Sportacus and stephanie relationship quizzes

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sportacus and stephanie relationship quizzes

Julianna Rose Maurelio, Stephanie from LazyTown, Dead of Take the Unbeatable GlossyNews Bible Quiz Stephanie from Lazy Town. .. and sporticus and Stephanie have more of a father/daughter relationship. If you're. They will be joined on stage by B1 and B2, aka Bananas In Pyjamas, and Sportacus and Stephanie from LazyTown. Adapted from the. Thread: the Stephanie from Lazytown .. is not intended as medical advice or to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.

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Sportacus smiled a little than followed Stephanie to her house and inside. Susanna looked at Sportacus than at Stephanie. Susanna got to her feet and shook Sportacus's hand.

Sportacus started to beep and sighed. Sportacus goes to leave but Stephanie stopped him and hugged him. Stephanie nodded her head and blushed. Sportacus ran off to save Ziggy. Susanna took Stephanie's hand and lead her out of earshot of her uncle. Stephanie ran out of the house. Sportacus saw Stephanie running. Stephanie sat down on the bench outside the wall of the sportsfield.

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Sportacus backflipped over and sat down next to Stephanie. Sportacus smiled than backflipped to Mayor Meanswells's house.

Sportacus knocked on the door. Milford opened the door.

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Susanna walked into the hallway. Sportacus smiled than backflipped to where Stephanie is. Sportacus sat down next to Stephanie. Sportacus grinned than put his arm around Stephanie's shoulder.

Stephanie looked in Sportacus's Icelandic blue eyes. Stephanie looked at Sportacus. Stephanie smiled as Sportacus started to sing. Sportacus moved closer to Stephanie and put his arm around her. Sportagirl is watching from a distance and she just smiled. Sportacus backflipped over them. Sportacus sighed than took the basketball and threw into the hoop.

Sportacus started doing some cool sport moves with the basketball. Stephanie watched him in wonder. Wait hold on here I can't be thinking because he's way too old for me. Sportacus looked over at Stephanie and smiled at her.

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Stephanie felt her checks go flushed with heat. Writing this fanfics has been a great way to forget about life for a while. Trust me as soon as the college semester is over I will get back to my usual updating speed. Thanks again for everything. By 18lzytwner Chapter 1 Stephanie waited for Sportacus' answer. He seemed unsure of what to say. Finally, he opened his mouth to say something. We love each other and we've been seeing each other for five years.

I only want to be with you. I don't want our relationship to get the way of your dreams.

sportacus and stephanie relationship quizzes

Besides you're only eighteen. I don't have to go to a big school to get a good education. I can go to LazyTown Community College. I just want to be by your side forever. Is that so wrong? Can't college take a back seat to our happiness?

Sportacus had no answer for her and she ran away from him and the graduation party. She ran and ran until she was completely out of breath. Usually she would've hidden in the tree house but it wasn't rebuild after its destruction.

Instead she curled up on the nearest park bench and cried.

sportacus and stephanie relationship quizzes

Back at the party, Amanda saw her new friend run away from Sportacus. She decided to discreetly slip away and find out where Stephanie went. It would be up to Sportacus to explain Stephanie's absence. Amanda walked toward the Mayor's house, figuring that maybe Stephanie just went to get something. It was then she saw her friend balled up on a park bench.

Quickly, Amanda went to Stephanie's side and tried to comfort her friend. Stephanie mumbled something through her sobs. Then she wrapped her arms around Amanda.