Stark and lilinette relationship questions

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stark and lilinette relationship questions

Ish. I actually have two questions about my Just curious about Starrk, felt like we didn't get near enough of him. . I think that, most likely, Lilynette was the second-most dominant hollow within the mess of souls after .. In relation to what sort of hollow he was, it's safe to assume he was a Vasto Lorde. Character» Lilynette Gingerbuck appears in 4 issues. Strangely, her relationship with Stark is not that of a normal Espada and a Fracción, instead being more. in this state, the Starrk unit will often sleep, and occasionally wake up to eat, or to use the The first moments you spend with your unit are critical in the development of a good relationship. a Lilynette unit, which should have been sent alongside the Starrk unit. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

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stark and lilinette relationship questions

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Complaints were due yesterday. Thank you for buying the Starrk unit!

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Below are instructions on how to use and properly care for your unit. Please read thoroughly before proceeding to use your new arrancar. Normal Mode-The unit will behave in a lazy manner, and will be fairly apathetic towards absolutely everything. He is not drunk or stoned, so there is no need to worry whilst the Starrk unit is in this condition.

stark and lilinette relationship questions

Orange juice not required for detoxing of marijuana, and no heroine tests are needed. While in this state, the Starrk unit will often sleep, and occasionally wake up to eat, or to use the bathroom. When awake, the Starrk unit shows a complete lack of motivation, and is hopelessly lazy. He is fairly laid-back unless otherwise provoked. If you decided to wake the Starrk unit while the unit is sleeping, all returns and refunds are void.

stark and lilinette relationship questions

This mode, known as Raging Sleep Deprived Mode, will be described later. Differences include not waking up to anything. In this state, even the Lilynette Gingerback unit has difficulty awakening him. Whilst the unit resides in this mode, you may want to check his pulse constantly, because he appears to be dead. Deep, Reflective Mode-Your Starrk unit is highly intelligent, despite his intensely lazy demeanor. While in this mode, the unit will often recite double entendresand give deep input on things such as the meaning of life.

Your Starrk unit will absolutely despise battle in this mode, and will only fight if endangered. The unit is rarely endangered, seeing as most beings vaporize as soon as they enter a one mile radius of him. No worries - we don't believe you will vaporize. But we can't make any guarantees.

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If you do, we cannot be held accountable. He is not to be provoked during this mode. Provocations include bothering the Lilynette unit includedor simply attacking the Starrk unit.

There is no guarantee he will fight back, if he can possibly avoid it. He will most likely block your feeble fists with a sigh. Raging Sleep Deprived Mode- Happens whenever the unit is rudely woken from a siesta by anyone other than a Lilynette unit. The unit will go about and cero most everything.

Is often confused with a PMSing woman during this timeframe.

stark and lilinette relationship questions

The only ways to reseal this mode is to offer him a particularly soft pillow or bed, call a Lilynette unit, drug him, or kill him. Shunsui Kyoraku units and Jushiro Ukitake units are the best for this, but Sousuke Aizen units will suffice. Any damages caused to customer property durring this mode will be your fault. We do not suggest trying to halt the Starrk unit yourself unarmed by a pillow, or the Lilynette unit.

He will more than likely demand a horse, or at least a lasso. It is wise to let him cool down and loose some of his Wild West macho before approaching him and attempting to coax him into returning to urban life. Your coaxing may not work. Please avoid this mode. The only way to trigger it is to intoxicate him or leave him in a desert town for a few days. This does not include Hueco Mundo. Hueco Mundo is not a town. He most certainly will not display it in reaction to you, so don't even try.

Units known to unlock this mode mainly include Tia Halibel units, as well as some random units here and there. This is an abnormality, and is typically referred to as 'Crack Pairing Syndrome. Once the unit has recognized you as its owner or its care-taker, the mode is locked from your access. The first moments you spend with your unit are critical in the development of a good relationship.

However, this must be preceded by a successful unpackaging. Releasing your Starrk unit can be rather tricky, seeing as he will most likely be sleeping and unable to aid you. If you cannot manually open the box which you will find is very difficult for weak beings such as yourself then the best way to release a Starrk unit would be to place it within the vicinity of a Lilynette unit, which should have been sent alongside the Starrk unit.

Unpackaging instructions follow later. If you are unable to access a Lilynette unit, or you have not recieved it, then send in a notice to Customer Support, where it will be read, and either half-assed or ignored completely.

Lilynette Gingerbuck

Hide safely behind your couch as the Lilynette unit proceeds to tear apart the box the Starrk unit is in, and continues to beat the living hell out of it until it begs for mercy. Any property damage during this time is not our responsibility. Now, I have an idea that Starrk might have had a split personality before Shinigamification. Being split between the dominant spirits of Starrk, and Lily.

As a Arrancar, this split personality became their unique method of ressureccion, due to the fact that instead of a single hollow dominating control of the Menos, there were two. Now that we've seen his wolves, perhaps those are the rest of the spirits that comprise them? I know it sounds far-fetched, but perhaps the split personality explains the two. He says that those around him lost their souls and died just by being around him. Could this be attributed to his immense power? Since he and Lilynette is are the Primera Espada, it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to assume that he was strong long before he they became an Arrancar since we know that Barragan's power was great enough that he was called the King of Hueco Mundo.

Hollows suck up spirit particles just by standing around. So do quincy and even Shinigami to a lesser extent but I believe the ambient sucking up is the greats for hollows. So that's what could have happened when Starrk said that just by "being around us our friends lost their souls". However, this is all speculation so for now I think we just have to leave it as "we don't have a clue what he means exactly".

This way, he wouldn't kill weaker Hollows so fast. Lilynette might just be immune to his power Why would he say that they died by him being near if he ate them in reality. He was saying something about wishing that he had a friend as strong as he was, maybe he thought that the high strenght level would insure their survival and he wouldn't be alone. Hollows, like quincy, absorb the ambient spirit particles surrounding them.

Well we know that when Ishida went "final form quincy" he was absorbing particles so powerfully that he was breaking apart the structure around him.

stark and lilinette relationship questions

What if Starrk was absorbing ambient spirit particles so much that over time he sucked away the souls of his friends. So he did "eat them" in a way but not by choice. He can't control the rate he absorbs particles or stop himself be caused his friends to lose their souls like that.

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He might have been a vasto lord too. His resurrection is lone gunslinger NOT wolf per say. The wolf aspect seems to be more his summon wolf ability. I'd be amazed if he wasn't a vasto lorde, he walks around for who knows how long without finding someone as strong as himself. Or is it best to wait to find out if he was one of the arrancar that made himself one instead of Aizen turning him?

I ask because it was said that the Vasto Lorde look most human before becoming arrancar, and if he was still a Hollow when he split himself in two and he looked like that, wouldn't it mean he was?

It did seem plausible, until he got beaten without Bankai Of course, given his opponent, it isn't all that shameful. So for now, I'll say probably not. Although, a voice in my head won't shut up about his hole cracking, when the same never happened to any other Espada, including Nnoitora, who died almost the same way. Perhaps it had the ability to restrain his power, and in a few seconds he's going to jump up and start fighting again, due to it breaking.