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In Season 5, Dana herself confirmed that she had had a sexual relationship with to hurt Vince or Ari's career, indeed helping both of them achieve their goals. It's not even so much of a knock at E as it is a feather in the cap of Sloan. Their relationship shows that Sloan isn't all about looks. Or height. Entourage s03e06 - Three's Company Episode Script. SS is dedicated to The We love you, Sloan, you know that But it's the law. You don't invite your girl on a.

I would never think about tinkering with your food. And we live in a hotel because I burned down our house. No no no, it was an accident. Good, because we're not looking for any bullshit out here, you know? And I am certain that I will not disappoint you.

First thing you do to avoid that-- make sure my wife meets a movie star. We've seen him plenty. Turtle, do you know where Brad Pitt's house is? She loves George Clooney. I don't think it's that bad. She says I'm an insecure womanizer "whose game is to feign respect for women in order to get them into bed. All the stuff about your recovery and your comeback - is fantastic. Then call the editors and tell them not to print it. It says they love it and they're giving us the cover.

I'm going to see her. But we have a photo shoot to finish here, Vincent. I don't give a shit. Tell them to finish it without me. They don't need an accurate article. Why would they need an accurate photo? Why did you summon me to your office, Ari? I actually just wanted to see if you were in. Ahem, my marriage is clearly over and as you know my wife legally is going tbe entitled to her capital back-- No.

Who's asking you to? I simply wanted to take it out of the company. I know you don't visit the accounting department very often, but cash flow is not ideal right now. You probably have that much in your depends. There you go, Ari.

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Barbara, look, if we don't give her the money back-- I don't know-- she could end up in the boardroom with us. How the fuck did I let this happen?

Look, I never thought this was gonna happen-- ever. And you didn't want to put any more of your money into this company. In Season 7 Vince develops a drug problem while dating real-life porn star Sasha Grey.

Vince's friends end up staging an intervention and convincing him to go to rehab.

Why Sloan from ‘Entourage’ is still the wife every guy wishes he had

We are told Vince is a good actor, though we rarely see him acting. The few occasions we do, it's hard to tell because we have no frame of reference for his performance. It's All About Me: Many times he will make a decision without any regard to how it affects other people.

Has a few instances of this towards E, such as getting upset that E got sick of Vince treating him like his manager despite Vince's own refusal to hire E in the role.

Entourage s08e06 Episode Script | SS

What the Hell, Hero? And if I'm not mistaken, he wore a swashbuckling costume and carried a sword. Eric is just about as co-dependent as Vince, but slightly more self-aware. Less of a womanizer, he's more of a serial monogamist. E has shades of this.

Goodbye to Vincent Chase and his Entourage

He has a tendency to get too attached in relationships. Of Mark's manager Eric Weinstein. In Love with Love: Vince even comments once that E likes to fall in love at the drop of a hat.

Most of the time Ari gets mad at E because the latter doesn't understand how the business side of Hollywood works. E begins managing Anna Faris playing herself, of course after getting into a fender-bender with her.

He quickly becomes infatuated with her and indirectly causes her to break up with her boyfriend. She fires him as her manager because of his feelings for her as well as his personal dislike for a script she was offered. With Sloan, over and over again. Goes by "Drama" because well, he's a bit of a basket case. Drama is very protective of his "baby bro" Vince, and is always willing to help whenever Vince is in trouble. Drama considers himself to be a real ladies' man, but more often than not we see him getting rejected.

Drama has shades of this and is overly dramatic. Of Mark's cousin Johnny "Drama" Alves. An in-universe subversion; it turns out Drama loves the cult status of what should be an Old Shame - Viking Quest. Drama is such a good cook that Vince has actually hired him as his personal chef.

Entourage s08e06 Episode Script

In one episode, he buys a condo specifically because he loves the kitchen so much. In a kingdom, like a prince. Came to Hollywood to act as Vince's driver, he enjoys being a hanger on with the least amount of guilt out of the three. At least for a while.