Pices and leo relationship

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pices and leo relationship

To find a perfect match, read the complete horoscope for Pisces and Leo compatibility in love, sex life, marriage relationship, and other personality traits. Are your signs compatible? Read your Leo and Pisces love matcher horoscope by The AstroTwins to learn about your signs in love. In this relationship, Leo will often burst the bubble of Pisces' sensitive world, and the lack of trust and security will be felt immediately. Their best chance lies in a.

Theirs can be a magical courtship and Pisces in particular can quickly become infatuated with all that Leo appears to be. What Dreamer can resist the attentions of a Royal, after all?

pices and leo relationship

For a start, their social life preferences are very different, with Pisces preferring privacy and Leo craving attention. More importantly, this couple operates on very different levels emotionally.

Leo is open and expressive of his or her emotions, while Pisces is often overwhelmed by feeling and struggles to put them into words.

As a result, Leo will vent his or her feelings, while Pisces will withdraw and fail to communicate. This will anger Leo further, and this in turn will drive Pisces further underground.

pices and leo relationship

Elementally, this is a fire and water match. They are bright, noticeable leaders, movers and shakers, and they have really big lion hearts. Pisces is someone who is excellent at understanding unconditional love and their mission is to express unconditional love. It's not an easy route and many Pisces can have a hard time with their mission and where they are headed. Leo wants to bring about the warmth of the world, they want to win your affections, they also are pretty loving and protective.

They enjoy being doted on and they also love making you laugh, think, everything. I love the warmth of Leos and how much they care about the people that are in their pack. Leo does not like it when its affection is taken away from them.

If they are not being loved enough, they get pouty or confused. Pisces loves to give and give and give. Pisces wants to make sure people feel loved, that they get their own attention, and they grow with someone. Pisces and Leo are both signs that desire relationships.

They may confuse each other for coming from different temperaments, but since they both really strongly desire love and affection Leo wants it all, it wants to have a give and take relationship.

A Leo is more yang and a Pisces is more yin.

pices and leo relationship

Think of Leo as the sun in the sky and Pisces as a moon to cater to its energy. Leo may enjoy this as opposed to dating someone in the same element, because two fire signs can feel like you are both trying to pull the wagon, but in different directions or for different reasons.

Leo Takes Charge Leo will peacock. They like to chase and have someone's affection. They are quite easy to read when in love. They wear their heart openly. It upsets Leo if you give too little in the relationship.


Remember sweet, gentle Pisces you must be tender with a Leo's ego. They hold their ego dearly, and it can hurt them quite sharply if you ram through them with criticism. Leo will appreciate if you think before you speak. Leo will honor you with loyalty and will make sure you are okay.

Pisces would sacrifice itself for its Leo -- or for any cause it finds worthy. Leo should remember to give to the Pisces and not just receive their partner's affection. Leo can be good at returning love, but don't get conceited and think you're the only one in the relationship. Leo does well to train itself with humility rather than get rammed over by entitlement. Leo needs to be gentle with Pisces, and Leo has this capability, remember Pisces can get overwhelmed by too much conflict or too much anger.

A peaceful Leo will help tender the relationship better than an aggressive Leo. Wisdom for Pisces Pisces needs to step up and make sure that they speak about where they feel.

pices and leo relationship

Where they may encounter turbulence… Jealousy is a prime source of turbulence. We probably need to talk about mental health too. Both burn and crash — but Leo goes into resistance and denial. Looking out for each other and listening to each other is critical for stability. When Leo and Pisces fall in love… Leo is a fire element sign — impetuous and very much a rampant bush fire when falling in love. It becomes frustrating because Pisces is never out of a relationship and is likely to have two or three love interests on the go — Leo may well confront them and claim possession which causes the first of many blazing rows.

As a water element sign Pisces is likely to try and douse Leos fire — they are happy with multiple love interests and never feel quite ready to settle down.

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Leo and Pisces sexual compatibility… Its a good match — partly due to the fact that Pisces is very chameleon and able to adjust their bedroom play to the needs and wants of their partner. Pisces romantic history usually means they have had a greater range of sexual experiences and can seamlessly move the Lion to new positions and proposals. Leo spends their life thinking they are in charge of what goes on in the bedroom but if you look closely the master is really Pisces.