Mulder and scully relationship fanfiction fifty

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mulder and scully relationship fanfiction fifty

I am now Mulder's Woman There is an extremely hot sex scene in it featuring " Mulder and Scully" and plenty Click here to see The Fifty List at It includes some original-flavor Mulder and Scully banter. And as a bonus for us romantics, the most elusive of all X-Files phenomena: ACTUAL. The pairing is commonly denoted as MSR - Mulder Scully Relationship - in fanfiction headers. This is where the term shipper comes from.

He wasn't answering his cell phone, and there was no sign of him at his apartment. The alarm bells went off in Frohike's head when he realized that Dana Scully was panicking. He said that you were having enough trouble sleeping. He wrote you a note but in typical Muldy fashion, he brought it with him. The police called him—some neighborhood kids had broken in and they were using it as a party palace," Frohike continued to explain. They asked him to drive up today to assess the damage.

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He wanted to get it over with, so he left right after he got the call. He'll be back this afternoon. If you want to come over, we're all not doing much today. We even just happen to have some of your favorite beer in the fridge. Frohike knew that Mulder turned his phone off when he was spending some quality time with Kyle, but that he checked his messages frequently.

Luckily, you and I rehearsed our cover story. She's coming over here for pizza and beer, and I suggest that you make your original flight and get your ass here. It's not fair to her, it's not fair to your son, and it's not fair to you. Your daughter's dead so I'm off to see my kid who I for got to tell you about.

Have a nice weekend? That would break her heart. He looked up at Byers and Langly, who stared back at him blankly. It looks as those she's still in DC. No activity on her card this afternoon," he said, choosing his words carefully.

mulder and scully relationship fanfiction fifty

Hang tight, it'll be fine. They let themselves into the apartment. Langly made a beeline to the phone. Byers saw the suitcase by the door, and lifted it, noting that it was still packed. He poked his head in the living room, where he saw a pillow and blanket messily thrown on the sofa. Nothing out of the ordinary—since the "Sculdervelopment" as the trio had nicknamed Mulder and Scully's relationship shift, Scully's apartment was never as pristine as it was before her abduction.

He ventured towards the bedroom—the door was open, and he saw a sleeping figure curled up on one side of the bed. Immediately, the others ran to him. He held up a prescription bottle for their inspection. She's not used to them. She probably popped them when she came in to sleep.

You know she has trouble sleeping when he's not around. See how long it takes to get out of your system. He emerged from the living room a couple of minutes later. She's more underweight than the average user, so it may be longer. Feel free to ask me," Scully said. The trio whipped their heads around, looking at a yawning Scully, clad in tattered sweatpants and a grey t-shirt. Frohike looked at it. He looked up, and saw that Scully was pretending not to hear it. The ringers to her phones were off.

She didn't look too surprised to see us. Can I talk to her? I'll have her call you when she gets out. What are you guys holding out on me? We don't know anything for certain beyond that. He had been going stir-crazy since he had wrapped up his panel earlier that morning.

We protected you for as long as we could, but it's not our job to lie for you anymore. She deserves to have this conversation with you, not us.

For as much as he hated to admit it, Frohike had been right all along. I'm getting the next flight out of this godforsaken city. It bounced off the television console and landed on the floor with a clatter. In protecting the two people he loved most in the world, he had somehow fucked everything in his life up. He always knew that his lies would catch up with him, and now that it had finally happened, he had to think of a way to fix everything.

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mulder and scully relationship fanfiction fifty

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The question is who can she recruit to take part in her little remedy experiment? You can't see the water from here, but it's a two minute walk down the slope.

I'm sure Kyle's down there right now. The past few months had been bumpy, to say the least. Mulder was still haunted by the image of Scully's stricken face when he had walked through her apartment door after returning from Philadelphia ten weeks earlier. His normally stoic partner was practically shaking, and refused to look him in the eye until they were alone. The Gunmen had excused themselves, and all three had given Mulder looks of death as they filed out of her apartment.

Mulder couldn't blame them, not really.

mulder and scully relationship fanfiction fifty

He had made his bed, and was now lying in it. They had all warned him that something like this would happen, and instead of facing the problem head on, he let it get out of control. Up until the moment that the door clicked behind Langly, Mulder had been convinced that Scully would have thrown him out before he could get a chance to be alone with her. She looked unusually frail with bare feet, clad in flannel pajama bottoms and one of his old grey t-shirts. Her red hair was practically curly, something which he secretly loved because it usually meant they were too busy in bed for her to straighten her hair, a near-religious daily ritual which she usually undertook first thing in the morning.

Scully chewed on her lower lip, turning to face Mulder for the first time since he walked through the front door, which he had opened with his key. How could she have been so stupid, she thought. Stupid Dana, her conscience chimed, of course this relationship would have never worked out. Silly girl, falling in love with a man like Fox Mulder, giving him the key to your apartment—and your heart—without a second thought.

She shut her eyes as the bile crept up her throat, trying to drown those whispers of insecurity that she had fought against most of her adult life. And I swear to God, if you lie, or if you leave anything out, even if I don't find out until later, I will walk away.

So make your choice, Mulder. Dana Scully, the queen of evasion, wanted them to lay all of their cards on the table. He took a moment and then followed her into the kitchen. Scully spun around, batting her hair away from her eyes.

mulder and scully relationship fanfiction fifty