Tarja turunen and tuomas holopainen relationship

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tarja turunen and tuomas holopainen relationship

"What happened to Tarja happened to me — I was fired." If Tuomas [ Holopainen, NIGHTWISH keyboardist/mainman] decided that we would. The statements which seem to sugest Tuomas loved Tarja can be read. 36) en tu opinión, los verdaderos motivos de la salida de Tarja Turunen de Nightwish?. NIGHTWISH mainman Tuomas Holopainen recently spoke to Germany's Orkus magazine about the band's decision to part ways with singer Tarja Turunen fol There has to be a mental connection — for the music, for the.

I think she has to open her eyes first.

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There is absolutely nothing that we could have changed by talking; first of all she has to understand the facts and make them clear to herself. How is it possible for a band to go on tour when you don't talk to each other for such a long time?

At gigs we always met her fifteen minutes before the start of the show. She never came to interviews and she never turned up at soundchecks. We saw her when she was completely dressed up and prepared for the show shortly before the gig started and afterwards she went directly to the car and drove to the hotel.

And that was it. The next time we saw her was right before the next gig.

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She didn't want to travel with us, she didn't want to go by bus with us nor by car. She didn't want to join us for meals, she didn't want to do any interviews — nothing. Actually, there were two different camps. During the last few months, Tarja told the Finnish media about her solo career and she always emphasized that NIGHTWISH was not the thing that she wants to do in her life, that it was not her voice and not her music — she was only a guest musician. She really hurt me with these words because it sounded like the whole thing felt just embarrassing to her.

Nevertheless, you don't think that a slightly less personal letter would have been a better alternative?

tarja turunen and tuomas holopainen relationship

I don't think that there are any passages in that letter which are too personal. I rewrote the letter over and over again and in the beginning it included a lot more personal stuff.

She has accused us for dragging her husband into the whole thing, but we haven't criticized him as her husband. I'm sure that he is a wonderful and caring husband, but as her manager, he is the main reason why the whole situation was created in the first place. That just has to be said, because I want people to understand why we decided to take this step and why we will carry on. In the last year I said in some interviews: By doing it this way, I stood up for myself and defended myself.

Can you tell us more about the role of Tarja's husband Marcelo? What did he do? It was very difficult to get close to Tarja because there was a huge Argentinean wall between us. All the financial issues and arguments started to be really ridiculous. It is not so much that she didn't want to do gigs in America or Australia, because — in her opinion — the venues and fees were too small — it's more about her attitude as a whole. It all started with two sentences from her — one of them I already mentioned: You know, I can leave this band anytime.

She is an old friend of mine and for her to think that way.

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So these are her motives to be in the band. So you didn't only lose a singer but a friend as well. I lost a lot. And when you read the letter and read between the lines as well then I hope you'll understand that I'm not angry with her, that I don't hate her. But I suppose that a lot of unpleasant memories about Tarja will remain? I'm sad and disappointed. But it is not Tarja that I see.

It is someone else. You probably read Tarja's reply to the media and the fans. She writes that she was shocked and devastated by the words in your letter. What went through your mind when you read that? Fronted by the fierce Dutchwoman Floor Jansen sincethe band has continued to release great albums and tour the world.

But soon, once the current world tour concludes in October with Nightwish returning to Japan to play at the Loud Park festival, the band will take what is planned to be a year-long break during all of Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish in Tokyo.

tarja turunen and tuomas holopainen relationship

Then all of off and back with a vengeance in Now he wants a break. I just enjoy the idea of getting to be at home, doing the gardening, taking care of the horse, just be steady for a while. When asked if her old band ReVamp is perhaps part of what she is currently considering: What might a rejuvenated and rested Nightwish do when it returns in once the break is over?

Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish onstage in Tokyo. Stefan Nilsson With twenty years under their belt, the Finnish band has achieved many great things, both critical acclaim and commercial success.

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  • Was/Is Tuomas Holopainen from Nightwish in love with ex-singer Tarja Turunen?

What is the highlight so far? When it comes to live shows, possibly Wembley last December.

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During its twenty years, the band has had three very different lead vocalists but Holopainen and his band have still managed to establish a signature Nightwish sound. It takes all the members, the singers, production, the crew, everything!

I love that expression! It goes to the core of what we are. We discovered her personality didn't fit this work community, and was even detrimental to it.

tarja turunen and tuomas holopainen relationship

Moments [before being fired], Anette had told Tuomas Holopainen of her pregnancy "Truth: Anette told of her pregnancy to the whole band already a week earlier in Montreal.

Everyone was congratulative, and Anette herself offered an option of hiring a replacement vocalist if she can't manage everything, which was already agreed on. Later she took back her decision, and the difficulties really started. Fear of losing money and position seemed obvious. The boys of the band decided everything for me "Truth: Neither Tuomas nor any other of the boys of the band can singlehandedly decide where we take off to and when.

There have been discussions inside the band and support of people on a personal level. Managers and promoters discuss about possible concerts, record releases, etc. All these details have been negotiated with Anette and her manager.