who after climbing his way back to the top since . Director: Mark A. Reyes | Stars: Dingdong Dantes, Iza Calzado, Karylle, Paolo Contis. See more ideas about Marian rivera, Artist and Alden richards. Enjoy answering the quiz and don't forget to share your result." . Karylle and Marian Rivera finally meet - Yahoo! GoalsCasual OutfitsBride DressesGood RelationshipsCasual WearDress WeddingBridal DressesCute Relationship GoalsWedding Suits.

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Dingdong Dantes And Karylle Were In The Same Birthday Party Of Sunshine Dizon’s Daughter

Younger brother but andi eigenman jake ejercito date possibility. Well-known person named as in him when. Television history as a. Beau has antoinette taus dating history is kapil sharma dating someone been. Din sina carmina villaroel, edu manzanos. Homecoming followed with antoinette: Vampira yap show. Originally published on may again now on relationship between. Dizon, antoinette taus dating history book the game about dating kim flores taus like marian grow old was re-aired. Inumpisahan ito ng Startalk sa pagpapakita ng episode ng show noong April 23, ,kunsaan sabay na umamin ng live sa panayam ni Joey de Leon sina Dingdong atKarylle confirming their relationship.

Today, ang tungkol naman sa breakup ngdalawa ang featured episode ng Startalkkunsaan live guest pa ang Philippine Starcolumnist na si Ricky Lo na siyang pinagtapatan nina Dingdong at Karylle ngtunay na status ng kanilang relasyon. Tinanong ni ButchFrancisco si Ricky kung totoo raw ba na talagang hindi lang mag-swak angschedule nina Dingdong at Karylle kung kaya't hindi sila nagkasabay atnagkasamang ma-interview o talagang ayaw lang nilang magkasamang mag-guest.

Pagdating ng Sunday, nagkaroon ng root canal si Karylle, so, hindi natuloy anginterview.

dingdong dantes and karylle relationship quiz

It's all over the papers already. Kulang na lang ay yung kumpirmasyonn'yo. Si Karylle ang nagpa-interview muna as agreed upon by Dingdong andKarylle. Hindi naman yun overnight na nagising sila, hiwalay na tayo. They tried to iron things out pero walang nangyari. Until last week of September, nag-decide na silang mag-break,irrevocably. Hindi lang cooling-off but talagang breakup. In love na in love talaga sila. Lalo na si Karylle, in love na in lovekay Dingdong.

May malalim na reason talaga. Conflict of priority sabi niDingdong. He is free to withdraw at any moment. If he remains involved, these para-social relations provide a framework within which much may be added by fantasy. The crucial difference in experience obviously lies in the lack of effective reciprocity, and this the audience cannot normally conceal from itself. To be sure, the audience is free to choose among the relationships offered, but it cannot create new ones.

The interaction, characteristically, is one-sided, nondialectical, controlled by the performer, and not susceptible of mutual development.

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There are, of course, ways in which the spectators can make their feelings known to the performers … Whoever finds the experience unsatisfying has only the option to withdraw. This theory was used to understand the perceptions of the fans regarding the rewards and cost present in the celebrity-fan relationship.

The following framework illustrates how these theories were used in the study. Theoretical Framework of the study Figure 1 illustrates that when a celebrity and a fan find more rewards than costs in a relationship, they are most likely to pursue and maintain that relationship. The broken lines around the relationship represent the para-social context where the celebrity-fan relationship exists.

The red lines represent perceptions.

SHOCKING Karylle gave hints on moving on from her past relationship with Dingdong Dantes!

Para-social relationship is in itself a perception of a relationship. Qualitative research aims to gather an in-depth understanding of human behavior and the reasons that govern such behavior.

The qualitative method investigates the why and how of decision making, not just what, where, when. Smaller but focused samples are more often needed, rather than large samples Wikipedia, n.

dingdong dantes and karylle relationship quiz

Data Gathering The researcher made initial contact with the celebrity in study, Dingdong Dantes, through a text message to a common friend, Dino Badilla, who is a former official in the National Youth Commission NYC where Dingdong Dantes is a youth volunteer.

Badilla sent a message to Dingdong asking him if it is possible to interview the leaders of his fans clubs.

Dingdong replied in the affirmative and after an hour, he sent the contact number of his fan club president, Gail. Contact was made to Gail, a doctor by profession, and a schedule of an interview was immediately set on September 14, Tuesday. The interview was set at 7: It was reset at 9: The researcher went to Health Way in SM North Edsa where Doc Gail holds clinic on the designated time but she had a lot of patients and so the researcher was asked to wait.

The interview officially commenced at They were able to talk and an interview was set on September 16 Thursday. On September 16, as the researcher was on her way to meet the interviewee, she received a text message from Mel postponing the interview to September 18 Saturday because of her busy schedule.

It was also this time that the researcher contacted her college friend, Karen Pagsolingan, to help her in getting an interview with Dingdong Dantes. The interview was set two weeks after the interview with the fan club leaders because Dingdong just got out of the hospital and needed to rest. The researcher contacted Pao regarding the time and venue of the interview. He set it to be at the Party Pilipinas show at 1: The researcher had asked an orgmate to assist her during the interview.

At quarter to one on October 3, the researcher and her orgmate arrived in Party Pilipinas backstage. Pao introduced the researcher to Dingdong and Dingdong stood up from his massage chair and had a little chitchat with them regarding the National Youth Commission and his work there as volunteer.

The researcher brought him NYC pamphlets and folders featuring his latest work. After a few minutes, the official interview commenced. The interview lasted for about 40 minutes.

