Karen and daniels relationship in love actually

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karen and daniels relationship in love actually

One of the biggest talking points is Harry and Karen's relationship. Love Actually star Olivia Olson reveals she had a huge crush on her. It's time to watch Love Actually for the millionth time. . Liam Neeson's character, Daniel, has a love story with Carol who he later calls Karen. The ending to "Love Actually" was just as bleak as you thought it would be, because the intricate relationship storylines woven into the pic still.

Sam and Joanna Joanna is an American classmate of year-old Sam, as well as his first love. He learns to play the drums to impress Joanna, and manages to do so after chasing her down at the airport to say goodbye before she moves back to America.

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These two characters probably have the best romantic chemistry in the entire movie, which is hard to do among such a great cast. Stepdad and kid bond over said crush to the point where their go-to heartbreak cure is to watch Titanic together and reenact the most pivotal scenes.

Stepdad drives kid to airport to see his crush off in a scene not entirely unlike the final wedding scene in The Graduate. OK, that was a little weird.

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Billy Mack and Joe Washed-up pop singer Billy Mack is nothing without his manager Joe, to whom he owes the success of his newest trophy: And though he pokes fun at Joe constantly, Billy knows he is lucky to have his manager. Mark, Juliet, and Peter Am I the only one who has made signs for my beloved more than once, oops because of this movie?

This storyline is the most well-known from Love Actually, but it tends to get a lot of flak because people bash Mark — played by Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes — for making his feelings known to Juliet. But in reality, we have no idea how long Mark has been in love with Juliet, or how strong those feelings were.

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Sometimes we have to take chances in life, and Mark took that chance. Although they have among the arguably cheesiest storyline, Jamie and Aurelia manage to form an entire relationship and fall in love based on their mannerisms, tone of voice, and other aspects of a dynamic between them that goes beyond words. How romantic is that? Colin Firth is a total babe, too, which helps. The film then tells the 'love stories' of many people: Although he thinks the record is terrible, Mack promotes the release in the hope it will become the Christmas number one singlewhich it does.

After briefly celebrating his victory at a party hosted by Sir Elton JohnBilly discerns that Joe is in need of affection and suggests that he and Joe celebrate Christmas by getting drunk and watching porn.

Although both Juliet and Peter believe that Mark dislikes Juliet, he is actually in love with her. When Mark evades Juliet's requests to see the video he made at the wedding, Juliet visits Mark. She says she wants them to be friends and, when she finds and views the wedding video, it turns out to be just adoring close-ups of her.

After an uncomfortable silence, Mark blurts out that he snubs her out of "self-preservation. As he walks away, Juliet runs after him to give him a quick kiss before she returns inside. He returns between the ceremony and the reception to check on her, and discovers that she is having an affair with his brother.

Despite their inability to communicate, they become attracted to each other. He returns to France to find her and ends up walking through town, gathering people as they walk to her job at a restaurant. In broken Portuguese he declares his love for her and proposes. She says yes, in broken English, as the crowd erupts in applause. Harry is comfortably married to his wife, Karen Emma Thompsonwho stays home to raise their children.

Harry becomes increasingly aroused by Mia's overtly sexual behaviour at the office and does nothing to dissuade her. At the company Christmas party held at Mark's gallery, he not only enquires if Mark is her boyfriend, but also dances closely with her.

karen and daniels relationship in love actually

While at the shops, he calls Mia to find out what she wants for Christmas and ends up almost caught by his wife purchasing an expensive necklace from the jewellery department thanks to the salesman Rufus Rowan Atkinson.

Later on, Karen discovers the necklace in Harry's coat pocket and happily assumes it is a gift for her.

When she finds a similarly shaped box under the tree to open on Christmas Eve, she is heartbroken to find it is a Joni Mitchell CDmeaning that the necklace was for someone else.

karen and daniels relationship in love actually

She confronts Harry and asks him what he would do if he were her. Harry begs her forgiveness. She responds that he has made a mockery of their marriage and of her. During a meeting with the U. President Billy Bob Thorntonthey run into Natalie and the president makes some inappropriate comments to David about Natalie's body.

Later, David walks in on Natalie serving tea and biscuits to the president, and it appears that something untoward is happening. Natalie seems ashamed, but the President has a sly grin on his face. At the following joint press conference, David is uncharacteristically assertive while taking a stand against the President's intimidating policies.

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Finding that his relationship with Natalie has become strained and a distraction, David has her moved to another job.

However, he is spurred to action on Christmas Eve when he finds a Christmas card from Natalie declaring that she is his and no one else's. After a door-to-door search of her street, he comes across Mia, who informs him that Natalie lives next door. The entire family is on their way to a multi-school Christmas play and he offers to drive them so he can talk to her.

After Natalie sneaks him in to the school, he runs into his heartbroken sister who believes he is there for his niece and nephew. As the two try to keep from being seen and watch the show from backstage, they finally kiss.