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Kenny Rogers announces his retirement & final tour on Today . he is pictured here with his fifth wife Wanda Miller - they tied the knot in Here meet Kenny Rogers wife, Wanda Miller Rogers! Kenny Rogers is the When they both started dating, her parents were not so excited. their babyThe Chase's Anne Hegerty returns to quiz show after I'm A Celebrity KENNY Rogers is a legendary singer and songwriter - and he's a member Kenny married his fifth wife, Wanda Miller, on June 1, She returned his call and they started dating - and they've been together ever since.

Thus far, Kenny Rogers has been involved with more women as wives than many would as dates. Although he has been linked to Dolly Parton whom many were convinced had had something to do with Rogers, she is not among his long list of wives.

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The first woman to be his wife was Janice Gordon whom he married in Bythey already had a child together and were also divorced. The next woman the country singer would go on to date and marry was Jean Massey in and bythey were already divorced. Rogers moved on that same year and married Margo Anderson with whom he stayed with until This union produced yet another child, Kennedy who was born in This union gave the singer another child, Christopher Cody Rogers who was born in Thus far, it seems he has been able to find the one to form his island in the stream as they have been together since when they got married.

The two of them have two children, Justin Charles and Jordan Edward both of whom were born on 6th July From all his marriages, Kenny Rogers is blessed with five children with the eldest, Carole Rogers, born in while the two youngest, Justin Charles and Jordan Edward born in It has almost become a trend among those who have made a kind of career out of making up stories that celebrities are dead.

Kenny Rogers did not escape them as there have been more than a hoax in the past claiming that he has died. The most recent was in when the reports emerged that he had passed away. He is a dedicated professional entertainer with a truly enviable work ethic, still touring and recording after six decades in the business.

He retains remnants of his international celebrity with an aging fan base and has lost none of his unmistakable personal charisma. When Kenny Rogers came wailing into the world August 21,he landed in a Houston federal housing project, not a hay field. Rogers was the first child in his family to graduate from high school. But music was his ticket out, from the teen band The Scholars, which led to a solo appearance on American Bandstand before they crapped out, to a stint playing upright bass in the jazzy Bobby Doyle Trio.

He resurrected his Texas twang and released the eponymous album Kenny Rogers in September With his ear for the marketable megahit and his nonthreatening teddy bear persona, Rogers became the wet dream of millions of record-buying women who melted at the sound of his throbbing baritone. During his heyday in the late seventies to early eighties, Kenny Rogers sold more than one million records every month for twenty-six straight months. Country was very, very good to Rogers. Rogers was the man who begged his woman not to leave, the sensitive guy who promised eternal fidelity, the loser out of aces.

And he was catnip to the ladies. The numbers do not like. Rogers had twenty number-one country singles and made the pop top-ten list six times. Critics may denigrate big-selling artists, but making music people love and relate to is a talent in itself.

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With fame came fortune. He traded his seat on a tour bus for a private Learjet. But the American dream had a nightmare side. Rogers burned through three marriages by age thirty-nine. The critics were brutal. The slump was like a slow leak in a tire, and for a while his momentum disguised his dwindling success. He still worked constantly, touring, appearing on TV shows, cranking out The Gambler sequels, participating in high-profile philanthropic efforts such as We Are the World and Hands Across America.

He even launched an ultimately ill-fated rotisserie chicken franchise and published two books of photography. His photography book, Your Friends and Mine, offered cheesy B-list celeb portraits Morgan Fairchild in a glass bathtub filled with balloons along with static shots of aging politicos and entertainers Ronald Reagan, George Burns. Because Rogers seldom penned songs himself, songwriters loved him. He met this fifth and current Mrs.

Rogers, Sandy Springs-bred Wanda Miller, at a restaurant where the college student worked as a hostess. The singer was taken by her smile but worried about the public perception of their twenty-eight-year age difference.

Going on the road together was a smart idea, since Rogers blamed his continual absences for the demise of his first four marriages. While his marriages soured, he managed to keep long-term relationships going with his band members. Keyboardist Gene Sisk, a ten-year veteran with the band, ticks off examples. We have health insurance. In Nashville the attitude is, we can find five people right now to do your job, and the mind-set is to pay as little as possible. Kenny is the gig to have.

Rogers made Buckhead their neighborhood.

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Inhe bought a six-bedroom, 27,square-foot mansion on Garmon Road. Rogers and Weinberg hit it off and founded Kenji Design Studios to cater to other upscale residential clients.

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In practice that means Weinberg, who has thirty-five years of experience creating swanky interiors in Aspen, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami, creates the design concept, does the preliminary drawings, sources the goods, and puts it all together.

Rogers makes some initial suggestions, moves things around, and adds or deletes some opulent element. He brings me in as a second set of eyes. Kenny discovered she was carrying twins. Life was about to get very, very busy.

The silver-haired crooner and the mother-to-be hunted for three acres in Dunwoody, where they could build a smaller house on one floor. The plans called for an Italiante Mediterranean villa with a terra-cotta tile roof and a cupola, built around an open courtyard with a sparkling blue pool.

But the dimensions kept bloating. The wooded property was deemed unsuitably sloped. Bulldozers cleared the trees, and the dynamite blasting for an 8,square-foot basement began. Alan and Cathy Gottlieb, who lived on the street behind the property, watched as their forested backyard view turned into a rubble-strewn moonscape. They thought there was no reason not to believe them. Then one day Rogers abruptly pulled the plug. The singer told the press he decided to abandon the project because the house would be too big for Wanda and the twins if something happened to him.

The Gottliebs were stunned.

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Rogers seeded the dirty mound with grass and planted a few trees, but time has not healed all wounds. If he wanted to come in and plant some more trees it would certainly be nice. And put in a retaining wall.

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He may have alienated his Sandy Springs neighbors, but his design firm was attracting high-end clientele. Kenji risked a speculative renovation on a 22,square-foot house on West Paces Ferry Road.

They stack, embellish, and gild.