Gildarts and cana relationship problems

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gildarts and cana relationship problems

Still that wasn't the biggest problem in their relationship. . Gildarts was at the Guildhall waiting for Cana to tell her the news, when he spotted a. Years after Gildarts has left the guild and her behind, she finds herself The only problem is he's back and she's still as as hopelessly in love Daddy Dom / Little Girl is a relationship in which one person is the Cana may have sounded as unenthused as she looked, but it was a death sentence for me. Years ago, Gildarts met and fell in love with a woman named Cornelia. Their relationship blossomed and the two eventually married each other, however.

When they were drinking together at the party I thought they were gonna fight to see who was stronger. My old man or yours?

After the whole Tartaros demon and him pretending to be Deliora it had completely slipped his mind. Gray opened his mouth to say something, then shut it again. You're his son after all. Cana's violet eyes lit up, a sly smile starting to take form on her face. That just might work. His dad was nothing if not competitive. The game nights he'd forced on his son were a nightmare. Uno and Monopoly had been frozen and shattered into little pieces.

This whole situation was stupid. He told his team exactly so. Lucy tried to comfort him, because she was a nice person who didn't hate everything like her raven haired teammate. The redhead stood in place, as if she was bolted to the floor.

It was a bombshell. She glanced over at their dads at the bar then back at him. Cana put her hands on her hips, and sneered down at him. Do you need to see Porlyusica? Or are you just that stupid? Get with the program! Gildarts was the strongest mage in Fairy Tail but they'd never seen Silver fight. Gray refused to look at their fathers, afraid he might give himself away. Atlas Flame was frozen solid.

I remember a dragon taking a chomp out of your dad. My dad came back alive after facing a dragon that could actually fight. Use your logic Fullbuster. Dad's crash magic would shatter Silver's ice before he even had a chance. Your dad's got some injuries I don't think ever healed. Bit of a disadvantage. Two old timers battle for the top spot! Gildarts tended to get annoyed with everything Jason did. The devil slayer turned to the crash mage.

Wanna duke it out Darts? He pointed a gigantic finger at the doors. This was gonna be one hell of a fight! Gray looked over at Cana. They weren't expecting it to become this much of a spectacle. The woman shrugged, oh well. Soon they were swept into a current of people racing to get outside to watch this legendary fight go down. Natsu was heading the charge, his eyes shining. Fights were what he loved most, only second to food. Gray found himself ending up in a clearing. Far enough away from the town as to not wreck any buildings.

Silver and Gildarts faced each other from opposite sides of the makeshift battlefield. Magic power flared, causing the rowdy crowd to hush. Who would throw the first punch? He swept his hand to the side, the same move that froze Natsu solid in Tartaros' flying castle. Gildarts was encased in pink ice. Everyone's jaws hit the ground and their eyes bulged out of their heads. Had the fight ended that quickly? But the more experienced fighters knew better.

This was only a beginning move, meant to test out its' opponent. Gildarts' frozen form started to crack. First his arms and legs, before spider webbing over the rest of his body. He burst out of his ice prison, sending pink shards flying. The crowd roared, cheering so loud it was deafening. Jason was besides himself, jumping up and down while screaming his catchphrase, Cool cool cooool! Dodging and countering attack after attack. My heart leapt into my throat at the simple contact and I bit down on my bottom lip to keep from shrieking in shock.

Ok…maybe a shock and joy. He's never touched me before and being this close I could faintly smell cologne and cigarettes. I could feel his calloused fingers flex a little against my skin and I yearned to feel them sliding up my arm. But, much to my disappointment, he quickly released me and I looked up to find him looking down at me with shock clearly evident in the dark depths of his eyes.

I know I must have been imagining things but I could swear that just for the quickest of seconds, a slight pink hue stained his cheeks. Lucy…uh…" He stumbled over his words as he quickly averted his glance, his eyes shifting quickly before he trained his gaze on the stone walkway at our feet. Yea, you could have tea and I'll warm you…I mean the tea will and…" "Oh you could warm me up too. My eyes widen at my slip and I slam my hand over my mouth.

What the fuck did I just do? Oh stupid stupid Lucy! I suddenly find myself looking for a hole to crawl in. I seriously just want to die right now. It was supposed to be a thought but my mouth has a horrible, nasty habit of just spitting things out. It's as bad as the people in the guild. Realizing it's quiet, I venture a glance his way and find him staring at me. At first I think it must be shock but the longer I look, the more I realize it's much more…intense.

