Harpy eagle and sloth relationship memes

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harpy eagle and sloth relationship memes

Sloths are arboreal mammals noted for slowness of movement and for spending most of their . Incidentally, it appears that sloths benefit from their relationship with moths because the moths are responsible for fertilizing algae on . "Food Habits of the Harpy Eagle, a Top Predator from the Amazonian Rainforest Canopy". tumblr_mw26tfcawi1qiozkwo1_jpg (×) Sloth Eating, Harpy Eagle, Wildlife Nature. Visit. Mother Provides. Harpy Eagle with a Sloth: natureismetal. Harpy eagles nesting high above the understory of the Peruvian hunting sloths, monkeys and even an occasional deer, Cremer said.

The algae gives sloths a terrific disguise by turning them green, which makes them harder to spot against the green leaves in which they live. One of the first gifts that mother sloths give their babies is the algae that will hide them from predators. So close is this relationship that the most common type of algae found on sloths, Trichophilus welckeriis found nowhere else in nature.

With an algal bloom on their back, spotting a sloth is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Witoki Animal defecation is not generally a topic to set the heart racing. Scientists, however, are another breed.

harpy eagle and sloth relationship memes

It turns out that there is a mystery at the heart of how sloths use the bathroom. We have seen the lengths to which sloths go to hide from predators. They are creatures honed by evolution to live and feed in trees.


Yet, once a week, they descend from their tree to defecate. This lengthy process leaves them utterly at the mercy of passing predators.

harpy eagle and sloth relationship memes

Why do they do this dangerous activity when they could simply let their droppings drop from the trees? One solution that has recently been suggested involves sloths, their algae, and moths. The Cryptoses choloepi moth lives exclusively on sloths and lays its eggs exclusively in sloth droppings. The moth itself defecates on the sloth, which feeds the algae living there. So the moths and algae benefit, but why does the sloth go along with this somewhat distasteful business?

Because sloth diets lack variety, they eat the algae and other things living on their body to gain nutrients. Farmers have a reputation for hard graft, and the sloth is no exception.

Also, unless you catch a sloth on the ground, you may have a hard time getting your dinner. Sloths get very little energy from their diet of leaves. They take a long time to digest their food and waste as little energy as possible.

harpy eagle and sloth relationship memes

Their claws essentially form a hook on the branch, so holding on requires no expenditure of effort. Why is this bad news for human hunters? Say you take your gun, you spot your sloth, you take aim, and fire you monster. John Cummings A fun little fact is that almost all mammals have the same number of vertebrae in their necks.

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From short-necked gibbons to stretched-out giraffes, mammals all seem to manage with seven cervical vertebrae. Two-toed sloths may have anywhere from five to seven, and three-toed sloths have eight or nine, depending on the species.

Normally, any alteration in the genes that deal with vertebrae would be debilitating for any animal. Its natural range extends only to three locations in the Atlantic coastal forests of eastern Brazil, primarily southern Bahia, and deforestation is continually reducing the available habitat.

Not much is know about them because they are fucking ninjas when it comes to stealth. Sloths require very selective diets, which consist mostly of Cecropia leaves, and in the case of the maned sloth, it seems almost exclusively. The rarest of them all is the latest sloth species to be named; he pygmy three-toed sloth, Bradypus pygmaeus.

Anderson and Handley discovered and named B. Endemic only to Isla Escudo de Veraguas, it was found exclusively in, and the immediate perimeter of, several separated red mangrove thickets, which grow on the tidal coast of the island. A study in found the population of B. The reduced body size of the pygmy sloth reduces the energy requirement for normal metabolism, this aids its specialisation in eating the tough and nutrient poor leaves of the red mangroves.

Two-toed sloths are larger and more mobile than three-toed species. They include more shoots, fruits, nuts, and flowers that they find into their diet, however, how much they eat in the wild is not known due to nocturnal activity and stealth, like Batman.

Look at how cute it is!!

Everything you could want to know about sloths

These are usually the babies ones you see in buckets at sloth sanctuaries. This species is separated into 2 populations by the northern Andes Mountains in a north-south divide. The northernmost population contains two subspecies that range from Nicaragua, to northern South America, restricted within the Andes Mountains and the coastline.

Three subspecies reside in the southern population, ranging from northern Peru south through the west of Brazil to Bolivia. Jaguars, ocelots, and pumas are their main predators on the ground. Spectacled owls and harpy eagles can attack from the air, and snakes can sometimes make a meal of them. Their main threat however, is rapid destruction of habitat, and being caught on power lines. This lucky guy is getting rescued.

harpy eagle and sloth relationship memes

Unfortunately many sloths become stranded. They cannot produce enough heat energy to keep them going on their own, and so rely on their warm tropical environment for some of it, when they become stranded too long they cool down to a degree where they can no longer absorb nutrients from their gut and starve to death: Harpy Eagles are fucking huge.

Their eyesight enables them to sometimes spot the sloths, and proceed to fly at them at speed, swing upside down, and rip them out of trees. Piles of sloth bones can be found in and at the base of harpy eagle nests.

They sometimes remain hanging from branches even after death. On the ground, the maximum speed of sloths is 3 metres 9. Sloths are surprisingly strong swimmers and can reach speeds of They spend 90 per cent of their time motionless.

Harpy Eagle with a Sloth : natureismetal

Two-toed sloths have a diverse diet of insects, carrion, fruits, leaves and small lizards, ranging over up to hectares. Three-toed sloths, on the other hand, have a limited diet of leaves from only a few trees, and no mammal digests as slowly. They have made adaptations to arboreal browsing. Leaves, their main food source, provide very little energy or nutrients, and do not digest easily, so sloths have large, slow-acting stomachs with multiple compartments in which symbiotic bacteria break down the tough leaves.

As much as two-thirds of a well-fed sloth's body weight consists of the contents of its stomach, and the digestive process can take a month or more to complete. Three-toed sloths go to the ground to urinate and defecate about once a week, digging a hole and covering it afterwards. They go to the same spot each time and are vulnerable to predation while doing so.

This may be relevant for maintaining the ecosystem in the sloths' fur.

harpy eagle and sloth relationship memes

When they hatch, the larvae feed on the feces, and when mature fly up onto the sloth above. The reproduction of pygmy three-toed sloths is unknown. Litters are of one newborn only, after six months' gestation for three-toed, and 12 months' for two-toed. Newborns stay with their mother for about five months.

In some cases, young sloths die from a fall indirectly because the mothers prove unwilling to leave the safety of the trees to retrieve the young. Human relations Three-toed sloth in the Dallas World Aquarium The majority of recorded sloth deaths in Costa Rica are due to contact with electrical lines and poachers.

Their claws also provide another, unexpected deterrent to human hunters; when hanging upside-down in a tree, they are held in place by the claws themselves and often do not fall down even if shot from below.