Medaka box and zenkichi relationship quizzes

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medaka box and zenkichi relationship quizzes

Devil Style, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, A skill that nullifies coincidence. Medaka Kurokami later displays a set of Trample Skills, most likely copied from Ajimu. Relation Break, Pincer attack skill. Spoilers Quiz, Don't get spoiled rotten skill. Disclaimer: Nisio Isin owns Medaka Box and its characters. who could make every weapon can't answer a question in a quiz, does that mean that .. A couple of days have passed since the last time Zenkichi saw Myouga. A listing of characters in Medaka Box. You may wish to go get a drink, as due to the infamous Genre Shift, there are effectively three casts — the original cast of.

Money aside, her hate for the woman, especially with her barb about her mother, would always be there. But you know what, I don't care! With this much money as payment, I would happily get insulted everyday! Such amount of money for such insignificant objective, it was unsettling.

If the three of us work together, even if she double-crosses us, we should all be alright. Also, since she already gave the first half the offered payment, such actions would be moot. She hopes that her team mates were right and everything would be okay in the end. How hard could it be? Chlorine-treated water filled the large pool. On one side, groups of three per club gathered with each holding wooden signs with the names of their respective clubs written on them, proudly displayed for all to see.

There was the Lacross Team, the Baseball Team, and many more, each with intent on winning the much coveted increase in funds. In the hall, Zenkichi was busy surveying the clubs, his face somewhat annoyed at how surreal things were going. Since it was such a last-minute thing, I didn't think this many would come," an astute observation came from Akune, but he still agreed.

He could see familiar faces from the clubs that joined. There was the Kendo club, the Track team, the Art club, and even the Judo team. The Judo club earned a curious glance from Zenkichi.

Even if he had seen it already, Nabeshima in a swimsuit was still a very welcome sight. After that bit of a lewd thought, he then began to search for the infamous swimming team, looking around nonchalantly. An important note that Zenkichi could not ignore was that she was wearing a provocative polka-dot string swimsuit, a very fine mix of sexy and retro, making him blush like the teenage boy that he is.

It is said that those who don't work, don't get to eat. We're going to go against that grain. In fact, I'd rather say this," the participants of the event and those that were concerned listened to Medaka's speech, waiting for her next words, "those who work, go ahead, and eat! If you really want those club funds, then go ahead and win it!

Moreover, it earned grins, confusion, shaking heads, and love struck eyes from those who were listening. Satisfied, Medaka then handed over the microphone to Zenkichi who then explained the rules while holding a checklist. First, the game allows only three to take part for each club with the thought of showcasing teamwork as the objective. Second rule, the male members of each team will wear floaters on their shoulders so that they could not dive easily, handicapping them.

However, before he could say the last rule, Medaka asked him to hand over the microphone saying she would be the one to say it.

Class 13 / Others

He could only warily hand it over, already expecting something bombastic to happen in the next few moments. Whichever club gets a higher score then us, regardless of place, will get funding directly from me. It'll be 3 times the amount! Others were grinning, now having a chance to compete with the celebrated superhuman named Medaka, but two people were on their knees, namely Zenkichi and Akune. The male council members had already denied such proposition from their illustrious leader, but in the end, she never listened.

The first event, Water Basketball! First event, Water Basketball! Everyone get ready, well be starting soon! There are 20 balls for each participating team at the bottom of the pool. The goal is to put as many of these balls as you can into the basket!

All the balls that stay in the basket will be counted as your teams points. Now then everyone, let's get ready for the game to begin! As for Zenkichi, he was staring at the announcer box that was on a side of the pool housing several feet above them with his lower-half submerged in the pool beside Akune. Sorry for not saying earlier, I'll be the one announcing today's meet, the Broadcast Club President's right hand, Asa Tanzaku!

medaka box and zenkichi relationship quizzes

The No-nonsense and Chaotic Shiranui-chan! Well make sure you don't miss a thing! With an equally if not cuter voice, introducing herself excitedly like a member of an idol group, arms wide open. We have a long deep relationship unlike any other! If you want to know anything about Zenkichi, feel free to ask me! Hopefully, the great Shiranui would bestow mercy upon him. By the way, how did you meet? We were in different schools throughout middle-school so it was only last summer that we met.

