Edward iv and elizabeth woodville relationship quotes

Edward IV and Elizabeth as a Couple

edward iv and elizabeth woodville relationship quotes

1 quote have been tagged as king-edward-iv: Leslie Carroll: 'It was a popular tags: s, elizabeth-woodville, eternal-life, eternal-love, eternal-marriage. Learn more about Edward IV's life and reign in this article. On May 1, , he secretly married a young widow, Elizabeth Woodville, of no great of Gloucester, after his death, to question the validity of his marriage and so to ruin his sons. It's generally accepted that Edward IV married Elizabeth Woodville So did Edward love Elizabeth throughout their marriage in spite of his affairs? Quote. And did she love him? ;). I think Edward IV was the type of man it.

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Edward, however, was winning many friends especially in London by his comeliness and charm and was determined to assert his independence. On May 1,he secretly married a young widow, Elizabeth Woodvilleof no great rank, offending Warwick and other Yorkist nobles who were planning to marry him to a French princess.

edward iv and elizabeth woodville relationship quotes

But Edward had by now too many supporters especially in London for him to be kept under tutelage for long. He regained his freedom in October; Warwick fled to France, allied himself with the Lancastrians and with Louis, and invaded England in September Surprised, Edward fled with a few faithful supporters to the Netherlands in October.

Taking London, he defeated and killed Warwick at Barnet on April At Tewkesburyafter some remarkable forced marches one of more than 40 miles at a stretchhe caught up with her army on May 4. There he won another crushing victory.

edward iv and elizabeth woodville relationship quotes

Nearly all the remaining Lancastrian leaders were killed on the field or executed afterward, and, after murdering Henry May 21—22 and repelling an attack on London, Edward was secure for the remainder of his life. Despite the inauspicious beginning to their marriage, the Woodvilles prospered. They were chosen to help escort the new Queen, Marguerite of Anjou to England.

And inRichard was raised to the rank of Baron Rivers. We can speculate that she was brought up to manage an estate, to read but probably not to write, adept at needlework and probably an instrument. Elizabeth would have grown up enjoying a certain amount of privilege and material comforts.

edward iv and elizabeth woodville relationship quotes

Sir John was killed at the Second Battle of St. Albans in and it is here that Elizabeth makes her entrance upon the stage. The myth or fable is that soon after Edward became King, Elizabeth stood under an oak tree in the Whittlebury Forest, clutching the hands of her two young sons, hoping to capture his attention as he rode by. The plan was that she would petition to be granted the lands owed to her under the terms of her dowry. In this story, the King was immediately smitten with the young widow, so much so that he attempted to make her his mistress.

In a move worthy of Shakespeare, Elizabeth told the King that she was not that kind of girl, she might not have been good enough to marry, but she was certainly too good to be his mistress.

Frankly I like that version better!

edward iv and elizabeth woodville relationship quotes

Elizabeth no doubt at court met the King where he was taken with her beauty and maturity she was several years older than the King. However they met, sometime in they were secretly married. Some romantic chroniclers believe that the happy couple was married on May Day or Beltane. By August the secret was out and you know what hit the vaulted ceiling. No one was happy apart from the lovely couple and perhaps the people of England who were pleased to have an English Queen.

And the marriage could be seen as reconciliation between the Yorks and the Lancasters. She tried everything she could to get Edward to repudiate the marriage. That must have been fun! Cecily never really resigned herself to the marriage. For Edward, the marriage signaled that he was his own man. And love matches were not uncommon even in royal circles. Edward III had allowed some of his children to marry for love. A foreign marriage would have done a great deal to cement and legitimize the new Yorkist dynasty.

When Elizabeth's marriage to Edward IV became known in OctoberElizabeth's twelve unmarried siblings became very desirable matrimonial catches. The offence caused by the circumstances of the marriage itself was magnified as the Woodvilles opposed policies favoured by Warwick and successfully exploited their influence with the king to defeat him.

In the autumn ofWarwick withdrew from the court to his Yorkshire estates.

Edward Iv To Elizabeth Woodville Quotes

Warwick then attempted to rule in Edward's name, but the nobility, many of whom owed their preferments to the king, were restive. A local rebellion arose in the north, and it became increasingly clear that Warwick was unable to rule through the King. Warwick's invasion fleet set sail from France for England on 9 September Ghent University LibraryBelgium. The French declared war on Burgundy, despite the fact that Charles was initially unwilling to help Edward.

This prompted Charles to give his aid to Edward, and from Burgundy he raised an army to win back his kingdom.

edward iv and elizabeth woodville relationship quotes

Edward returned to England with a relatively small force and avoided capture. The city of York opened its gates to him only after he promised that he had just come to reclaim his dukedom, as Henry Bolingbroke had done seventy years earlier. Edward entered London unopposed, where he took Henry VI prisoner.

Edward and his brothers then defeated Warwick at the Battle of Barnet in which Warwick died. With Warwick dead, Edward eliminated the remaining Lancastrian resistance at the Battle of Tewkesbury in Henry VI died a few days later, on the night that Edward re-entered London.

One contemporary chronicle claimed that Henry's death was due to "melancholy," but it is widely suspected that Edward ordered Henry's murder to remove the Lancastrian opposition completely. Both were daughters of Warwick by Anne Beauchamp and rival heirs to the considerable inheritance of their still-living mother, leading to a dispute between the brothers.

According to a long-standing tradition, he was "drowned in a butt of Malmsey wine".

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Later reign and death Coat of arms of Edward IV, from one of the British Library's royal manuscripts Edward did not face any further rebellions after his restoration, as the Lancastrian line had virtually been extinguished. However, his ally Charles the BoldDuke of Burgundy, failed to provide any significant military assistance, which led Edward to undertake negotiations with the French.

He came to terms with the Treaty of Picquignywhich provided him with an immediate payment of 75, crowns and a yearly pension of 50, crowns, thus allowing him to "recoup his finances. Gloucester led an invasion of Scotland that resulted in the capture of Edinburgh and the king of Scots himself, but Albany reneged on his agreement with Edward.