Kazuto and asuna relationship quiz

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kazuto and asuna relationship quiz

SAO Progressive V4 analysis** Welcome to my second SAO Progressive analysis of Kirito and Asuna's relationship. This will contain spoilers. Explore Yael Saadon's board "SAO - Kirito and Asuna" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Drawings, Kirito asuna and Online art. This is the best kind of relationship. Kazuto shrugged, but Asuna glared at him because he sounded like he was Throughout the quiz no one spoke, and despite her very best efforts, Asuna could not silence her hiccups.

Even as I start dating, I keep on seeing myself looking back at the protagonists of Sword Art Online and finding relationship goals that I desire to imitate with my girlfriend. Listening is exactly what it means: This girl has a lot of issues and needs someone to vent to, someone that she can trust will listen to her when she is having a rough day. For Kirito, he found himself constantly in this scenario where he would be listening to his wife and have no idea what to do.

As a man I see myself in the same place sometimes when my girlfriend is sharing some of the things that she deals with and the struggles that try to bring her down. Learning is when you intentionally seek out the other person and desire to learn more about them. Often times, learning happens when there is two-way listening, but simply being together will bring about the chance to learn more about the other person. Kirito and Asuna have these moments sprinkled throughout Sword Art Online where one moment they are going through the motions of a normal day and the next they are sobbing in embrace.

Two people in a relationship have to possess this ability, to learn everything about the other person inside and out. The final relationship goal present in Sword Art Online, love, is unlike what most of culture actually believes it is. After a few moments, she put down her bento box and slid closer to Kazuto.

Kazuto smiled as he put down his bento as well, wrapping one arm around the small of her back to pull her in. They closed their eyes as their breaths collided lightly, mere centimeters away. But just as their lips were about to meet, Kazuto felt her jump slightly in his arms, and at the same time she was thrown off course to his mouth and ended up bumping into his nose as she squeaked. Despairingly, she reopened her eyes. Do you have a water bottle?

I'll hold the water for you, okay? She nodded again with a determined expression as she took a deep breath and Kazuto opened the bottle. Holding it to her lips, he slowly tilted it toward her a she leaned her head back and began gulping it down. Before very long, she ran out of breath and Kazuto pulled the water away as she dropped her hands back into her lap, panting.

Once she had regained her breath and calmed down a bit, Asuna realized her hiccups had stopped. She opened her mouth experimentally, but nothing slipped out. Kazuto pulled her in again as he leaned down to kiss her. But just before his lips met hers, Kazuto jumped while making a short sound. That was so cute, Kirito-kun! I'll go buy one from the machine. Their lips met for several seconds before Kazuto hiccuped again, and Asuna was forced to pull away, laughing.

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Just FYI, if you've never tried the water method to get rid of hiccups, I suggest it! It works with me every time! Your review has been posted.

kazuto and asuna relationship quiz

They were gonna disappear and be together forever. Or so they thought. But when he found out that Asuna was trapped in another game, Alfhiem Online, he found a new hope.

He steeled himself, grabbed his nervegear, and dove into the game to save her. Sugou harassed Asuna in front of him while he was stabbed by his own sword. Kirito almost gave up when Kayaba appeared before him and granted him his admin privileges. With the system on his side, he fought Sugou again and destroyed him. He ever went as far as completely turning off the pain inhibiters so he would feel the same pain he put Asuna through.

And after freeing her from the game, he almost killed Sugou in the real world. But even though he knew that that foul man was a bane to his existence for hurting the one he loved, he spared his life. Kazuto left him to rot and visited the now awakened Asuna where they finally shared a kiss in the real world. They would go on dates on a regular basis and just spend time together. They would just talk to each other and have fun, while at the same time jab at each other with light hearted teasing.

Whenever they were feeling troubled with something, they would always be there for each other. But that changed when Ordinal Scale came along.

kazuto and asuna relationship quiz

Asuna lost her memories thanks to the Augma, and Eiji was to blame for it. When that happened he went ballistic. He went full on beater mode and fought boss after boss with no hesitation. She found her bravery again and fought the Incarnation of the Radius with Kirito and won.

kazuto and asuna relationship quiz

Finally, Asuna got her memories back and went star gazing alone with Kirito, where he gave her a real ring that he promised to give her back in Aincrad.

They went through hell and back for each other multiple times and never once gave up on each other. They may be just boyfriend and girlfriend in the real world, but they no doubt act like husband and wife wherever they may be. Kirito is completely dedicated to his relationship with Asuna. And in return, Asuna loves Kirito unconditionally.

They are indeed a match made in heaven and one of the greatest anime couples to ever live. This was just a post that I really wanted to do for a while. Kirisuna is my favorite couple of all time and I wanted to talk about them forever.

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Now what do you guy think about them? Are there any moments you like that I missed? Tell me in the comments and what you think about this analysis post.