Specifically, the first day of summer break of the last school year! Then again, this was Shiranui, so such play-acting to rile the audience was natural for her He had such an awesome face then, full of determination.

Curious, I approached him and somehow we hit it off and then A hya hya hya! And you just ended it so abruptly! It had such a romantic start too! He could see Shiranui giving him a thumbs-up and a wink. He replied with a grateful nod. For all I know, that scheming girl is in love with you Hitoyoshi-kun. You shouldn't take what Shiranui says seriously, especially in that mood.

As for our first meeting, it's not as incredible as what she described. Anyway, didn't you mess up the rules? For this 'Chlorine Pick-up' game, wearing those silly floaters won't allow you to do anything. You need something that allows you to sink in this game. Besides, Nekomi-san, you're the only one who noticed this and made your team all girls. Zenkichi and his teammate Akune gave resigned groans to how bold the ever-smiling girl was about being cheap, not that he could find fault in that.

It was normal after all. Whether you're cheating or being cheap. If that's your intention, see it through. Somehow, Nabeshima's smile dimmed a bit for reasons unknown to Zenkichi Maybe it's a girl thing Medaka then offered Nabeshima a handshake with a pleasant smile on her face.

Let's have a good fight Senior Nabeshima. A mischievous smirk then replaced her glare. He pleadingly looked at Medaka, hoping in all hopes that she would deny such challenge, but Medaka crushed such hope as he saw her beautiful face contort into satisfied smile. What do you think is going to happen, Shiranui-san? But if I had to say, I'd say the Basketball Team has an advantage.

Whether you're in water or on solid ground the actions are still the same," Hansode said as she began while occasionally biting her grilled Japanese corn. What's that suppo-" Tanzaku then halted with a sudden look of realization.

Normal Chapter 3 - Mogana Swim Meet, a medaka box/めだかボックス fanfic | FanFiction

Is everyone in position? It was pandemonium and she reveled on it. The inside of the pool has turned into a serious struggle! What do you think of this, Shiranui-san? It's absolutely funny to see people floundering about like that! She saw Tanzaku shaking her head, a typical response, but the senior girl recovered quickly and continued with her job. She let out a chuckle on the sexual connotation. Her infamous smile, even though strained by fatigue, was still on her face.

Hansode has to give the girl props for that. What do you think of their actions, Shiranui-san? You shouldn't observe them, Tanzaku-senpai. You should look for Medaka instead since those two are irrelevant for this particular part of the event. Tanzaku tilted her head in confusion which Hansode fixed by pointing to a particular shadow moving fast under the water. Tanzaku's face lit up in understanding as the owner of the shadow came out of the pool with the sparkling droplets of pool water enhancing her appearance like those swimsuit models in television, annoying Hansode.

She took all the balls and threw them all at the same time! Hansode grinned and took an inhuman bite of her 2-feet submarine sandwich. Medaka's shot was blocked! It seemed that the swimming club finished first. The grin in Hansode's face was now evil, elated at Medaka's rarely seen look of surprise. Taking one more bite on her sandwich, Hansode decided to take the helm of the analyst to endow knowledge to the ignorant masses.

Instead of throwing the balls one by one at a time, throwing them all at the same time is somewhat more effective. It's easier to aim for the basket with a bigger ball. Still with gravity and inertia against you, if you throw the balls up like that, they would just split apart, but with Medaka's inhuman strength, such method is possible, well, it would have been her win if her shot were not interrupted in the first place. Even so, regardless of her failure to complete the shot, this is the first time I've seen someone do it with Then again, such feats are not unique as shown by the Swimming Club.

In short, the Swimming club managed to beat Medaka with their scheming ways and teamwork! But you know, Analyzer Shiranui-san Still, just like what the commentator girl said, the rest of the participants followed the said method, most of them floundering about with the inherent difficulty.

Looking at the electronic tally board was Zenkichi. Those guys on the swimming club are really aggressive; they might do something drastic on the next event. It's Medaka-chan; you should be worried of her opponents, as she will be dangerously excited by now. Also, I think that what just happened is a good thing as the possibility of protest against us about advantage is now nonexistent. Heh, I need to thank Shiranui for this. It was Medaka after all. The unstoppable super-human with almost no equal It is only proper.