It almost looks as though he's contemplating my words and his expression is not giving any hints as to which way he's leaning. He licks at his slightly parted lips and I find myself mimicking the action as if it would tell me how his tongue feels. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest as we stare each other down, waiting for the other to flinch.

The tension in the air clings to my skin and while I know I should leave, my feet feel as though they're weighted down. He's the first to give in as he quickly closes the gap between us and before my brain can register what is happening his lips collide against mine.

I feel myself tense against him but it's washed away as his tongue sweeps across my bottom lip. Perhaps his actions finally register in his head because I feel him start to pull away and throwing caution to the wind, I reach up to slip my arms around his neck.

My lips part against his and my tongue rises to greet his. He tastes of whiskey and cigarettes and I moan at the masculinity of it. As if the sound was the cue, I feel his hands slide under my ass to lift me up. The moment my feet left the ground, my legs instinctively wrapped around his waist.

His tongue swept into my mouth, dominating my own into willing submission as he carried me to the house. My fingers rejoiced as they found his long auburn hair and I melted against his solidly constructed chest, clinging to him as if my life depended on it.

Desire and longing ignited in my veins, eradicating any remnant traces of retreat or doubt. I wanted him and there was no going back for me, not until I've had my fill. My back met a solid surface and he pulled back a little, his teeth nipping at my bottom lip. I licked at his upper lip and felt him smirk against me. His voice was lower than usual, the husky and lust laden sound traveled down to settle right between my legs.

Blindly I reached behind me as my head fell back to grant him access to my throat. It was hard to concentrate with his tongue gliding over my skin, his hot breath cooling the wet trail he left behind. I licked at my lips and sighed as the taste of him lingered there.

He tasted and felt so much better than I had ever imagined. Deftly, my fingers felt around until they finally came across the knob and with a single twist it opened.

A solid arm came up to wrap around my waist and he clutched me against him as he shut the door behind us. Spinning around, he pressed me back against the door and his lips came back up to mine. His mouth was hungry as our tongues danced to an unheard cadence.

I felt his hand slide down my body, just brushing the sides of my breasts, around my waist, and then cupping my ass. He pulled my hips against his, allowing me to feel the evidence of his arousal and I moaned my approval.

I could barely breathe and my mouth was dry. I literally was hot all over. He ravaged my mouth with his tongue, causing me to arch my back and push myself closer to him.

I was incredibly wet and ready and I had to get my hands on him. My hands went to his shoulders, my fingers fiddling with the clasps that held his cloak on until finally it released. He moaned into my mouth as my hands freely explored the broad, muscled expanse of his shoulders and dipped down to his back.

I could feel the power rippling beneath his warm skin and my nails dug into him as he gave a rotation of his hips. I broke the kiss, a throaty moan escaping my lips as my head fell back against the door. His lips found the sensitive skin of my neck again as he rocked his hips against mine, his cock pressing against my already burning core with every upward thrust.

gildarts and cana relationship problems

But he suddenly stilled against me before his head pulled back. I could see uncertainty in his eyes and his words only confirmed it. He gently let me down and pulled away, picking up his cloak before turning away and leaving me standing there. I felt my bottom lip poke out in a pout and I silently cursed myself for saying anything. My mouth had started this and it was possibly ending it as well. I'm sorry, I guess I really am what they say…a filthy old man.

You're best friends with my daughter, hell I am old enough to be your old man! Why does it always come back to that? I saw his shoulders sag a little before he finally spoke again. You're with Natsu and…" "No, I'm not. He and I are just partners, best friends. He and I were always together. I love the guy, just not that way. By the gods, the guild would kill me.

Cana and Lucy

He thinks I'm an innocent virgin. That makes sense, not that it's true. I haven't been with a lot of men, I could easily count them on one hand but I'm definitely not inexperienced.

I glance around his cottage, realizing it was my first time inside of the place. It was sparsely furnished, a small kitchen on the right hand side that housed a table. The sitting area consisted of a lone chair and table, the fire place and a small book shelf. The right side was home to a massive wood frame bed, a single night stand and a chifferobe.

There were no decorations to speak of with the exception of the lamps that were lit but then he was rarely here, never staying more than two or three days when he did come home. My eyes traveled back to him, sweeping up his back side. Despite the wraps he wore, I could make out the muscle definition and I itched to touch him again.

