Mother and children relationship

A Child's Relationship With Their Mother

mother and children relationship

Our relationship with our mother is key to our development throughout our lives; here are six ways it can go wrong. Parent-child interactions are personal and often private. All children form mental images of what relationships in the real world look like based on their connections to their mothers; these daughters understand.

The type of relationship you have with your mother largely shapes your current relationships. For example, if your mother was overly concerned about you, in your adult life you might have difficulty accepting tenderness from others.

Maternal bond

Or, if your mother was overly controlling, you may be sensitive on this point, and consider even simple questions as an attempt to control you. The authors identified six types of unhealthy mother-child relationships.

6 Types of Unhealthy Mother Son Relationships

She is emotionally inaccessible. She is characterized by constant self-control, which makes it impossible to establish a bond with her. She experiences frequent mood changes, which can lead her child to be afraid of trusting her.

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She cannot cope with her problems and feels overwhelmed by what the child brings into her life. The Controlling Mom The Controlling Mom is sure she knows what is best, and her attitude makes it difficult or even impossible for her child to grow as a person. Such mothers create a sense of guilt in adult children when they try to become independent and attempt to go beyond the control of their parents.

mother and children relationship

Some of the behaviors they use include showing indifference, using emotional blackmail, or showing anger and hostility. They want everything to be the way they want it.

The adult children of this kind of mother are driven to be the best and to satisfy the needs of others. Be clear with your child when setting a limit. Remember, once you tell your child what to do, you must follow through. If the child does not listen to what you said, it may be necessary to help her complete the task.

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For example, you might walk with her to put the cup of water in the sink. Being able to form a healthy and safe attachment with your son or daughter begins with you taking care of yourself. As a mom, you are often busy, and stress can really wear you down. Just like your child, the first step is to meet basic needs i. Without enough sleep or food, you cannot be at your best. When these needs are met, it is important to think about how you deal with stress.

Do you let it build up until you explode with anger and frustration? Do you take it out on your family and kids?

mother and children relationship

Do you feel sad and hopeless? These are all common reactions to stress and you deserve some support.

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You can also find small ways to cope with your stress every day. Throughout the day, emotions are constantly changing — happy to sad, sad to frustrated, annoyed to angry — the list goes on.

Stop Walk out of the room Take deep breaths Count to 10 Take a sip of water or listen to music.