But you guys didn't do the same right? However they still float in water due to the air in their lungs. However, those in the receiving end smugly ignored her.

That was Compulsed Expiry Diving! If you made a single mistake, you would've drowned! Don't you value your lives? Still, Zenkichi doubted the Swimming Club could make mistakes, since, from what he could see, such practice was usual for them Who cares about something so worthless!? Oddly enough, they have rhyming family names Still, amidst Zenkichi's new-found findings, Medaka continued, "The thing we value the most over our lives is money!

I'm sure the young Student Council President won't understand, but we'll laugh for a single yen, and die for one too! For some example, in some parts of the world, young children would dive into a muddy water pit just to get a grain of gold with just a plastic tube in their mouths attached to a cheap air pump for oxygen. Some would even sell their young bodies for a measly penny just to get through the day Human Society is harsh, and money is its life blood. It was a statement, which dumbfounded Akune, and made Medaka, who was still glaring at them, silent.

Then they heard the announcement for the second event, interrupting the standoff. Turning around, Zenkichi saw Nabeshima having a strained smile on her face as she mumbled something about not losing to Medaka and something about him and melons. The second competition is the 3-legged race! The rules for this competition are simple! Two members from each team will tie their legs together and swim the 50 meter length pool! Whoever is last gets no points!

So, I'm sure everyone wants to avoid that right?! The way she does it really gives the participants the added excitement and oomph.

Why did she agree again to make the blue-haired girl as an analyzer? Right, she agreed with her childhood friend's recommendation, which was apt given the girls current performance. It's so stupid, it's great! How the girl got along with Zenkichi was a total mystery to her.

As far as everyone knew of her, and from Medaka's own observation of herself, she was a person that could get along with almost everyone, and if not, she would just try repeatedly until the other party would.

She cannot hate a person, no matter what they do, and if they would do something she would disapprove, she would just reform them. However, Shiranui, she was very different, even in comparison with that person. Something about the blue-haired girl just irked her in a very fundamental level Opening her ever-present fan, Medaka decided to forgo such thoughts and focus on what was in front of her. So if you think about it, the track team should have the advantage. Basing from what happened on the earlier game; the only teams that could be a match to each other were the Swimming Team now composed of Tanegashima and Yakushima, and the Student Council Team with Akune and Zenkichi.

Speaking of Akune, Medaka was confident that he could match the prowess of the rival team, as he is a Special. Gifted with many talents, she knows that she could count on him.

As for Zenkichi, Medaka would never doubt him. Even if he was just a Normal, even if he was just an average human being, she knows that he could deliver to her expectations just like what he did throughout the years. It's what makes him special to her after all. Still, something about him was disturbing her, but she could not really define it, something not normal, and in a small part of her mind that was slowly but surely growing, she disliked it.

Nevertheless, before she could delve more on that particular thought about Zenkichi, Nabeshima approached her. After the particular fulfillment of the senior's request, she noticed that Nabeshima became a constant companion of Zenkichi and Shiranui, and what was once a pair now a trio. Medaka even heard that the three of them were eating lunch together and sometimes swap foods for variety, not that she was privy of this and not that it was something ghastly. Still, an unknown feeling from her chest would come about every time she sees them or hear about the rumors.

Medaka did not like it She did not like it at all Dismissing the unknown but constricting feeling on her chest as she always does, she turned to face the ex-caption of the Judo Club and said, "If I did every match of the competition, it wouldn't be much of a team competition would it?

Aren't you also thinking of the same things, Senior Nabeshima? Anyway, I'm here to talk about a certain General Affairs Manager. Say what is he really to you? Of course, she loves Zenkichi, he is her childhood friend after all, but the same could be said of every human being on this beautiful blue planet. After all, she is an existence that loves humanity and it coincided with her purpose in life. Nevertheless, something about how the senior girl asked that particular question irked her.

