Lakshmi menon and vishal relationship with god

How Lakshmi Menon has touched many lives

lakshmi menon and vishal relationship with god

Lakshmi Menon (born 19 May ) is an Indian film actress and singer, who mainly appears In Naan Sigappu Manithan saw her pairing up with Vishal again. She acted in two Tamil films, Manja Pye with Vimal and Jigarthanda with. The film has Vishal and Lakshmi Menon as the leads. Veteran filmmaker Bharathiraja who plays the father of Vishal is brilliant and his subtle relationship with Vishal stands out. . Brandishing his Greek-God looks and almighty powers. Lakshmi Menon (actress) Lakshmi Menon (born 19 May ) is an Indian film Malar in Suseenthiran's action-drama film Pandianadu,[9] which co-starred Vishal. . [3] Following her marriage in , Aishwarya quit the film industry and chose to prioritise bringing up a family. She describes him as her God, Vaali.

However, it is not love story that forms the main thread of this film. How the meek protagonist Siva rises up and hits back at the baddies forms the crux of the story. It steers away stereotypes and entertains with a very strong screenplay, while strong performances by the lead cast make the film one of the best in this genre. The film is a winner because of Suseenthiran, who knows exactly how to use his craft and never let goes off an opportunity to pleasantly surprise the audience.

“I am not sure if Vishal loves me”, Lakshmi Menon doubts

For the first time in his career Vishal has shed his action hero avatar, and it worked in his favour. Veteran filmmaker Bharathiraja who plays the father of Vishal is brilliant and his subtle relationship with Vishal stands out. He has added considerable twist to the storyto set the tale of revenge blowing in the track. He gives a knockout performance that makes you root for the actor in him.

Vikranth makes a comeback with an impressive cameo as Sethu in the film. He plays the close buddy to Vishal and the scenes where they work hand in hand to impress Lakshmi is yet another entertaining sequence with lighthearted comedy.

Soori has lightened up the mood at even the most taxing and tense situations. Begging in seeking justice and ending in delivering justice, the film is yet another provoking yet off-beat story from the promising director, Suseenthiran. All the actors have been cast with care, who have done justice to their roles almost all through the movie. However, there are places where the emotions seem fake on some of the faces.

Though it sounds repetitive at places, it does not hamper with the overall experience. While there is a lot of crude information in the first half, it takes the hour after the intermission to put the pieces together and explain the story in detail.

The fight sequence in the climax is the one to watch out for. No, I didn't That's the reason for this problem Aunty, ask her to point out the troublemaker to me I'll take care of the rest Malar, take 'bro' and show him who the boy- Why, aunty?

It was all smooth sailing!

lakshmi menon and vishal relationship with god

And you're calling me 'little bro' Relationship seems mixed up Very true, take 'uncle' along and show him the boy 'Bro' was better Me and my big mouth! That checked shirt Him? All that I spoke was for your ears! I'm talking to you! Why don't you look at me? No, just that if you go in front Don't feel bad I look dark Even I've started using- Hello?

Is your name Rajesh? Balu Your name is fine But your character isn't Character is most important for a human being Animals have brawn and beauty but no brain Sweets look swell to eat but give hell to your teeth Teacher? Come this side If we don't concentrate when we are driving Every girl you see can't end up your wife It's not right You got it?

lakshmi menon and vishal relationship with god

You don't know about my character She left long ago - Where did she go? He's made her sit in the tailor's shop Why didn't you tell me this earlier? How manydialogs I wasted?! Simple, bro Stop tailing Malar teacher She doesn't like it All this is about the teacher, huh? You don't tell me Let her Then if she tells you she doesn't like you I'm still in love with her You shouldn't torture someone who doesn't like you! If I talk like this, you won't learn Look at this!

Partner is ready to fist-fight This is a fist that watches the fun That is the hand that knocks you down You keep playing, dude Brother, one tea Dude! Get up and go Forget it, sir These kids like to show off Dude! Why did you tear your shirt? Which shirt won't tear in the middle of a fight, dude? Dai, show me your hand Oh no! I'm Malar speaking - Yes Stop the car He fell down right from top His skull is broken Simmakal Ravi's quarry Permission has been granted only for 60 ft But they are digging much deeper Every 2nd day 4 men are dying Aiyo They bribe and hush it up, sir I ask this question to test how good a person is- What?

Answer my question frankly Midnight, 3 people are standing in a bus stop A beautiful girl, a friend who saved your life And a grandma in need of medical aid You can only take 1 person on your bike Whom will you choose?

Vishal and Varalakshmi Wish Sarathkumar on Birthday | Hot Tamil Cinema News

A beautiful girl, a forever friend And a grandma in need of medical aid I'll give my bike to my friend And ask him to admit the grandma in a hospital I'll spend the whole night in the bus stop with my life partner Wow! Don't cry Sethu loved her but her folks forced her to marry someone else Ammu, call if there is any hassle at night Don't be scared - How are you, Amudha?

I'm fine, Siva Uh Either you should step out of this house Or I should step in here I'll give you 3 days time to make up your mind I have no idea how to tackle this If something like that happens you can see me as a corpse!

Only if we make him limbless he will know another man's pain! He'll finish you His job is to kill people Let's not get involved - Don't blabber like a fool If I was her husband and she had such a problem I loved her for 7 years! She says she will die You want me to feel good seeing her dead?!

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You say he knows you If you hit him, the problewon't be solved just like that Simmakal Ravi will come after you Try to understand Only if he knows who hit him! Look here, work hazard is such you win some you lose some Don't magnify all this Did I object to any tender in whosoever name you specified? Daily men are dying Please don't compel me in this matter alone We have buses plying Daily some people die in some accident or the other What can we do about that?

Can we stop driving? For his sake, give Rs