Marcus brutus and julius caesars relationship questions

The real story behind the assassination of Julius Caesar

marcus brutus and julius caesars relationship questions

and find homework help for other Julius Caesar questions at eNotes. How does Portia and Brutus' relationship differ from that of Calpurnia and Caesar? is the basic difference between the two funeral orations of Brutus and Mark Antony?. Everything you ever wanted to know about Brutus in Julius Caesar, written by It turns out that this is one of the most important questions in the play, and there is to apologize to his pal for being so moody and neglectful of their relationship. Brutus was the son of Marcus Junius Brutus (who was treacherously killed by one of the leaders in the conspiracy that assassinated Julius Caesar in 44 bce.

In the eyes of increasing numbers, Caesar had to be taken down. Strauss says the bard was two-thirds correct. Cassius, a general and senator, had several motives for wanting Caesar dead. In addition to fearing his ambition, he had been passed over for several high-level positions and faced rumors that Caesar slept with his wife. The soothsayer warns Caesar of the Ides of March. They had barely a month to act, as Caesar was leaving for the Parthian War on March 18 and would be surrounded by his army from then on.

They decided to kill Caesar in the Senate House.

marcus brutus and julius caesars relationship questions

On March 15, Caesar was scheduled to attend a meeting in the Senate. The purpose was procedural business, but a rumor was spreading that there would be a proposal to crown Caesar king.

Even when Brutus joined Pompey the Great to fight with Caesar and his soldiers, Caesar's main focus was Pompey, but he demanded Brutus be captured alive. Caesar immediately forgave him. Caesar then accepted him into his inner circle and made him governor of Gaul when he left for Africa in pursuit of Cato and Metellus Scipio.

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On that day, Caesar was delayed going to the Senate because his wife Calpurnia tried to convince him not to go. Caesar dismissed him, and Cimber subsequently grabbed his toga. Publius Servilius Casca Longus was allegedly the first to attack him, with a stab to the shoulder, which Caesar blocked.

Brutus is said to have been wounded in the hand and in the legs. This amnesty was proposed by Caesar's friend and co-consul Mark Antony. Nonetheless, uproar among the population against the assassins caused Brutus and the conspirators to leave Rome.

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Brutus settled in Crete from 44 to 42 BC. Antony had laid siege to the province of Gaulwhere he wanted a governorship. In response to this siege, Octavian rallied his troops and fought a series of battles, culminating in the Battle of Mutinain which Antony was defeated.

When Octavian heard that Brutus was on his way to Rome, he made peace with Antony.

marcus brutus and julius caesars relationship questions

The two sides met in two engagements known as the Battle of Philippi. To prove her constancy even further, she, following the Hellenistic form of ascetics, stoicism, makes a gash in her thigh. This wound was a proof of pain and showed her love and loyal constancy. Brutus now promises to confide all secrets in her and treasures his wife greater than before. At last, from this dialogue between Brutus and Portia, we learn that Brutus will confide in her later, but the present time is not suitable to discuss the secrets with her.

From this, trust emerges from its dark corners and fills the gap between Brutus and Portia. Brutus is awed by her calm and rational love 2.

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Portia is strong enough to bear physical pain and has great endurance and patience, signifying that she is no ordinary woman. One can see that the plans of the conspirators affected so many relationships with great impact and the danger, along with potency of this scheme.

Her personality is established and through her relationship with Brutus, the internal struggle of this story uilds. Her premonitions frighten Caesar, and he awakes in the middle of the night, wandering about in his dressing gown and frightened. Calphurnia begs him, saying that she never believed in omens but this particular dream has frightened her.

5 Things You Might Not Know About Julius Caesar

She speaks of what happened in the city earlier in her dream, where dead men walked, ghosts wandered the city, a lioness gave birth in the street and lightning shattered the skies. Calphurnia believes these omens appeared for a reason, and Caesar must not ignore them. Caesar, however, trying to be brave, believes that fate will take its place and rebuffs her, saying that these predictions are for the world in general. Later, when Decius Brutus arrives to fetch Caesar to the senate house, Caesar tells Decius that he will not come that day, and Calphurnia wants Decius to say Caesar is sick, giving him a legitimate excuse.