Femoral artery vein and nerve relationship quizzes

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femoral artery vein and nerve relationship quizzes

Our engaging videos, interactive quizzes, in-depth articles and HD atlas are here to Contents (NAVEL), Femoral nerve, femoral artery, femoral vein, femoral. Mnemonics to recall the order of the femoral vessels and nerve as they emerge from beneath are: NAVY NAVEL Mnemonic NAVY From lateral to medial: N: femoral nerve A: femoral. ArticlesCasesCoursesQuiz also contains the femoral sheath, femoral canal and the great saphenous vein. . superficial femoral artery. Math Quizzes & Trivia. Choose Femoral nerve, femoral artery, femoral vein. Femoral In relation to femoral hernia, all are correct Except.

femoral artery vein and nerve relationship quizzes

Application of this knowledge may serve to reduce the risk of iatrogenic injury to these structures and thereby improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. Total hip arthroplasty, Iatrogenic injury, Femoral neurovascular structures Background Iatrogenic injury to the femoral neurovascular bundle is a rare but well documented complication of total hip replacement THR.

Femoral triangle

The incidence of injury to the femoral nerve varies in the literature between 0. Injury to the femoral vessels has also been reported during internal fixation of intertrochanteric fractures of the femur [ 9 ].

femoral artery vein and nerve relationship quizzes

Injury to these structures results in poor functional outcome with the majority of patients having ongoing weakness, paraesthesia or neuropathic pain [ 1112 ]. Prevention of iatrogenic femoral neurovascular injury requires a sound knowledge of the anatomy of the native hip joint and constant vigilance intraoperatively to prevent inadvertent damage.

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There is however significant anatomic variation in the location and course of the nerve and vessels [ 13 ]. In this study, we identified objective relationships between the femoral neurovascular bundle to the hip joint based on magnetic resonance imaging MRI results. These relationships may prevent iatrogenic injury to the femoral neurovascular bundle adjacent to the hip joint.

Methods The anatomic relationships of the femoral neurovascular bundle to the hip joint during total hip replacement was studied by reviewing consecutive hip and pelvis MRI results.

femoral artery vein and nerve relationship quizzes

The majority of pelvic MRI scans performed at our institution were indicated for monitoring of patients with cancer. This explains the high incidence of cancer rather than severe arthritic hip pathology within our cohort. Only minor hip pathologies were included due to their non-deforming nature.

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Heavy bleeding in the leg can be stopped by applying pressure to points in the femoral triangle. Another clinical significance of the femoral triangle is that the femoral artery is positioned at the midinguinal point midpoint between the pubic symphysis and the anterior superior iliac spine ; medial to it lies the femoral vein. Thus the femoral vein, once located, allows for femoral venipuncture.

Femoral venopuncture is useful when there are no superficial veins that can be aspirated in a patient, in the case of collapsed veins in other parts of body e.

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The positive pulsation of the femoral artery signifies that the heart is beating and also blood is flowing to the lower extremity[ citation needed ]. It is also necessary to appreciate clinically that this is a case where the nerve is more lateral than the vein. In most other cases the nerve relative to its associated artery and vein would be the deepest or more medial followed by the artery and then the vein.

But in this case it is the opposite. This must be remembered when venous or arterial samples are required from the femoral vessels. The basins are separated by the fascia lata. For patients with palpable nodal disease, removal of the superficial and deep basins are recommended. In a patient with a positive sentinel lymph node biopsy, generally only the superficial nodes are removed, unless Cloquet's node the most superior of the deep nodes is clinically positive.

Borders of the femoral triangle of the Visible Human Male. Contents of the femoral triangle of the Visible Human Male.