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chapter notes on looking for alibrandi 2 - Free download as Powerpoint Michael Andretti knocks on her Nonna's door and her Nonna Josephine and Anna got a job at McDonald's. Quotes Chapter 1: "I promised myself I “Lee and i have a weird relationship. we pretend we have nothing in common, yet we can talk for. 67 quotes from Looking for Alibrandi: 'Sit back and get some sleep. "No, he's a barrister," I heard Michael Andretti say in a calm voice, "and he'll kill you if you. When Jacob and Josie start dating, Josie inspires him to take things more seriously regarding his education and relationships. At the beginning.

If she is a friend of someone that person must understand her so much so that they can have fun with each other. Josephine is a scholarship student who came from the poor family with her single mother. People used to maker rumor about her simply because she was the only person whose family does not have money to back it up.

She used to hate snobs existed in her schools, though she is actually a snob herself because she thinks she is better than some certain people who are not well educated. Nicole Currie October 30, at 7: Often she is unexplainably angry or frustrated and knows this about herself. She does see in herself intelligence but a lack to co-operate with it. She has encountered problems with her father, suddenly coming into her life.

At other times too much comes out of her mouth and this gets her into trouble with the teachers at her school. Many of her complications are to do with her family, especially her grandma. However, I think more of her problems come from school and her social life.

Josie struggles to feel like she fits in; she tries to make good impressions on her co-peers and others around her. Basically, as far as her social life goes, she is just like any other teenager. Wanting to be part of a group and wanting the guy you like so much to notice you really are very important to some people. Josie has been referred to as quite calm, she just seems so collected. Her grandmother thinks Josie is disrespectful, and that she needs to make sure she is a well-behaved Catholic.

Her mum absolutely adores Josie; Josie really means the world to her. Christina often does fight with her daughter, but they still love each other to pieces. Sometimes he thinks she is too much trouble for him, his life was simpler without her. Jacob is very affectionate towards her. Michael is beginning to get along very well with Josie. They are like good friends. Some people think she is irresponsible, others think she is too responsible.

If I was trying to explain what Josie is like to a friend I would say that she is sometimes too short tempered but at other times very passionate and caring. I do think sometimes she exaggerates her problems too much but at least she realises that. She stands up for what she believes in if a problem came around. Her grandma is a real influence on Josie, because Christina listens to Katia and then Christina tells Josie.

Because Josie admires her mum so much, she is a very big influence on her. Jacob has pressured Josie to do some sexual things, mischievous things. Josie found out that her dad was a barrister and now it is her life ambition. At times she just does really unnecessary bitchy things. She is easily fused, very proud and very stubborn. I think she would be a good friend, but Josie would be a difficult daughter.

She is religious though, which is where her beliefs and opinions were born. My beliefs and thoughts derived from experience in what I see or think.

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I would hate to go through some of the family expectations she has. I also enjoy having a social life; I go out with my friends a lot. It would be dreadful not being allowed to go out, especially if I lived by the city of Sydney. I went there all the time; I am so envious of the place she lives in but not the world she lives in. Being with a boy like John Barton would feel like a constant competition to go well. I too, have high expectations of my academic results.

Everyone suffers from peer pressure. She just needs to be more firm and more persistent with her refusal to do something wrong. Lots of young girls are pressured into having sex and many of them say no, just as Josie did.

She did, however, truant school because her friends as well as her boyfriend persuaded her to. She does make terms with Jacob, Christina and Michael. They meet on certain grounds, but Josie does argue a fair bit first.

I would feel so violent towards Ivy; it annoys me so much when people think they are far better than all else. Instead of intelligent they would think they were extremely talented or drop dead gorgeous. Some people from my old school were, but only the modest ones. Lenna October 30, at 7: What are your impressions of Josie? My impressions of Josie are she is a strong and a little bit rebellious. How does she feel herself?

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She feel that she is not a pretty or rich or have anything special. She has lot ofs problem. Her friends think her a good or ok friend. She is a little bit strange, intelligent, strong and complicated girl. She love and understand her mum. She understand what her mum had gone through when she was pregnant Josie.

She know that her grandmother loves her but she still be really rude to her grandmom. It is nothing wrong for her to has National pride but sometimes, it just too much. Josephine struggles with wide range of problem that many teenagers would face. She is really aware about her race as an Italian girl Australian. She does not have a good impression of being a Australian because they are the majorities of the blond wealthy kids at school.

For example, she feels she cannot get closer relationship with John Barton the son of the parliament because he seems to be much superior to her. Her mother was ignored by the families when her mother gave birth. Josephine feels she is rejected by her family. Except her mother and cousin Robert. Maria October 30, at 8: I do not think she emotionally accepting myself and her social status. Maria October 30, at 9: Generally she is quite an outcast according to the people in her school The reason is that they superficially judge on who she is.

Somebody like Poison Ivy simply look down on her with errogance. Her mother Christine, like many mother is feel about their children she loves her more than anything else.

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She is well accepted by her friends who find her as a good friend. She is very mature and wittyprobably no one can beat her academically in her class.

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Josephine really respect her mother and have such a close relationship with her. You may find her quite rude and impolite from the beiginning of the story, yet she is only going through the process of adolescence, in these time we tend to easily be paranoid or emotional Even though how intelligent she is, she is no able to endure nubers of difficulties inher life for example, about her family. November 1, at 3: Attaining this understanding saw the transition of Scout from a position of childhood innocence to a grown up perspective.

This grown up, empathetic perspective enabled Scout to view Boo no longer as a childhood superstition, but rather, a real human being capable of warmth and worthy of respect. This indicated she had come away from the experience unharmed, with a mature outlook and most importantly, with her faith in humanity intact - no longer due to innocence and naivety, but now, wisdom. I think you should talk about Atticus BEFORE this Insight into the importance of empathy and understanding was further concluded when, on the last page of the novel, Scout spoke of a story character to Atticus: This is a nice point.

Talk about the relationship between Atticus and Scout as a way of illustrating the ending's importance; he has promoted tolerance and understanding and Harper Lee basically whacks us over the head with this again at the end to reinforce her message. Put it before you talk about how Scout has changed in the ending. Rather, all we can do is strive to be empathetic, and hope that this will redeem. Gosh, what a long conclusion It's longer than the bit about Atticus, which I think is nearly more important!

I also think that this paragraph is rather unrelated at the end; I know what you are saying but I don't think you are supporting it very much. How do we know that humans are more complex characters from what Harper Lee says in the novel?

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We don't really, all we realise is that Scout has reached a new level of understanding which doesn't necessarily have a logical link to humans being more "complex" than we otherwise assumed. I honestly believe it would be better to use another purpose statement to illustrate the ending and I think my bias has shown through in this. I know that there would be far more quotes to support one of my theme statements, having studied this novel twice.

You are really selling yourself short with this essay; you have all the ideas, but you don't always analyse them enough for my liking nor do you always provide logical linking between points and to back up your points.