Master chief and arbiter relationship quiz

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master chief and arbiter relationship quiz

Microsoft is trying to keep Halo 6 under wraps. The Xbox It's anyone's guess at this point, but there's still enough connective tissue to make even the fiercest fans to speculate on a connection. . She's with the Master Chief, The Arbiter, and Spartan Locke. . The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World. The Halo TV series is finally moving ahead, but who should play the biggest This Page: Master Chief; Page 2: Casting Cortana, Sgt. Johnson, Arbiter and Guilty Spark He has an existing, positive working relationship with Kyle Killen . TheQuiz The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World. HotCars. The Arbiter. Finishing up our quiz is John, otherwise known as Master Chief. Arguably the greatest . The hero of these games, Solid Snake, has a very odd relationship with his family members. His major rival in the.

The Flood is a highly-infectious parasite which is released several times during Halo's story. The Chief and the Arbiter Thel'Vadam, during the course of Halo 2 and Halo 3 are captured during their separate missions on Delta Halo, or Installation 05by a Gravemind, which resides in the bowels of the ancient Forerunner ringworldwhere the Flood creature forges an alliance between the two foes in order to stop the activation of the ringworld — an event which would destroy all sentient lifeand, therefore, starve the Flood.

The character is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Making its first appearance in Halo 2, the Gravemind was introduced to dispel the idea that the Flood is a mindless virus.

The character was designed by a Bungie team, including artists Robert McLees and Juan Ramirez, and slowly developed into a massive creature with tentacles and a frightening level of intelligence. Driven by a desire to spread, the Gravemind is cunning and manipulative ; he forges alliances as often as he tries to consume his allies, tricking the Master Chief into aiding him while infecting the Chief's compatriots at the same time.

The character has had a mixed reception by many critics upon his appearance in Halo 2, and reviewers including 1UP. More positively, critic Aaron Sagers used Gravemind as an example of a " frenemy " — the creature's appearance made the Master Chief's fight against the Flood more personal and more dramatic. McLees is known at Bungie as the "architect of the Flood ",[1] and had done the early concepts for the Flood forms in Halo: McLees' original drawings were then added to by Juan Ramirez.

Early versions of the creature had a basic shape of a mass of tentacles, with a jagged tear in one large appendage forming a rudimentary mouth.

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Later on, the mouth was studded with the skulls of human and Covenant corpses for teeth. Despite these design changes, the Gravemind's size was always meant to be huge;[4] early concepts showed the Master Chief dwarfed by the Flood intelligence. Unlike the mindless "zombie" nature of most Flood,[5] the Gravemind is depicted as intelligent and cunning,[6] and acts as a collective mind driving the Flood.

It lyrically speaks prose in a form of trochaic or iambic heptameter. When attacking planets, the Gravemind of the Forerunner's time used smaller craft as ablative armorsacrificing countless Flood so that larger ships can land and infest major population centers.

While Mendicant Bias had been specifically created to defeat the Gravemind, the Flood leader convinces the AI that the Flood is a utopian ideal, and that its conquest of the galaxy is inevitable. That said, it also leaves us with some clues as to Halo 6. Be that the case, a mission in the next game will feature the Chief discovering her in a Forerunner prison. Despite the exact details being vague on how the story will connect, it would be amazing to see the Infinity and Spirit of Fire join forces to help take down Cortana and her Guardians.

It would definitely go a long way to repair the damage Halo 5 did to the Chief and to the one-note Locke working well together.

Like the way Halo 3 made the second-player the Arbiter, it would be refreshing to see Locke in a multiplayer squad with the Chief, and allowing them to put their differences behind them. Guardians split the shooting time between the Prometheans and Covenant equally, as dictated by the narrative.

master chief and arbiter relationship quiz

At the end of the game, the Grunts swore allegiance to Cortana, so it is likely that they will be fought alongside Prometheans in Halo 6. The Elites led by the Arbiter will be easy allies, so this would be an amazing opportunity for the Brutes to make a return to the series like in Halo 3. If the Flood do make a fateful comeback, having them bring a couple new enemy-types or bosses would be refreshing.

During the development of Halo 5: Guardians, the team was fortunate to be housing their own e-sports players who acted as valued testers for the multiplayer at Industries.

Guardians stepped down from the position to the joy of many Halo fans. With any luck, this shift in thinking will double down on the strong character development for the Chief that was established in Halo 4. Regardless of who Industries chose as the new lead, they have the mother of all messes to clean up. First announced ina live-action Halo series was said to be in early development. The only solid detail known about the series is that Spielberg would be serving as an executive producer.

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Chances are good that it will link partly with the next instalment, Halo 6. ODST, firefight has since become a fan-favourite. There was even a randomized element in the game thanks to the skull bonus multiplier that forced players to dramatically edit their strategies on the fly. He is able to teleport passed out enemies to his secret base, that apparently has unlimited storage.

People had to feverishly search the internet in hopes of discovering just what is was they were playing as for hours on end. These games and hectic and ridiculous in the best way possible, as they see you jumping from platform to platform, ingesting Wumpa fruit and avoiding the giant Indiana Jones-inspired boulders constantly careening your way. These games were a staple in the Nintendo 64 era, but Nintendo seems to have dropped the ball when it comes to the current handling of the series. Nick Valentine Mega Man Astro Boy This hero is the star of his own self-titled game series, which helped to revolutionize and evolve the side scrolling genre.

This little blue hero shot his way through to gamers hearts when he burst on the scene, and his games were so massively popular that they even spawned several television shows.

He is also a prominent character in the Marvel V Capcom games, as this character is basically the mascot for the Capcom brand. Kirby Yoshi Spyro This little fire-breathing hero burst onto the PS1 system, and delivered one of the single greatest platformers of that systems generation. Players were able to control this hero to headbutt and puzzle solve across varied and imaginative stages, and the games still hold up today.

He hit a bit of a rough patch before finally being thrust into the Skylanders universe, where this little hero is able to introduce himself to a whole new young demographic of gamers. Hopefully he too will get another stand-alone title soon. Corvo Attano Ezio Ocelot Perhaps not the most popular of the assassin titles out there, Dishonored delivers its own brand of impressive storytelling, mixed with a dark and depressing, but insanely engaging world.

There are now two games in the series, and the first game sees players playing as this disgraced guardsman, after he is wrongfully framed for the murder of the empress that rules over the land.

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Players have to use his battle technique and numerous powers to attempt to clear his name. Players can choose to use deadly force, or to complete the entire game without spilling any blood though the former is much more fun.

But this hero actually had his own line of games, and they were as epic as the Super Mario Bros. They were side scrolling adventures that were unique because of this heroes many abilities, including egg throwing and an extra high jump. This formula recently got updated by turning the character into a mass of yarn, and the world around him is also made of yarn.

Kirby Mashimaru Dedede This little hero was another mascot for Nintendo, and his unique power set made him a compelling and interesting character to play as. This hero is able to absorb all of the enemies around him, consuming their individual powers and using them himself.

Battling against the nefarious forces of King Dedede, this little hero was just adorable enough to snag a spot on the deep roster of characters in the Smash Bros. And in those games, this character is able to absorb the powers of the most powerful heroes in videogames.

master chief and arbiter relationship quiz

This hero has also saved the world on countless occasions, and his nightvision goggles and expert sneaking skills make him an absolute joy to play.