Siwon and liu wen relationship problems

The Liu Wen And Choi Si Won Dating Rumors Continue : Celebs : KDramaStars

siwon and liu wen relationship problems

Okay, okay, so I know they aren't actually a couple. Yet. And I know he's currently serving his two years in the military, but let's use this as an. Recently, on Hunan TV, the host asked if Liu Wen is really Choi Siwon's girlfriend and she hinted that she is by saying that Siwon will be buying everyone dinner. Chinese model Liu Wen and Super Junior member Choi Si Won were a rumors Liu Wen's manager said he wasn't aware of any relationship.

Chinese New Year is a fun time of the year where we pay tribute to the traditional aesthetic and dress up for this occasion!

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Wearing red is a must for the Spring Festival, but the style also needs to have a mix of modernism, playfulness, while being accented with oriental details. For example, a pair of tasselled earrings paired with any simple styles effortlessly brings liveliness to a festive look during Chinese New Year. Tell us about your most memorable spring festival celebration. February would the most memorable to me; this was the year before my grandmother passed away. I left to Taiwan for a movie shoot immediately after the visit.

It makes me realize the importance to spend more time with my parents. Even Later, in DecemberLiu and Choi were rumored to be in a real relationship. When asked about the truth, she dodged the question and mentioned the caring behavior of Choi.

siwon and liu wen relationship problems

However, their hopes were crushed after Liu turned out to be single. Liu and Choi still remain good friends and she even supported when the singer joined the military in However, Liu confessed that even if she had a lover, she would not have much time for him due to her constant traveling for work.

So, it would not be kind of Liu to make her boyfriend wait for her while she would be abroad shooting and fulfilling professional commitments. Misses New Years But Connects Virtually Liu's modeling job not only hardly leaves time for dating also for the family.

Our favourite Asian celeb couple Liuwen and Siwon love taking selfies on set! | Her World

She has missed a lot of opportunities to spend time with her family due to work commitments. Back inshe mentioned about not being able to celebrate many Chinese New Years due to the date coinciding with the New York Fashion Week. Her mother and grandmother have always been supportive of her modeling career. His Ideal type of woman Choi Siwon has expressed what he likes in a girl. He has explained that his ideal type is someone who has a very good sense of humour, someone who is pure or innocent, and someone who does not smoke.

Siwon also added that he likes someone who is positive and has pure eyes. He also added to say that he would want his wife to be able to understand his job and maintain the household.

Our favourite Asian celeb couple Liuwen and Siwon love taking selfies on set!

But he talked about dating previously like that: My job as an entertainer is the job that is made a decision by the results. And there are not so many women who can understand it.

siwon and liu wen relationship problems

But, every women are same. Fans were shocked as to why he would date someone in the company, and on top of that is just a trainee. Although some fans expressed negatively, other fans have felt that it is okay for Choi Siwon to date whoever he wants whenever he wishes.