His pants, even with a loose fit, molded over what could only be an ass of steel and the bottoms disappeared into the tops of his metal greaves. I knew one to be a prosthetic but even that could not take away from his appeal. He's leaving in the morning and won't be back until god knows when. I'm here with him, out and away from the town.

It's now or never. I could see the questions on his face as he tried to comprehend what my words meant.

gildarts and cana relationship problems

To make them a little clearer, I reached for the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. His thin brows shot up in surprise as his eyes raked over my flesh and I couldn't help but chuckle as his mouth mimicked a fish out of water. A playful smile pulled at the corners of my mouth as he watched in stunned silence as my fingers moved to undo the button of my shorts. With a gentle push, the jean fabric easily slid over the swell of my hips before I let them fall to the floor.

I could see him struggling to swallow as I stepped out of the growing pile of clothes and moved to stand before him in just my underwear and slip on sneakers.

I looked up from under my lashes at him and watched his internal struggle that blazed in his eyes. You know that right? One warm flesh stretched over bulging muscles, the other partially cool metal that molded into flesh. I saw him watching me closely, his nostrils flaring as I gripped his wrists. My words must have tipped the scales.

gildarts and cana relationship problems

His fingers gripped my sides and he lifted me with ease again, my legs wrapping around his waist and my hands came up to bury in his hair.

Our lips met again, our tongues seeking each other out to dance. He carried me with ease towards the bed and he lowered us to the bed top with more gentleness than I would expect. The moment he seated himself between my thighs, his hands were roaming over my skin. The combination of cold metal and warm calloused skin set my insides on fire and I arched into his touch, wanting more.

His fingers trailed down the length of my legs and he slipped my shoes off before he broke the kiss. He pulled back to settle on his haunches as his heated gaze traveled over my body beneath him. I did not think it possible but his warm black eyes darkened further in lust, bright onyx turning to an endless obsidian void. He's been looking at me too. I tensed and giggled softly as his fingers found the sensitive skin of my stomach, the sound melting into a moan as his hands traveled up.

His large hands molded perfectly to my bra covered breasts as he pushed them together and his head dipped. I propped myself up on my elbows to watch as his wide, long tongue snaked out to travel along the valley he'd created. His lips and teeth nipped at my skin and I bit at my bottom lip as he traveled over the almost sheer material of my bra. I could feel his hot breath through the fabric as he hovered over a nipple. I whimpered as he looked up, his obsidian eyes holding me captive as his mouth captured the hard pebble.

His teeth scraped against me as they took the sensitives tips and my hips flexed beneath him when he lightly bit down. My head fell back with a moan and suddenly I couldn't think of one reason I hadn't gotten the courage sooner.

His mouth fed on my breasts as if he were starving and he hadn't even removed my bra yet. As if hearing my thoughts, his fingers skirted over the top of the fabric before slipping beneath to pull it down and setting my saliva slicked skin free from its confines. I gasped as his mouth returned its torture to my newly exposed breasts and my fingers dug into his hair.

I tried to pull him closer as I arched beneath his ministrations. I could easily see why so many women flocked to him, his mouth alone was skilled as he licked, sucked and bit at my nipples. Every touch sent shockwaves to my core and my hips bucked against him, trying in vain to relieve the pressure that was building inside of me.

His fingers joined in on the torture and I cried out as his teeth captured one nipple, his fingers pinching the other and both pulling in sync. There was no doubting now exactly why he had the reputation he did. I could feel myself quickly approaching an edge, the pain and pleasure driving me to want more. What I was asking for, I wasn't sure of at this point.

I just knew I needed to feel more of him. He bit down again, his fingers pinching and twisting in sync and my fingernails dug into his scalp as I cried out again. It hurt but felt so good at the same time. The pain raced down the length of my spine and exploded between my spread thighs. I saw stars behind my tightly shut eyes as a scream tore from my lips. He swallowed my moans as his skilled tongue swept the cavern of my mouth. My legs wrapped around me as he flexed his hips against me.

I could feel the hard length of him pressing against me and I gasped at the feel of it. Even through his pants, he felt huge. My mouth watered at the thought and I arched my hips up against him. He broke away with a chuckle. He pulled away from me to stand next to the bed. He licked his lips as his hungry gaze traveled down the length of my body before a hand streaked out to grip my ankle.

