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T.J. Detwiler is one of the most recognizable characters from Recess and the Paul and Joe stated that the real Spinelli was the coolest person they knew, thus . in either show that points to the relationship between Chuckie and Muriel. .. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. T.J. was about to step out of a bathroom stall, when he heard the It appeared that Ken was giving Randall spying tips in exchange for When T.J. and his friends got on the playground they decided to put an end to this relationship. Vince, Mikey, Spinelli and Gus stood behind them studying the paper. Spinelli's parents are infamous for telling her friends about her feelings or . Ashley Spinelli Main Article: T.J. and Spinelli's relationship.

He is often seen wrapping his arm around her shoulders for no apparent reason, which also hints this. They don't always appreciate the full extent of T. J's high spirits, but they love him just the same. Friends Mikey Blumberg T. In "The Break-Up", T. However he is sometimes embarassed by Mikey's behavior. He also was a little embarassed at Mikey's comment that the 5th and 6th grader's club was a "rainbow hug of togetherness".

She has, apparently, tutored him in Grammar. The two don't always see eye-to-eye on things. In "Outcast Ashley", Gretchen didn't consider T.

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At the end, they apologize for taking each other for granted. They are seen doing a lot of things together back in second grade, such as being in the same Boy Scout troop or making up the word "Whomps".

Spinelli cares enough about T. Spinelli obviously is in tune with T. Now, there actually is proof to support this. Some anti-ship fans argue that this was simply because it was a kiss in general, and not because of the person kissing them. While this is true, the two of them would have to at least somewhat like the other, to have that sort of reaction and not be…you know…immediately disgusted.

Which brings me to my second point: The other half of the population believes that the daze was simply like a trance-like, bored kind of stare, in which T. The implications in this episode could easily go to the extremes of either view- it can be seen as the proving factor of the romantic tension between T. I mean, the attitude similarities were almost eerie! Like the deviousness as ruthless campaign managers?

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We have to finish this project on volcanoes! Kinda like first string on your team…? This kind of reflects their roles as stereotypes- T. I know that a lot of the kids went to a lot of trouble to save her artwork, but this is an accumulative example- this is not the first and not the last time that T.

None other than T. These two are obviously in tune with each other. Spinelli is practically lying on top of T. It was sweet that he was so incredibly worried for her…even if it was just a prank. For goodness sakes people- it was a speech for a science fair! Spinelli looked hard at T. Nearly everyone hushed down. That is, everyone except five people. In the crowd of students, Randall looked at his king with pure hatred.

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All four Ashleys looked on with unsure faces. Most shocked of all were three boys: Gus in the crowd, and Vince and Mikey, right beside T. Before anyone could respond to what he just said, T. Many of them whispered to one another along the lines of "They're together?

Everyone quieted down and turned to see a little fourth-grade girl furiously clapping with a huge smile on her face. Before anyone else could react, someone else started clapping hard too. It was Guru Kid. Everyone looked at the half-naked advice-giver in confusion.

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Finally, being frustrated with the students not understanding what he was saying, he sighed, then blurted out, "Well?!

What are you waiting for? Our new ruler deserves applause!