Park shin hye and jung yong hwa relationship trust

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park shin hye and jung yong hwa relationship trust

I can trust and rely on them all. starring Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-suk ended on the 15th with its I think our relationship has become more chummy recently. . [+, -7] She's still with Jung Yonghwa just that they're too busy to see each other that often but they're still happily together. For bringing the Tae Kyung, Minam, Shin Woo & Jeremy characters to life, I salute Park Shin Hye, Jang Keun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Hong Ki. Mar 5, When you're as handsome, talented and successful as Jung Yong Hwa, and popular actress Park Shin Hye and Girls' Generation's Seohyun.

Shin is head over heals for the dance teacher. Episode where the female realizes she is in love with the male: The end of the second episode Kyu-won gets to see Shin play with his band in which she is completely mesmerized. Because it is soooo hard to fall for cute lead singers in a rock bands……. Episode where the male realizes he may return the girls feelings: When Shin finds out that Kyu-won found the lost necklace that he kind of jerkishly made her look for.

I mean for reals who asks someone to search for a dainty necklace somewhere in the grass. Then again who seriously looks that long for something like.

Episode in which lead males tells female not to stop liking him: Episode 8 at the end after they ran from the security guards who were putting the kibosh on the fireworks festivities. Lee Shin throws Lee Kyu-won a bone by telling he that she does not need to stop liking him while she is wondering where the others ran off to.

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Then she gave a look of shock……. He is completely taken aback on why she might find this a tad offensive. Side note — In hindsight lighting fireworks off of a random balcony may not be the smartest plan but that is what you get for listening to any ideas that hungry drummer boy comes up with. The trip that brings the couple closer together: The student trip to the beach.


Lee Shin and Lee Kyu-won gets sent out to buy some fruit to go with dinner so they go to a bustling outdoor market where Kyu-won wants to haggle something fierce for a watermelon. Shin turns around and can not find her and quickly becomes worried that she is hurt or worse.

When he finally finds Kyu-won, she is ecstatic that she finally haggled someone down to a good price for the stupid melon.

park shin hye and jung yong hwa relationship trust

Unfortunately Kyu-won does not quite understand why Shin is upset especially when he snubs her at dinner. After this their relationship is to the next level — Hand Holding. Major Accidents or Sickness: Episode 7 or 8. Lee Kyu-won trips and falls down the stairs. He wanted, needed, to hear that he was her best choice, her ONLY choice. Even if it meant making a beeline for the stairs as he reached her building.

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She whipped around to find him on the other side of the paned glass, the surprise in her face turning into a smile as she ran to let him in. He handed her the long stemmed flower he ordered right before he left for the airport. She beamed and gave him a quick hug, then motioned him to the studio, prepping him to join her in the run thru of the routine.

They always do this before fanmeets, and while this would be her solo, she enganged him in her rehearsal like it was the most natural thing in the world. Ah, this was the kind of welcome he always wanted to go home to. It almost made him feel that he had her heart in the bag. Almost, he thought, but not quite, as he eyed the bouquets lining up the shelves, the different arrangements all screaming open admiration from their senders.

He looked at the single bloom that she placed on the chair beside his, noting how measly it looked as compared to the many others. He is returning her call, after heeding her request on Twitter to show his face.

park shin hye and jung yong hwa relationship trust

Every point counts after all. Did everything go as planned? He does have a backup plan, in case this approach gets jeopardized. But so far, so good. My fans are the greatest. The shyness in her voice catches his attention. Something must have happened in the FM, and he is dying of curiosity.

Guys like him are used to being placed in that kind of compromising questioning.

park shin hye and jung yong hwa relationship trust

While he has not been dishonest in his answers, he has mastered the art of skirting these questions and the skill of being vague. But Shin Hye … It is true that she is in showbiz, but the girl is too innocent for her own good at times.

She was so bad at outright lying for the sake of fan service, so she never really tried. He knows she would survive it somehow, but for someone as pure as she is to be put on the spot must have made her feel uncomfortable. Then again, this is Shin Hye.

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Her popularity started skyrocketing in China as well after 'The Inheritors' and 'Pinocchio' became big hits in the region, and Park Shin Hye said, "It is all thanks to so many senior actresses that 'The Inheritors' and 'Pinocchio' could make such big hits at overseas. I still have a long way to go compared to them. Korean dramas are very well known for realistic settings and stories, and I think that is why so many people at overseas love our dramas.

Many people were surprised to see me on 'You're Beautiful' as well.

Jung Yong Hwa Clears Up Dating Rumors with Park Shin Hye and Seohyun

She also told that she is still keeping in touch with almost everyone who she had worked with in the past. Director Park Shin Hye said, "Director Hong Sung Chang told me that he is very proud of me, and he also told me that he feels as if I am his own daughter.

They visited me to a police station that I was having a shooting at, and I was so surprised. I love them so much. However, she told that she still has a lot more to show. I also feel a lot of fun in my work, and I am very looking forward to future challenges. I am very curious about what new things I will get to do.