I let out a shriek when he quickly pulled me towards him, dropping my foot when my ass hit the bed's edge. His grin was playful but a hard edge had settled in his eyes, his touch dominating as his hand slid up my length. He teased my lips with his and chuckled when I tried to get more connection. Before I could comprehend what was going on, his fingers were tangled in my hair and he yanked me down to kneel in front of him.

gildarts and cana relationship problems

This was exactly what I'd been looking for, even if I hadn't realized it. He was taking control and I couldn't disobey even if I had wanted to.

My eyes stayed trained on him as my fingers undid the buckle on his belt. His artificial hand came to my cheek and he traced my lips with a metal digit. Instinctually, my tongue snaked out to lick at it. The taste was metallic, the feel cold but his eyes widened just a fraction as I took it willingly into my mouth.

I saw his lips part ever so slightly as I sucked on it, my tongue sliding over the cool surface. I felt the button on his pants slip through the hole and my eyes diverted to watch as I slid them down, a gasp escaping as his member sprang free. It was frightening and beautiful, the size and girth perfectly matching the rest of his overly large frame. A thick vein rippled up the impressive length, disappearing just before it reached the swollen, flared head.

He chuckled at my shock and I glanced up to see him watching me intently, his lids sagging in lust as he watched my tongue slide along my lips for moisture. Letting his pants fall, I reached up to attempt to wrap my fingers around his straining manhood.

My insides quivered in what I could only name as fear when I realized my fingers could not touch. He was so much larger than any one I'd ever been with, making the others look like babies in comparison. One could probably reason that the cock in front of me somewhat resembled a baby's arm in size.

Not really a time for jokes Lucy. I shook my head to clear the thought away and slide my fist up the length and I felt him shudder beneath my touch as my thumb came up to brush over the sensitive tip. I marveled at the stark contrast in the feel of it, so different from the rest of his body.

While everywhere else on him seemed hard and calloused, marred with scars and marks from his years spent as a mage, the skin on his cock was smooth and velvety.

It was more perfectly sculpted that the rest of his glorious body. With trepidation, I leaned forward to press my lips to the tip and heard his hiss above me. His fingers tightened in my hair as I flicked my tongue over the soft, smooth skin. He moaned and pushed forward as I took the tip in my mouth, my jaw wrenched down with the intrusion.

I knew that I'd never be able to take all of him, my mouth too small and his cock too large. But it didn't stop me from trying as I willed myself to relax. I began a slow bob, my mouth sliding up and down the length, taking more and more of him within me with each pass.

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He didn't let me have control for long as his hand guided my movements and his hips surged forward to thrust forward. My eyes watered every time he hit the back of my mouth and I felt myself gag when he tried to go further still. I chanced a glance up to see his head tilted back ever so slightly, moans of approval falling on my ears. I thought at first that I'd hurt him but he looked down at me with unrestrained lust and commanded I do it again.

I wrapped my fingers around his base and purposely let my teeth drag over his skin. But oddly, it only seemed to stoke the fire between my legs and I pushed my mouth as far down his length as I could possibly take him. His hands held me in place, pushing ever so slightly until he felt my throat clench around him in a gag. He withdrew from my mouth and pulled me up by my hair to stand. Ignoring the fact that my own drool literally dripped from my chin, his lips came down crashing down against mine.

The force in which he kissed me took my breath away, his mouth hot and demanding upon my own. His steel fingers slid along my hip, tracing the flimsy lace fabric of my panties before hooking under to give a rough tug. I let out a small shriek as I heard the lace rip, leaving the fabric to fall loose and easily slip down my thighs.

Exposed to the cool night air, I could practically feel myself dripping in anticipation. It shocked me because I don't ever recall being this wet before. Before I could comprehend much else, he spun me around to face the bed and I felt him press against my back. A hand came up to rest on my back before he pressed down on my shoulders, directing me to press my head against the mattress. I suddenly felt completely exposed to his gaze, knowing that all of me was on display as his touch disappeared.

I wanted to look back at him but when I shifted just slightly, he rewarded me with a hard smack on my ass. My cry of surprise dissipated into a moan, the sting making my center throb.

Finally I felt a calloused finger ghost up the length of my slit and I pushed back, wanting more of his touch. He chuckled at my response and his finger dipped between my folds to press against my clit.

I moaned and pressed back against the digit as it caressed and swirled over the sensitive nub.