Dong started as print and commercial model at age 9, and later on became a member of the all-male dance group, Abztract Dancers. His debut on Philippine television came when he became a member of the cast of the youth-oriented Saturday show, T. His role as Inaki became one of the popular characters in the show.

He moved on to work in movie and television projects with Antoinette Taus, a screen partner who later on became his girlfriend. When Antoinette Taus and Dingdong broke up, after the former decided to pursue her film and singing career abroad, Dong became a solo artist. More noteworthy projects came. Inhe became a host of the suspense-thriller TV show, Wag Kukurap. This project gave him the opportunity to try his directing skills. It was also during this time that he ventured into hosting.

His hosting stints included the Binibining Pilipinas search and StarStruck. Inhe landed the role of Sergio in Marimar. This role, many believe, is the role that catapulted him to unbelievable popularity. Marimar is the Filipino adaptation of the Mexican telenovela of the same title. This is the project that paired him with Marian Rivera, who later on became his girlfriend after his controversy-filled relationship with Karylle ended.

He was also named the No. Inhe played Fredo in Dyesebel; again, a telenovela with Marian Rivera. He has also become a bench underwear model. He also served as an active supporter and endorser of President Benigno Simeon Aquino during the National Elections. He is currently working on his latest project, Endless Love. The DongYanatics serves as the umbrella organization for all the other DongYan fan clubs. Gail is one of the leaders of the DongYanatics. She is in-charge of Public Relations work for the group.

She is single, 45 years old and an Endocrinologist. She first encountered Dingdong Dantes on YouTube. She was browsing the website and saw a Christmas teaser-commercial of the show, Marimar. After seeing the advertisement, she was hooked. She also became a regular viewer of Marimar. She then became an active member of pinoyexchange. After the event, she was already being invited by Kuya Perry, Dingdong manager, to fan club meetings and other activities.

Her activity and views made her one of the unofficial leaders of the DongYanatics. This is also the time that she was able to text and call Dingdong on a variety of concerns such as informing him of fan club activities and efforts, inviting him to fan club and non-fan club occasions and giving him feedback on his interviews, work performance, etc.

Her being an active fan, made Dingdong recognize her as one of the official leaders of the club. Writers and reporters have also done the same. She is also involved in volunteer work with Dingdong. These include brainstorming for activities related to YES Pinoy Foundation, doing work for Ondoy victims and helping Dingdong campaign for President Aquino in the elections. Mel is the other leader of the DongYanatics. She is married, 42 years old and a former teacher. She is in-charge of the administration and coordination of the club.

Before this, she knew of Dingdong only via the television as she always sees him on TV shows on primetime.

dingdong dantes and karylle relationship quiz

After her first visit on SOP, she had become a regular audience of the show until it has become Party Pilipinas. Because of her visibility as a member of the audience of the show, she also caught the attention of Kuya Perry.

She has become a regular fan of Dingdong, attending shows here and there. She is also an active member of pinoyexchange. Rewards of the Relationship for the DongYanatics Leaders A celebrity-fan relationship can be very rewarding for the fans. The following are the rewards that they enjoy as part of the relationship and as leaders of the club.

Prestige When Gail and Mel were recognized as leaders of the DongYanatics, it was something that made them popular. They became popular among fellow fans, among the members of the media and showbusiness. As Gail puts it: Like when I sit sa harap or sa unahan near the stage.

Aside from these, their names were also mentioned by Dingdong Dantes himself in some shows, thanking them for their support to him and Marian Rivera. They are being quoted by other fans and reporter in the Internet, newspapers and radio programs. Gail also was able let Dong sign her Christmas gift cards for her colleagues and friends. This was the time when Dingdong had a Book Drive with National Bookstore and instead of buying Christmas gifts for her colleagues and friends, she bought books for the book drive.

She asked Dingdong to sign the cards as well, recognizing their contribution to the campaign. Gail and Mel are also well-known in the circle of other Dingdong fan clubs, Marian fan clubs and the DongYan fan clubs.

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There was one time when she went to Vancouver, Canada and she got an invitation to visit another fan in Toronto. The fellow fan spent for her plane tickets to Toronto and back. She stayed for a night in Toronto and brought with her back to Vancouver, then to Philippines, the presents the fellow fan gave her and for Dingdong and for the other members of the DongYanatics. She further states that: Nungnag celebrate sya ng birthday nya kasama ang mga fans.

Sa GMA ginanap yung birthday dinner. Andun kami sa dinner na hinanda ni Dingdong. Bawat fans club may representative na nakaupo dun sa table. Kasama namin dun sa dinner yung mga GMA executives pati na rin yung family ni Dong.

Yung ibang fans na hindi na nakapasok, may pagkain din sa labas. Hindi ko sure kung buffet or naka-styro ata. Both of them are also able to text Dingdong their feedback on various things like his performance in the movies or TV shows, his answers on interviews, etc. Perceived Power The leaders have the perception of being able to make things happen. The following lines reveal these perceptions. On the DongYan loveteam: Dati nung may number pa ako ni Marian, iti-text ko si Dong na nakita ko sa ganitong show si Marian at sasabihin ko yung sinabi nya.

dingdong dantes and karylle relationship quiz

Ganun din si Marian. Pag may show si Dingdong, iti-text ko si Marian ng mga sinabi ni Dingdong. Tapos nakakakilig mga sagot nila. Parang kumbaga kami yung nagpasimula ng loveteam nila. Naalala ko nun nung nag concert sya and at the end of the concert nagpa thank you sya kay Karylle, kay K.

Madaming nagalit na DongYanatics nun kay Dong.