North and south richard armitage ending relationship

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north and south richard armitage ending relationship

The BBC didn't harbor huge expectations for the series, coming as it did in But then, a few weeks later, the fourth installment of North & South ended with a It's hard to see at first: North & South has the marriage plot of an. In the end, my fascination with the series had to do with the confluence of its content and what It took me months to realize all the facets of that relationship. If what What's beautiful about Richard Armitage in North & South?. Everyone loves the BBC North and South, but it fails Gaskell's The third offer of marriage comes from Mr. Bell on the heels of Mr. Hale's death. . After reading the book, I'm completely annoyed by the movie ending.

The mute but comely Ann serves her purpose well. And the viewer is also expected to notice that John has no real interest Ann Latimer, even though she is finishing-school-perfect and mother-approved.

north and south richard armitage ending relationship

Margaret never steps foot in the mill either. Adding mill scenes was essential in the film adaptation. The viewer absolutely needed to see the vivid reality of the world John lived in day in and day out. The moment Margaret slides that door open to enter his realm is unforgettable filmmaking magic. He does mention, however, that he would love to have Margaret as his caretaker or his charge. But portly or lithe, I love Mr. Bell for his wit, his keen eye, and his appreciation for Margaret and Thornton.

north and south richard armitage ending relationship

The film only hints at this special friendship that developed between teacher and pupil. Hale in his grief after Mrs.

Playing John Thornton by Richard Armitage

Margaret notices this gentle and profound side of Mr. She put Christian morality into all her books. My costumes were quite heavy fabrics and there were flaws — there was a big patch on the knee which was darned — and so that gives your costume a biography, as it were.

north and south richard armitage ending relationship

You look at her face and you just want to kiss her. We did have a lot of fun doing that!

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The three characters that I realised contributed to three quarters of Thornton were Margaret, Hannah, and Higgins, and working with those actors really gave me my character. Brian created such an easy working atmosphere and a good democracy with the cast and crew that everyone felt very liberated and free and inspired on a daily basis. So although everyone was attempting to be as accurate as possible, if you look at the way that people look and the way that the camera works, it works almost like another character.

So you get very close to the action. And also the style of playing, the acting, was leaning towards making it as contemporary as possible, so that it resonated with a contemporary audience rather than alienating it. To act that was not difficult because I felt the sense of loss of her leaving, so that was a very important moment. That was a very nice way to spend an afternoon. It was the largest TV role he had undertaken, and it won him legions of new fans. It also changed his perspective on his career and his ambitions.

But it surpassed all my expectations.

Playing John Thornton by Richard Armitage – North and South

I see the similarities of the characters and the nature of their relationship. Eventually, a message board had to be set up on the BBC website especially for discussions about North and South.

north and south richard armitage ending relationship

Richard Armitage was surprised at the reaction to him and his performance in North and South. We live in a sexually liberated society and I can understand how people crave the emotional and physical restraint of that period. Up to that point I had never had a review, so it was interesting to see how people received my work.

I try to be quite a detailed actor. People were really picking up on that. What are we to do with such a man? The contrast of temperaments, regions, and classes between nouveau pauvre Margaret Hale Daniela Denby-Ashe and nouveau riche John Thornton Richard Armitage proves more obstacle than frisson of potential love.

I think his clothes do more — and they beg beg, I tell you! At first glance his clothes may appear synonymous with the drab greys, blacks, and dark blues of the North, which contrast so much with the vivid sunlight and colors of the South. In the first two episodes Thornton usually looks as he does here: Being hatless in the first two episodes becomes a contrast to Episode 3, when he dons the hat far more frequently after being refused by Margaret.

10 Years Later, ‘North & South’ Remains the Greatest Period-Drama Miniseries of All Time

It signals his becoming more shut off emotionally, and also more beset by financial worries. Every time I watch it I marvel that they got it right. Plus, I just like this little give-and-take between mother and son: What business has she?

What right has she to turn up her nose at you?