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relationship: Graphene interacts with rubber by occupying the space Vittoria's road tire segment is marked by 2 pivotal development milestones. the center tread features an alternating ridge design and progressive sipe it shares their values and aspirations, towards ever more ambitious goals. Macky Franklin. He based his decision on the Head of House task and chose Macky2 as he had the . family relationships and friendships along with Mr. , Goitse, Sipe and Macky2. .. The goal was to create as many different instruments as possible. It's been an interesting journey for Ellah and Idris' relationship. In the world of relationships, Biggie knew very well that Macky 2 and Sipe were getting closer.

Meanwhile, Jim grew up in Darien, Connecticut. Jim stayed in the area to attend West Chester University, graduating in His life work has been the interconnected world of mortgage banking, real estate development, and construction. From laborer to president, Jim enjoyed and profited from exposure on local, state, and national levels while living in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida.

His lifelong commitment to charitable causes has involved working with the poor, which he continues to do to this day. When Lee arrived in Florida, her northern roots and family ties to a nature center and an arboretum brought a new sense of appreciation for Mother Nature.

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She spent 16 years in Founders Garden Club. It was fitting that the Murphys were married at Spanish Point in Osprey. They resided at The Oaks where Jim continued his custom home building business. Together these two have 13 grandchildren. It is not surprising that they have been mentoring young people in Sarasota County schools for years in the Take Stock in Children program. Please welcome this interesting couple to Plymouth Harbor. For Paul Groen, fresh out of Baylor College of Medicine and his internship in family medicine, it was a call to serve.

And more specifically, it was a call to serve God. Macky Groen, was on a rigorous career track completing her Masters degree in Nursing Administration at Columbia University when she felt a similar tug on her heart to devote herself to mission work in a Third World country. Macky got there first and was just starting her third year of nursing in the bush of Nigeria when the handsome new doctor arrived.

BBA Hotshots: Sheillah and Trezagah evicted from the Big Brother house

Their clinic consisted of eight women, nurses and educators, and one male doctor. The entire group worked and socialized together and everyone got to know each other quite well. Paul wisely treated each woman with equal attention and respect, careful not to betray any favoritism. They were meant to be.

Paul and Macky married in Nigeria and spent a total of 10 years there together before finally deciding to return to the States when their two sons were of school age. After completing a residency in orthopedics, Paul practiced medicine in Wheaton, Illinois outside of Chicago while they raised their sons.

Their boys, initiated by their early childhood years in Nigeria, travelled with them on numerous trips back to Africa for short-term teaching stints. Seventeen years of medical practice was enough, as both Paul and Macky were eager to get back to what they felt was their true life calling. This time, they formed a not-for-profit organization called Doctors on Call for Service, or DOCS, in order to develop the partnerships within countries like Kenya, Rwanda and the Congo to provide local medical education.

Their work was very successful. Rather than losing talented young people who trained abroad and failed to return home, Kenya and Rwanda developed their own capabilities to train medical professionals with the help of DOCS.

The Democratic Republic of Congo was another story. Here, in a region rocked by years of war, genocide and sexual violence, there has been an even greater need for the outside assistance and support of DOCS.

They focused their efforts in the eastern city of Goma which was at the center of the refugee crisis resulting from the genocide in Rwanda and two Congo wars. Understandably, success has been slower in coming there. The Learning Center that they built in Goma was soon destroyed by the eruption of the volcano Nyiragongo in Undaunted, Macky and Paul strengthened their efforts with dedicated volunteers and a board of directors consisting of medical educators, business people and physicians based in the U.

The Learning Center has been rebuilt and is serving their training efforts in that region. Only two years ago did Macky and Paul decide it was time to pass the reigns of the organization over to others to carry on their work. After so much excitement, not-so-glamorous travelling, and hard work they are satisfied with their lives and are now enjoying the cultural riches of Sarasota from the comforts of Plymouth Harbor.

Both of them relish the expanse of blue sky and water outside their living room windows.

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Paul enjoys walking the Ringling Bridge in the cool, early mornings and being surrounded by other interesting residents at Plymouth Harbor. That at this point it is very tricky to judge whether someone is strong as the people they thought would stay in the house for long left and those they didnt think will last are still in the house.

She is happy that JJ won the HoH because abasing on the food management task, he handled it very well. She also feels nominations are getting harder as the game progresses. Housemates have been divided into 2 groups, Green and Pink, for the stomping dance task.

She thinks JJ will do well as HoH because he is a team leader and talented. Regardless of what happens on Sunday she hopes this will be her worry-free week to be her loud and happy self. The evictions have made him think of the game differently because he doesn't know what Africa thinks.

He feels JJ is the strongest person in the house right now because of his energy and talent and Macky2 is the weakest link because he is in his own space. That he will say NO incase Goitse comes claiming to like him. The weekend was so nice starting from the party on Friday and then winning the extravaganza. The evictions were sad because Alusa was his friend and Laveda was strong. But he has learnt that it's all about keeping it real.

He will try get out of his comfort zone and do his best. Alusa's eviction was such a shock because his presence would be felt since the beginning.

Single, Not Alone :: Relationship Goals (Part 2)

Nominations are getting harder and harder as the game progresses. He misses Alusa most because of his energy but at the end of the day it's a game so he has to get his spirits back up. He feels JJ will do well as HoH.