List of relationship needs and wants

7 Things All Women Need In A Relationship

list of relationship needs and wants

What you Need in your relationship may be very different from what you Want. In relationships, it's easy to confuse the two: needs and wants. That said I see folks all the time with this long list of Wants and Needs and when they meet with. Not knowing your needs is like going into a Safeway without a shopping list. . Keep personal needs off your relationship needs list (you may want to make a. A relationship cannot survive on its own. It needs the care and nurturing of two adults, giving to each other in a way that creates a mutually beneficial connection .

Written with Briana Borten Figuring out your needs is a worthwhile process if you strive to have a lasting, harmonious, and fulfilling relationship. Why have a needs list for your relationship?

list of relationship needs and wants

Not knowing your needs is like going into a Safeway without a shopping list. It never makes me happy! Maybe Safeway is the right store for you, maybe not.

Marriage Help: How to Identify Your Relationship Needs - Strengthen Your Relationship

How would you know? You never made a list. The good part is that at least you know this is not a store worth wasting your energy in, looking around for a nail gun! We enter into relationships because we want something from them.

list of relationship needs and wants

Companionship, affection, inspiration, support, fun. Both ideas have merit and both rely largely on couples providing pleasure and satisfaction to each other by meeting each others needs. Myths and Expectations Separate to the issue of needs and wants, people may be expressing unrealistic notions about married life.

Strong correlations have been found between certain unrealistic notions that are believed or maintained by married people and their levels of marital dissatisfaction Tysoe, Areas that have found specifically to correlate with marital dissatisfaction are: This is the idea that a married couple should not disagree and if they do they should not express their disagreements.

Relationships: Needs, Wants and Expectations

People cannot change; we are the way we are. Sexual performance levels must be spectacularly high, if not perfect.

list of relationship needs and wants

There are other areas of expectation that can cause trouble and disappointment in marriages, largely because they are areas of great assumption and few couples take the time to sit down and talk them through. They tend to be expectations about the home, about money, about work, about health and food, family and children, community and friends and about spiritual life Piver, Another area to consider is in regard to motivations for marriage.

De Angelis talks about seven reasons for getting married that may need to be seriously reconsidered. Pressure from family and friends or due to societal norms. Fear of being alone later in life will sometimes be part of this feeling of pressure. Family can also be a source of pressure, such as parents giving their offspring the idea that they must give them grandchildren.

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People may want to fill the emptiness of their life with someone. View Larger Image A client once came to me with a long list of requirements another coach had told her to make about her future husband.

He had to be tall, and good looking, and wealthy, and able to be a good father, and emotionally available, and want to live near her family, and addiction-free, and well-traveled, and have similar politics and on and on and on. She came to me, feeling hopeless that there were no good men left. The problem, however, was on her end. Deal breakers aka Requirements Flipped around, deal breakers are actually about your requirements.

These are things that are non-negotiable in a specific relationship. In the case of the client mentioned above, I pushed her on each thing on her list: It turned out that the number of her actual requirements was low, but when they became very clear, the client was able to see that there were lots of men she could entertain as a possible match.

Within a year she was engaged to a wonderful man who was, after all, tall. Needs These are things you, as a person, must have in your life, but where you get these needs met might be flexible. Shannon not her real name had a need to talk through her ideas, feelings and thoughts on a subject before she could really know where she stood.