Rezko and obama relationship

Barack Obama ally Tony Rezko convicted of corruption - Telegraph

rezko and obama relationship

CHICAGO —. Real estate developer and fast-food magnate Antoin "Tony" Rezko spent years pouring thousands of dollars in campaign. As Barack Obama runs for president, a once-beneficial relationship with Mr. Obama says he never did any favors for Mr. Rezko, who raised. Although Mr Obama has severed his connections with Rezko and the trial barely touched on their relationship, the case has dogged the.

Obama's Rezko connection

If Obama had no interest in the vacant lot next to the home other than the sliver he purchased from Rezko a year laterhe would have no reason to tell Rezko he needed help buying it. The answer is not a contradiction of his first statement.

rezko and obama relationship

We rule this GOP claim False, too. In his interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Obama detailed a relationship that dated back to when Obama was finishing law school at Harvard and Rezko approached him about coming to work for his development company.

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But the two became friends when Obama made his first run for Illinois state Senate. Rezko was a key supporter and fundraiser for Obama. When Obama ran for U. Senate inRezko served on his finance committee and was a significant fundraiser.

rezko and obama relationship

Rezko even hosted a fundraising event in his home. In the March interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Obama said he still considered Rezko a friend, though he had not spoken to him since his indictment. That was October Obama said that if elected president, he would not pardon Rezko for his corruption convictions or reduce his prison time.

rezko and obama relationship

Any implication that Obama actively continues to maintain a friendship with Rezko — getting together, even speaking on the phone — is misleading. In a Democratic debate in South Carolina on Jan. Public corruption charges[ edit ] In OctoberRezko was indicted along with businessman Stuart Levine on charges of wire fraud, bribery, money laundering, and attempted extortion as a result of a federal investigation known as "Operation Board Games.

Levine pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against Rezko and others. Rezko pleaded not guilty, and the trial related to his charges from Operation Board Games began on March 6, Rezko had told the court that he had no access to money from overseas. Ten weeks into the trial, on April 18, Judge Amy St. Prosecutors opposed the motion for release, saying that Rezko was a flight risk.

Obama's Relationship With Alleged Fixer

Government prosecutors spent 8 weeks presenting their case. Rezko's lawyer, Joseph J.

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Duffy, chose not to present any witnesses, saying that he did not believe that the prosecution had proven the charges. Duffy argued that the prosecution had exaggerated Rezko's influence in state government, and attacked Levine's credibility as a witness. When Blagojevich won the Illinois gubernatorial election inRezko assisted Blagojevich in setting up the state's first Democratic administration in twenty years. Rezko and Republican fundraiser Stuart Levine were charged in a count federal indictment for allegedly using Rezko's influence with public officials to demand millions of dollars in kickbacks from companies that wanted to do business with the state.

Levine and several other witnesses implicated Blagojevich in the schemes.

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After Thomas Rosenberg of Capri threatened to tell authorities, the plan was abandoned. The firm's former senior partner, Allison S. Davis, later went into business with Rezko and, inwas appointed to the Illinois State Board of Investment by Governor Blagojevich at Rezko's request. According to Obama, while the properties had originally been a single property, the previous owners decided to sell the land as two separate lots, but made it a condition of the sales that they be closed on the same date.

rezko and obama relationship

Obama also stated that the properties had been on the market for months, that his offer was the better of two bids, and that Ms. Rezko sold the property to a company owned by her husband's former business attorney.