Rukia and byakuya relationship test

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rukia and byakuya relationship test

I imagine that he'd still send them, even if Byakuya and Rukia weren't aware of their relation. Because probably Aizen would know somehow. Rukia ignored Byakuya as she bit her bottom lip while Unohana-taichou looked But I think it is time that we should disclose our relationship. That moment when Rukia hugged Byakuya, he learned that maybe cutting off his connection to his heart wasn't the bst move. #Bleach.

They were in this together after all. Unohana-taichou looked at Byakuya as she nodded slowly. But I think it is time that we should disclose our relationship.

rukia and byakuya relationship test

Unohana-taichou paced around the room as neither of them spoke. I guess I must congratulate the both of you! Don't you think that this is wrong?

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People fall in love, get married and have babies. Well, it doesn't matter. I'm sure Kuchiki-taichou will sort this out, isn't it, Kuchiki-taichou? Then all is good! No more battling of any hollows or doing anything dangerous, Kuchiki-san. Byakuya and Rukia left the 4th division together in silence, each immersed in their own thoughts. Finally, Rukia decided to speak up. I have always wanted to have a baby with you. Rukia nodded as they slowly walked away from the 4th division.

Takashi Hisana cupped her hand onto her mouth. Had she heard wrongly? She sank down onto the ground as she tried to calm herself down outside the 4th division. Earlier, she had spotted Byakuya and Rukia walking into the 4th division and she had decided to stand outside to eavesdrop on their conversation.

She had thought that one of them was sick and she was curious. She had never expected to uncover the secret of their relationship. She had always thought that Rukia and Byakuya had a very close relationship and that Byakuya was very protective of Rukia.

rukia and byakuya relationship test

But she had never thought that they were really together. She had even suspected that Rukia had some feelings towards Byakuya but she had never expected that their relationship had progressed to this stage. Hisana took her hand away from her mouth and scuttled around quickly to hide in a bush as she heard the door of the 4th division sliding open.

She heard Byakuya and Rukia talking about something and they walked away after that. Feeling safe, she emerged from the bush again as she slowly tried to calm herself down.

It had been almost three hours after Rukia had came back from the 4th division. She was bored of filing paperwork and was very tempted to practice with her zanpakto. She sighed as she stood up and walked out of the 13th division. Ukitake-taichou was sitting at the steps outside as he gave a cheery wave to Rukia. Don't be stuck doing paperwork for a long time, eh? I still need you to lead the squad out to battle sometime. Rukia felt bad instantly. She didn't want to lie to her captain but how could she possibly tell him the truth?

Didn't catch that, Kuchiki. I was just talking to myself. He stood up suddenly and went into the division and came out with a folder with papers soon.

Kurosaki handed me these yesterday. It's some of the stuff they found out about that weird hollow thing and it should be sent to the 12th division for some research.

Rukia nodded, took the folder and made her way to the 12th division. It was a long way to the 12th division but Rukia did not mind. In fact, she was glad that she had the chance to take a walk and do some thinking.

She patted her stomach as she sighed. She's in such a mess now. What if the elders did not allow them to be together? What if they found out about the baby? What if she was kicked out of the Kuchiki clan?

rukia and byakuya relationship test

Millions of questions raced through her mind as the sun shone down warmly on Seireitei. Rukia slowly made her way up the long flight of steps that leads to the 12th division when she heard someone calling out for her from behind. She stopped as she stood beside Rukia. She really doesn't have the mood to deal with Hisana now.

rukia and byakuya relationship test

Hisana glared at Rukia then her gaze went down to Rukia's stomach. We're standing in the middle of the steps now. She was conscious, but her breathing was hoarse, the colour in her skin was extremely pale and her touch was extremely hot. She had a thermometer in her mouth as Isshin was treating her, or at least trying to, since he was a doctor.

Ichigo, Yuzu and Karin were outside Ichigo's room while their father did the analysis, worrying over Rukia's condition. At this, Isshin finally came out with a grim look around him. Ichigo walked quickly to see how her Hollow-fighting partner was.

She looked very peaceful sleeping on his bed, with the thermometer hanging from her mouth, but it pained him to see her so ill.

What if Hisana never told Byakuya about Rukia?

Rukia looked over weakly to him. Ichigo took Rukia's lifeless hand and held it closely. I'll see to it that you get better. Rukia smiled at Ichigo's determination. The two turned to see Renji at the window. He jumped down onto Ichigo's floor. They experience symptoms like what Rukia has. He was indeed one to leek out large amounts of Spirit Energy, being an amateur at controlling it. If you're exposed to more Spirit Energy in this state, it could be long-term.

Rukia was shocked by the analysis made by Renji. But as Renji was heading back to the Soul Society, someone else was lurking in the shadows, witnessing the event. Just then, a different Senkaimon opened before the figure, to reveal the 4th Squad Lieutenant, Isane Kotetsu. The next day, Rukia called Ichigo to his room; he wanted to give Rukia space to heal properly, but she had different ideas.

Ichigo gasped in shock. He didn't know how long Rukia would take to heal, nor the methods used. Both looked up to see Isane poking her head out of the window. Isane then proceeded to climb into Ichigo's room, but she ended up tripping and falling painfully on the floor.

I received intelligence that Ms. Kuchiki has fallen ill. Isane lay Rukia down flat, opening the shirt on her pajamas out slightly and performed a Kido spell to her chest. She took out a syringe from her pocket, unscrewed the safety pin from it and pierced Rukia's arm with it, sucking a tiny portion of her Gigai's blood. I can't place my finger on who would poison you Finally, Isane prepared a test tube of a green liquid. Rukia looked at the pale green fluid strangely, before holding her nose, and gulping it down.

She threw up in her throat slightly when she finished. Kurosaki looking out for you. Quickly, Rukia took a pencil and paper and drew a quick sketch, folding it up and giving it to Isane. Isane took it and respected Rukia's privacy as she pocketed. She went to Ichigo and he came back in. I'll be staying here. Isane climbed over Rukia and was ready to leave.

Both looked out to see Isane sprawled out in pain. Renji turned to see Isane, running towards him. Isane stopped at Renji, puffed out. Kuchiki wanted me to give you this Renji took it expectantly, but was shocked at the contents: Rukia drew a picture of Ichigo and Rukia, in bunny forms, standing over the dead body Evident with the swirly eyes of a bunnified Renji. And the words at the top read 'You are so dead! Renji shivered in fright, confusing the 4th Squad Lieutenant. At the same time however, Byakuya was walking to the same location, coming back from a Calligraphy Lesson, when Toshiro Hitsugaya was walking towards him in the opposite direction.

The two passed without a word, but then, Toshiro broke the silence. Byakuya stopped in his tracks. Or so help me, I will crush all your plans! Byakuya paused, turned away and walked in his destined direction. Your review has been posted.