Elmo and julie anne relationship trust

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Julie Anne Penaflorida San Jose- When she was still in 1st year high school, she was In the middle of the 1st semester, she was courted by Elmo Moses Magalona, self-confidence seminars and a lot more stuff to enhance her self trust. of all those 4, only one did he consider true, and it was the relationship with Japs. we are reminded of our LEB friends – and we thank you for your relationship and Thank you again, for your trust in Lake Elmo Bank. Happy Anne Plante and Jodi . Pictured: Anna Martin, Julie Roettger, Heather Munson. Julie Anne San Jose Says She Didn't Cry When Elmo Magalona Rejected one na feeling ko napilitan ka lang na iwork out iyong relationship nyo. Trust me, you don't want to be in the 'too-late zone' for the rest of your life.

I am really blushing! When I saw him looking at me I blushed! I never blushed before, and this is bad!

elmo and julie anne relationship trust

Serious-looking-cute-guy looked at me! What was he thinking when he caught me staring at him?! Well, I know I was not really staring at HIM because I was thinking about my soon to be soul mate and I was basically staring through him.

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Maybe he thinks I dig him! Please let him not think that. I composed myself, took a deep breath, and talked to myself. It was a reflex to blush when someone looks at you. I switched my attention to my book, opened it, and started reading where I left off.

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I give up and put down my book. I snap back to reality and stand up to get my drink. But as I am making my way to the counter, my eyes caught a sight of Mr. Serious-looking-cute-guy looking at the counter all curious and startled at the same time.

As I am walking I watch him put down his book and stand, he is walking to the counter, too! What am I going to do, what am I going to say? What am I thinking? So I make my way to the counter. I felt my hands turn cold with no clue why. I grab my drink but Mr.

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Serious-looking-cute-guy takes a hold to it, too! My fingers lightly touch his and I feel electricity. In an instant, I retrieve my hand and my head shoot up to him. He stifles a laugh. The cashier comes up to us and I look at her. I see her lips move but I did not quite catch what she is saying. I look at Mr. Serious-looking-cute-guy again and he smiled that genuine smile making his eyes smile as well. Is that even possible? He was walking towards her with that boyish smirk on his face. Um… sabi ni Direk kissing scene na daw next after lunch.

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They have about an hour left. She watched as he pulled a nearby stool towards him to be able to sit next to her. At least ikaw nagkakissing scene ka na. No first real kiss? How is that even possible? Check your feelings please, Elmo. Julie smiled at that. Oh god, paano kung awkward tignan? Gahhhh, paano kung pangit pala ako humalik? Oh my god, Elmo, nakakahiya kay Direk!

Eh di, damihan niya ang takes hanggang maging satisfied siya! Why are you worrying about me? You do trust me naman diba? She took a moment to look around. Members of the crew walked past once in a while. Most were at their respective tents, having lunch. How strangely convenient, she thought. She glanced at him as he, too, was looking around. Elmo sat up a little straighter.

elmo and julie anne relationship trust

As in now, now na. He tilted his head to the side. And I think na it would be good for my nerves if my first real kiss would happen off cam, you know what I mean? So that I know what to expect. She was genuinely terrified, and she was asking for his help.

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Come on Elmo, you got this. He shook his head and glanced at Julie for what seemed like the hundredth time. Both on and off-screen. Her hands unconsciously flew to her stomach. Oh god, what is this. Kissing scene in forty minutes. Elmo cleared his throat, so did Julie and they both shared a look while they waited to see who was going to make the first move. She took it and stood up in front of him, her heart skipped a beat when he looked into her eyes.

Elmo finally took another breath as he stepped towards her, lifting his hands, hesitating before he finally framed her face softly. Just practice, just practice, just practice… he chanted to himself in his mind.

He added as an afterthought. He shook his head slightly and finally focused on the task at hand. He licked his lips before it started to drift closer to hers until finally they met for a soft gentle kiss.

Elmo felt her began to melt right away and through the ringing in his ears he could hear a soft sigh escape her. He quickly drew back and studied her dreamy expression. His nervousness was so darn cute. The fluttering in her stomach seemed to have multiplied. She had no idea it would feel like what she was feeling now. I did not just indirectly tell him that I want him to kiss me again, did I?

Oh, way to go Julie Anne.