Radhika pandit and yash relationship quiz

Level-headed love: Radhika Pandit and Yash

radhika pandit and yash relationship quiz

The filmi couple, who are set to get married next month, open up about their relationship. In a video message posted on his Facebook page, the actor announced that he and wife Radhika Pandit are expecting their first child. Yash. Kannada superstar Yash and Radhika Pandit are going to get engaged tomorrow . With this, they have put an end to the speculations around their relationship.

radhika pandit and yash relationship quiz

It was speculated that Yash is dating Radhika since many years. However, the duo never came out in open. They always maintained that they are 'good friends'. Yash never discussed his personal matter with media and said that he would reveal it when time is appropriate. Looks like the time is appropriate now. The duo has however given us many hints. In a popular show, 'Weekend with Ramesh', when Radhika Pandit was the guest, she was asked how should her dream boy must be.

This statement created huge news in Gandhinagar. However finally it has come to rest. They were initially linked as they entered the industry at the same time. They worked together in a serial.

Later they acted in 'Moggina Manasu', which was Radhika's debut film. The media had linked them. However most of the people did not take it seriously as it is common in tinsel town to link people.

Yash & Radhika Wedding Film

Yash entered the film industry in a supporting role in 'Jambada Huduga'. He later made his debut as lead in 'Rocky'.

Engagement bells for Yash and Radhika Pandit

He acted in certain good films, however he was not getting the big commercial hit. He got his big hit in form of 'Kirataka'.

radhika pandit and yash relationship quiz

He got into top league of stars with 'Googly'. There was no looking back after 'Googly' for Yash. All his films after 'Googly' opened to excellent response and also did great lifetime business.

radhika pandit and yash relationship quiz

The film continued its success in long run and ended up being the industry hit of Sandalwood. He followed it up with 'Masterpiece', which broke all the opening records in Sandalwood. You can also catch their wedding live in the below video. Their love story of six years is a classic fairy tale romance. From strangers to best friends to lovers, they have been together through all stages. And even after six years, they are very much in love. In an interview with TOI, they opened up about their first meeting, proposal and their unconventional definition of love definition of love.

radhika pandit and yash relationship quiz

When Radhika met him for the first time, she didn't think he Yash could be her friend. She thought him to be rude and with lots of attitude.

Yash-Radhika Pandit wedding: Here's how their love story began - btcmu.info

As for Yash, he recalled that her mother was also present when he met her for the first time. It just somehow happened that the two got cast together. Radhika and another actor were cast opposite ecah other for a TV serial but somehow, it didn't work out with him and that's when Yash replaced him.

radhika pandit and yash relationship quiz

Even for their first movie together, the same situation arose, when Yash replaced yet another actor. For another film Drama, Radhika replaced the girl. So in other words, like Yash puts it, they were meant to be. Gradually, both went on to become close friends.