Indian and filipino relationship

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indian and filipino relationship

Jan 11, Filipino- Indian relationship India forum. Find answers to your questions in the India forum. Blogs, pictures, forum India on Jan 24, Filipino-Indian Sikh devotees pray at Khalsa Dwan temple in Manila, 28 November for the SPOTLIGHT: Philippines-India relations. Mar 28, Before his current tenure the ambassador was in Dubai for five years where he was witness to many marriages of Filipinos to Indians.

The declaration seeks to enhance intelligence and information sharing on counter-terrorism measures, strengthen capacity-building efforts through training and education, capability and readiness, including training and technical assistance; and to continue working together in the fight against the cyber crime and terrorist misuse of cyber space.

Infollowing the first Philippine Trade Mission to India, a Joint Working Group and a Joint Business Council were set up to assess and identify potentials for trade as well as identify new areas for collaboration.

Pinay-Indian love story sa UAE

Since then, bilateral meetings have been held regularly. The establishment of the Joint Commission on Bilateral Co-operation aims to further strengthen and develop the co-operation in the field of trade, economic, scientific, technological and other fields of co-operation.

Del Rosarioand was held in New Delhi. During the meeting both sides agreed to move forward on co-operative initiatives in various fronts trade, agriculture, defence. India is targeting billions of investments in Philippine markets, notably in the pharmaceutical, information technology, energy, and transportation which would lead to the creation of 10, jobs.

About 30 percent of the Tagalog language were loanwords from Sanskrit [ citation needed ]. The use of brass, bronze, copper and tin in Philippine decorative arts and metal works also had Indian origin[ citation needed ].


I was just waiting for my turn since all the computers are occupied. And because our company was new not all computers has internet connections.

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While waiting for my turn we started talking, just casual talk. Then almost every day we were talking, then we become friends. He started calling me on my mobile phone; we go out for dinner just like that. Until one day, people in the office started teasing him and me a lot about our date and bla bla bla. But actually there was no date, just simple dinner as friends.

We did not mind what people are saying. Were just enjoying being friends until we develop our feelings toward each other. Again people in our company are condemning our relationship. Their reason was so stupid, just because I am only a receptionist and he is high profile engineer bla bla bla. Really, love conquers all and I love him so much.

indian and filipino relationship

He proposed to me after 3 months of our relationship. In other words, he wanted to marry me! Then I said yes to him. We prepared all the documents needed for our wedding and its not that easy. There were many documents needed, and all the formalities needed bla bla bla. I cried for joy and I said thanks GOD for everything.

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Since then my life has change. My career path change a lot, totally change. I got a managerial job in a logistic company. My hubby promoted and got a chance to travel for business work including me. He never left me in at home especially if his out of the country. I am always with him. And his families are supportive. As well as my family in Philippines are happy and stable.

indian and filipino relationship

I can say that I am blessed to have my Indian husband who really love and care to me a lot, however, not with friends here. Many kabayan here are not that kind, they are jealous, with crab mentality. And take note, Filipinos here they are more racist. She has been assisting the Philippine embassy get in touch with their citizens in Kerala.

indian and filipino relationship

She said that about 20 or so Filipinos live in the city and are all women. Mona Lisa, 38, married to fitness trainer P. Joseph has a five year old son.

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Armielum arrived in her wheelchair to the meeting, a picture of health and happiness. Hers is a beautiful love story. Wheelchair-bound since the age of 14 she met her husband Sanil Konnully through her friend in Philippines. Smitten by her charm Sanil began to call her everyday.

I came away because of love.

indian and filipino relationship

My home is here.