Papa smurf and smurfette relationship

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papa smurf and smurfette relationship

"I'm Papa Smurf," he sneers, waving around a figurine of their . it will focus on Smurfette's origin story and her relationship with Gargamel, say. The village has one old man, Papa Smurf (voice of Jonathon Winters), and younger Smurfs, who live together in a family-like relationship. All but one of the. Papa Smurf generally refers to the Smurfs who are much younger than he is as Papa Smurf has a father/daughter relationship with Sassette, who calls him.

From an off-hand comment by Smurfette, the Smurfs then realized that she was Gargamel's creation, and put her on trial for her unwitting allegiance. Although acquitted, Smurfette realized the trouble her continued presence was causing and decided to leave the Smurf village.

The Smurfs got their revenge on Gargamel by using the same process that he had used to create Smurfette, but in this case they built a human-sized, wart -covered, ugly old hag who spoke in Smurf language and chased the horrified sorcerer all over the forest.

Smurfette returned occasionally to the village, though she found that her presence still aroused conflict. When the Smurfs argued about which one should marry her, she herself announced that she would take Grouchy Smurfwho had customarily stated "I hate marriage", thus making her point that the subject was closed. The Smurfs then moderated their passion for her, worshipping from a distance, and she settled permanently in the village.

She even learned to speak in Smurf language when previously she had spoken in straight human speech in accordance with Gargamel's magic.

Her influence could still be used for positive actions. But when it was later announced that the winner would get a kiss from Smurfette, this produced a mad rush for the signing-in office. Cartoon series[ edit ] The Hanna-Barbera cartoon series of the Smurfsintroduced inhad her as an actual Gargamel spy and saboteur who intentionally tries to disrupt life in the village.

She was magically created from blue clay"sugar and spice but nothing nice, crocodile tears, half a pack of lies, a chatter of a magpie, and the hardest stone for her heart". Working for Gargamel, Smurfette makes several failed attempts to defeat the Smurfs.

In the dam incident, she used a slice of cake to lure Greedy Smurf into opening it. When Greedy tried to close the dam again, Smurfette yanked it back. Greedy soon caught on, all the tugging eventually threw Smurfette off balance and she promptly fell into the river. With the entire village angrily aware of her treachery, Smurfette finally admitted her slavery to Gargamel and tearfully offered to submit to the Smurfs' judgement.

The Smurfs' kindness to Smurfette caused her to want nothing else than to be a real Smurf, so Papa Smurf absolved her of her guilt and offered to try to free her by making her a real Smurf. Papa Smurf magically undid some of Gargamel's spells and consequently turned Smurfette into a more beautiful creature. Her hair grew and became blonde.

papa smurf and smurfette relationship

Her dress became frillier. It's just a leash that Papa Smurf smurfs me on, but it doesn't stop me from smurfing my way with all my fellow Smurfs. The Luckiest Smurf story series, marriages are part of their culture, though the last known case of any Smurfs marrying prior to the present time in the series was when Papa Smurf's fellow Smurfs had all married and became parents of Empath's generation of Smurfs. Although Smurfs are generally considered physically developed and capable of reproducing at years of age, which is when they become adults, societal norms suggest that they must be at least years old to marry and have children, and all unions of that sort must be male and female, as any same-sex unions in their culture are not recognized as marriages if indeed there are any.

Weddings in Smurf culture are conducted in a similar manner to human weddings, with a Smurf assigned as the designated minister who invokes the blessings of Mother Nature and Father Time upon the union.

Brides are accompanied by a maid of honor, bridesmaids, and a flower girl, while grooms are accompanied by a best man, ushers, and a ring bearer.

papa smurf and smurfette relationship

Brides are given a bridal shower of gifts while grooms are given a bachelor party to celebrate the end of their innocence. On the day of the wedding, the bride wears the same colored hat as her husband to indicate who she belongs to, as maiden Smurfs generally wear white hats until the wedding.

Usually marriages are consummated through the intimate private ritual of " getting under one's hat " during the honeymoon. One known recent marriage among the Smurfs is that of Empath Smurf and Smurfettewhich took place about 10 years after Empath's final return from Psychelia. The product of that marriage was a daughter named Psycheliana Smurfettewho was born about five years after the wedding.

The other is that of Papa Smurf marrying Flowerbell the woodnymph in order to rescue her from being married to Avarice the imp, though the relationship was short-lived, as immediately after the wedding, the couple ended up going their separate ways. It is assumed that the rest of Empath's generation had found mates and married in the years following Psycheliana's birth. Though two adult Smurfs of opposite sexes of any age can consent to a marriage, societal norms suggest that only Smurfs of the same physical age can marry.

As in mainstream Smurfs media, Papa Smurf has attempted to express a desire to marry Smurfette, but even as that desire was perverted by his exposure to "pheromone cologne" which mutated him and amplified his desire, Smurfette never reciprocated in kind, saying that she could only love Papa Smurf as a father and nothing more.

In an alternate timeline explored by Traveler Smurfhowever, Smurfette fell in love with and married Papa Smurf, much to the disgust and consternation of her fellow Smurfs. The act of Papa Smurf having a daughter through Smurfette drove much of the village into a rebellion led by Empath that drove the new family as well as Polaris Psyche out of the village. Tapperwho believes that the Almighty was the creator of marriages by uniting the first man and the first woman together upon their creation, prays for his fellow Smurfs' marriages to be "bound with threefold cords that cannot quickly be broken", referencing Ecclesiastes 4: A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

In Psychelian culture In Psychelia, since any form of physical intimacy is considered taboo, Psyches of the same gender are paired together in a bonding ritual that would make them lifelong partners, allowing them to enter into a "dream space" through a dream sharing technique.

