Idris sultan and samantha relationship problems

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idris sultan and samantha relationship problems

She, instead, played the role of relationship counsellor to two of The House's love The young, up and coming actor/producer had issues with his wife following . 'Big Brother Africa' 9: “Hot Shots” – Idris Sultan (Winner ), Tanzania He is rumoured to be trying to win back his ex-girlfriend, Samantha. Written by Samantha Sotto Review by Sarah As Andrea grows up, and her relationship with Nate turns romantic, she and Isaac develop a mysterious bond. Idris tried approaching Ellah to talk over things yesterday and she kicked him back to the cab Ex housemates and Idris thus it was only wise for him to stay alone and sort out his problems. Goitse endorses Idris-Ellah relationship November 27, In "News" Did Idris Sultan and Samantha secretly 'Hook Up ' in SA?.

The restaurant serves intercontinental and African dishes. Lately, he has put his musical career on hold to focus on his wife and two children. Some would say he gained favour with the passing of his father during his time in The House thus, in a way, appealing to the sympathy of viewers.

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Now, Uti is focussed on developing his image more within the entertainment industry. Karen, who is a native of Delta State, Nigeria, is a media personality and known for her wide appeal whereas Wendell is a trained pilot. Karen is currently taking care of her family and accepts movie and OAP jobs from time to time. His mother, unfortunately, sued him for a debt he owed her.

He was also arrested for fraud charges against a bank but was later acquitted. He has since remained below the radar. He also did a degree programme in Business in order to achieve his lifelong goal of becoming a billionaire at The accident shattered his arm in three places; fortunately, he recovered fully.

idris sultan and samantha relationship problems

He has since been visiting sites, cycling and taking time to find himself in his hometown in South Africa. Yet, in an Instagram video two years later she said: So, here it is just in case your life depended on it. Dillish is dating long time boyfriend, Steven Gaeseb. High Definition Spa is a brand that prides itself on providing customers with high-quality Brazilian hair, lace wigs, lace closures and products to maintain them such as curl activators, silicons, conditioner and shampoos at affordable prices.

The restaurant serves both traditional Namibian favourites as well as international cuisine like Portuguese food. We are just good friend.


I applaud Wema for. Diamond praised Wema for being courageous.

idris sultan and samantha relationship problems

Diamond Platnumz is said to be dating Hamisa Mobeto, remember that this is just a rumor and not yet Confirmed, this news has been given out by our Gossiper who is. What caught the ear of his fans is however the mention of both his baby mama Zari Hassan and ex-girlfriend Wema Sepetu in the same verse. Wema Sepetu is the girlfriend. Diamond Platinumz Is Not Married. Zari further said that she is not dating Diamond. Former Tanzanian beauty queen Wema Sepetu is one lass we can say has dated.

Wema Sepetu, the former Diamond. Why is everyone going crazy about Wema Sepetu? Asked if she would advise Zari on her relationship issues with Diamond, Wema. Wema had rubbished claims that she and Diamond were dating and further stated that they were.

Wema Sepetu, former lover to Tanzanian playboy Diamond Platnumz has come out to clear the air after several allegations of breaking up the marriage of socialite Zari.

Wait! Did Idris Sultan and Samantha secretly ‘Hook Up’ in SA?

Are Jamal and Wema Sepetu dating. Wema Sepetu who is also Diamonds ex. Zari started dating the superstar after she dumped her former husband the late Ivan. Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has once again raised eyebrows when he rekindled his love with former girlfriend Wema Sepetu as they were seen being so passionate. Wema Sepetu and Idris Sultan continue to fuel relationship rumors.

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Chibu Dangote 6 celebrities Diamond Platnumz has dated. Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz had an on-off-on. Jokate is now said to be secretly dating Diamond. Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has denied claims that she is responsible for the recent break up between Diamond Platinumz and Zari Hassan. While dating the late Steven Kanumba, Wema Sepetu was introduced to the film industry.

Bongo movie star Wema Sepetu has finally broken her silence about the circumstances that surrounded her break up with Diamond.

Wema had been dating the singer for. Wema sepetu, who once became miss Tanzania is now dating her ex boy-friend who is an international Bongo musician. Speeking to one of us in an hidden