Somehow, in a span of time where the smiling girl uttered that particular dialogue, like turned into dislike, a feeling shared with a particular blue-haired schemer. The foreign feeling that started after Zenkichi's return was slowly growing and a very small hope, a spark if one wants a metaphor, that there was still a possibility of fulfilling her first. Still that particular childhood dream would be impossible She must look forward and leave the unchanging past.

She must walk towards achieving her purpose given to her. A purpose that given to her by her first and most likely last. Thus, she replied, "We shouldn't talk about such things Senior Nabeshima. By the way, there are some really bad guys at this competition. What are you talking about?

They're the type that will do anything, even if it's dangerous, for a pretty penny. I already talked to them about their earlier stunt. So you know them? You probably already know but scholarship students are usually weirdoes and eccentrics, and the same could be said with that guy and his teammates.

Truthfully, I admire their talents but in Yakushima's case, you never know what he's thinking or what he wants to do. What we want is to make a pool out of money Spending a full day swimming in it is our dream. There was only silence until she heard the loud announcement of the start of the next event.

Get seeeet-] They then turned their attention towards the pool. Arguing to each other to the point that they competed, it was ridiculous, and he was not amused. Still, even with the unsportsmanlike behavior, they managed to finish the race earning them the 3rd place where the Track Team got 2nd place and the Swimming Team the 1st, with 13 points, 14 points, and 15 points as added score respectively. Then again, the way the Swimming team races was crazy.

Who would even attempt to do a 3-legged race on a pool by swimming? A single mistake could be fatal. But then again it was all normal for him.

medaka box and zenkichi relationship quizzes

On to the next event, the 'Eel Catching' where you get 1 point per eel caught. On the said event that only allows one person per team, Nabeshima only caught 3, earning her team 3 points. The freshmen ace of the Swimming Team in the other hand easily passed the light-green-haired girl's performance and got 13 eels for 13 points.

An added but expected note, Zenkichi's team sent Medaka. With her invoke skill, [Intimidator], none of the eels would get anywhere near her.

It was a pointless event since the Student Council made the third match that way to make sure they would end up losing, but with the way things were going, it looks like they did something unnecessary as seen from the electronic tally board. The Swimming Team was first with 48 points; Zenkichi's team in comparison was 8th with 33 points, not a very good prospect at all for his teammates.

Hopefully we could earn enough points on the next round to do an upset. It would have been unfair if the Student Council knew all the matches," his annoyingly good-looking friend Akune replied.

This event was organized after all to decide on who will be given the increase in club funds Tsk, why does she complicate things anyway?

I didn't think it would be this easy to walk over the Student Council! That woman was just over-reacting! It's supposed to be 3 times the normal amount right!? Maybe he was not expecting such civil reply to his taunting, but no matter, it was irrelevant to Zenkichi.

I could only imagine that something really terrible happened to you, or else nothing could turn you unto such gold diggers. Medaka Kurokami's [Proof of One's Worth: Preaching to the Lesser Mortals]. It was surreal to see confidence turn to doubt with just few words. Go ahead and try! Though anger was also there, as they glared back. Not in water, but in despair! With two members, one in front, and another in the back, acting as the horses for a member to stand on their hands and become the lancer.

It was a cavalry battle. Whether you end up crying or smiling, the winner will be decided by the outcome of this battle! Exactly which club will walk away with the extra funds today!? Below the president were the two flunkies, the handsome one behind, and the deceptively average, from what the bespectacled woman said, guy in front.

It was quite a sight for members of the same team to bicker with each other but any advantage was a welcome one for her. On her side, Yakushima was in front while Tanegashima was at the back, confidence on high as they were leading the pack as seen from the tally board.

With that, she could almost smell the intoxicating scent of Million Yen plus the amount they would win after the event. They were now a lot closer to their dream. There isn't a thing in this universe I don't know! The Straight-liner and Chaotic Shiranui-chan! You win by taking your opponent's headband.

If you fall into the water, you lose. If we do things the traditional way, the teams low on points won't have a prayer of a chance. That's why we're going to do it like a quiz show! Your points won't be based simply on how many headbands you get, but by the quality of the headbands you take.