The bonding ritual basically consists of Psyches removing the gloves of their bodysuits and touching the palms of each other's hands while emitting a pulse of telepathic energy through them, which at that point they both know who their partner is. It is through Empath bonding with his fellow Psyche Polaris that his partner learned that Empath was a Smurf and helped him control his emerging behaviors while still living in Psychelia.

While Psychelian culture may consider Empath's pairing with Polaris a technical form of marriage, Empath's and Polaris' feelings for each other are more closer to being brothers as neither of them feel any sort of attraction toward each other.

Tapperalthough devout in the belief that homosexuality is unnatural, likens Empath's and Polaris' relationship with each other to being like that of David and Jonathan from the Holy Bibleof which David said upon his partner's passing that his love for him surpassed that of "the love of women". In the alternate timeline explored by Traveler and Empath in "Hefty, The Luckiest Smurf", where Empath was forced to return to Psychelia, he suffered a condition of a constant hormonal spike that required him to physically mate with someone.

To resolve this situation, the Psyche Master commanded Cassiopeiaa female Psyche, to be Empath's mate in order to quell his desires. In other cultures Marriage is more common among races consisting of two genders than it is among those of a single gender. Wartmonger society does not think very highly on marriage, as the males and females of their society are segregated from each other and rarely interact unless it is to engage in prostitutionor in the worst cases, sexual abuse.

Nevertheless, marriage does exist if males and females truly love each other and do not care about the consequences of their cohabitation in Wartmonger society. In the Mirror Universe, while Papa Smurf and Smurfette are both married to each other, Smurfette tends to be very unfaithful to her marriage and polyamorous in her relationships with her fellow Smurfs.

Papa Smurf disapproves of this behavior with Smurfette, but allows it only on the grounds that his little Smurfs know that she is his wife first and foremost. Humans Humans are a two-gendered race and marriage is a part of their culture and highly revered in the Middle Ages.

papa smurf and smurfette relationship

Several members of royalty fall in love and get married in the series which will be revealed later. Smurfs In the Smurf Village, marriage has been on the minds of adult Smurfs even before Smurfette's introduction, but has become more prominently sought after as a result of her presence.

Over the course of the next five years, Traveler saw the relationship between Papa Smurf and Smurfette being nothing more than what seemed to be father and daughter, as it originally was up until when Papa Smurf underwent that brief transformation.

Papa Smurf & Mama Smurfette/Part 4

He did notice, however, that when the woodnymph named Flowerbell came into the village and Papa Smurf fell in love with her, Smurfette seemed to feel a bit of jealousy, though she managed to keep it in check throughout her brief stay. He also noticed from time to time that when Smurfette was alone by herself, she would be thinking of Papa Smurf, and there were also some times when Smurfette would choose to do things for Papa Smurf just to be near him.

But for the most part, there was nothing going on between them that spoke of the kind of love between lovers. Then Empath came into the village. Again Smurfette swooned when she saw him for the first time, and Sassette giggled right alongside her, wishing to be in Smurfette's shoes right at that moment.

They both acted like they wanted Empath for their very own. And again, Empath felt the same attraction toward her that every Smurf around his age was feeling. He too wanted Smurfette to be his one true love for all time. But then Papa Smurf got between the two of them before a real relationship could form.

He again turned into a love-crazed muscular Smurf from being exposed to a mixture of a "pheromone cologne" and various other chemicals.

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He again chased after Smurfette, who seemed to have no idea what Papa Smurf wanted with her. Empath again had a doll made in Smurfette's image with her scent coming from it, attracting Papa Smurf long enough for him to mate with the doll instead of her.

And again it brought Papa Smurf back to normal, making him feel ashamed of how he felt toward Smurfette. But this time, when Smurfette visited the bedridden Papa Smurf after Empath brought him back from the forest, she politely asked Empath to excuse himself while she spoke to Papa Smurf in private. Empath nodded, though with a bit of curiosity. The truth is, there's no other Smurf in the village that makes me feel more in my heart than you do. I know this sounds unsmurfy because I am younger than you, but I don't really care about that or what other Smurfs think.

All I know is, I love you and I will always love you! Was this really true? Smurfette answered that question by kissing him on the mouth. She allowed him to rest quietly while she walked out of his house, feeling relieved to tell him. From that point on, things slowly started to change in the village. Though Empath still remained friendly with Smurfette, hoping that someday she would consider him as a potential lover but not trying to push her too hard in that direction, he found himself constantly rejected time and again whenever he asked Smurfette out for a romantic get-together.

Papa Smurf also started to change as well. At first, it seemed nothing more than him having more energy and more inclination to do things with his little Smurfs during the daytime. But Empath suspected something a bit more than that, and whatever that was, it would not prove to be beneficial. One evening Empath was passing by Smurfette's house when he noticed Papa Smurf waiting by her door with a small bouquet of flowers in his hand. To any Smurf, even to Empath, it would seem very unusual for Papa Smurf to be paying Smurfette a visit near nightfall.

So again, this smurf wants to know what you are doing here right now. Someday, when you find the one other person that you truly care for, you will undersmurf what I mean by that.

Empath noticed that Smurfette did not appear to be dressed for bed, and was wearing a perfume.