If you take the headband of a high-ranking team, you get more points! In other words, if you take the top ranking team's headbands, you get 16 points! Whereas the lowest ranking team will only earn you 2 points, the 2nd place gets you 15 points, 3rd place 14 points and so on!

I love you too, Zenkichi! Even if she was greedy of money, Mogana was still a teenage high-school girl. She then shook her head to compose herself as she saw the President scolding him by a strong smack on his head. She released a sigh as no one noticed the minor slip up. Was that a confession? Our enemy is right in front of us!

So, if they get our headband, they'll be in first place. However, if we get their headband for 9 points, we will have a 15 point lead against the track team. Even if the Track team manages to get the headband of the Orchestra Club who's in 3rd place, we'll still be fine. It was an astute observation, same as she was thinking. This isn't a rule to give the lower ranking teams a chance to take a lead.

The rules were made so that we the constituents and the Student Council will fight it out! If we take the 7th place team's headband, we gain an extra point on our lead. Let's do that and the money and the promised reward would be ours," Tanegashima agreed. But before the Swimming Team could start their plan, the President's team began moving towards them.

After getting this far, you're going to run away now? Don't be like that and fight us! I'll teach you that there's something more important than money.

I'm gonna change you guys from being Money Zombies. More important than money!? As if there are things more important than that.

Such nonsense are only spouted by spoiled rich brats who haven't experienced how cruel the real world is! I'm going to drop that spoiled girl! She forgot the prize money. She even forgot the Million Yen reward. In that particular moment, the only driving force for her was her anger towards the spoiled girl grinning in front of her, to get rid of that nonsense on that girl's spoiled head.

Gritting her teeth, Mogana pressed on forward with all of her might, still glaring at spoiled girl in front of her. However, to her annoyance, the grin was still plastered on the beast woman's face, somehow utterly enjoying the confrontation. And it frightened her. The Student Council and the Swimming Team! Would you call them evenly matched, Shiranui-san? If we're only talking about their physical abilities, Madam President wins by a long shot.

But the horse is made of two people right? If the two that make the horse don't cooperate, the lancer will lose their balance. So whether they're in water or not, the teamwork of the Swimming Team is better than that of the Student Council's. Just preventing herself from falling was taking a toll on her body; her training somewhat ignored by the enemy in front of her by still having that leisurely grin on her face. But she won't give up, would never give up, not to a princess like the one in front of her.

I really do mean that.

【PV】Medaka Box Abnormal - Hitoyoshi Zenkichi vs. Munakata Kei

Style is also uneffective against frenzied enemies and enemies that cannot understand words. Devil Style nullifies any plot manipulation he would have gained from being a hero, not just his enemy.

Because Zenkichi has been together with Medaka since they were two, he has trained his body so that he can stay by her side. Zenkichi is very strong, causing a small earthquake with only a stomp, and was able to survive being skewered by six blades at once. Zenkichi using Savate against Kumagawa. Zenkichi is a master of Savate, a French style which focuses mainly on footwork, having honed his skill to such an extent that he possesses an almost impenetrable defense.

According to Zenkichi, he learned this style because he fears fighting and uses it to disarm opponents and take away their desire to fight. His mother claims to have taught him the basics of Savate. He is somewhat trained in judo, well enough that he doesn't cheat in matches even though his actual skills are less than those of Medaka and Akune. Zenkichi has also studied on how to disassemble guns even rocket launchersjust in case something ever happened to Medaka.

After the underground battle with the Flask Plan, Zenkichi learned the technique for walking on walls. Zenkichi uses this skill for escapes, and can run up the side of a building while holding someone in his arms. Tactics of Naze Youka: Zenkichi has been trained by Youka Naze to fight with his eyes closed.

This was done as a countermeasure due to his crippling fear of Kumagawa. Furthermore, Zenkichi was able to utilize his own terror to "feel Kumagawa's disgusting existence" through his skin, even if his opponent kept silent. Without his brain needing to process visual information, Zenkichi can become stronger and faster, which has been referred to as his "Artificial War God Mode.

Instead of becoming paralyzed, he trembles even more in order to perform a powerful, ground quaking stomp. Abnormalities Zenkichi with Parasite Seeing activated.