Toshiro and momo relationship problems

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toshiro and momo relationship problems

Momo on the other hand constantly calling Toshiro, Shiro in a sort of cooled down some so the relationship on his side has backed down to. create Collections and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships . He had moved on. Two-shot about Toshiro and Momo's relationship and how it changed. . "The problem? You want to know the problem?!.

They were in here just a little while ago, all looking beautiful. We all wore the same dress except for Nanao-san, hers was yellow instead of pink like ours. I've never been one to wear pink, but Tobiume loves it, she said it looked good on me. But Rangiku-chan, she was the most beautiful. Of course she's supposed to be. It would be an insult if the maids were prettier than the bride.

But I couldn't help but stare as Inoue-san and Nanao-san helped her get dressed earlier. She looked so happy as she stared at herself in the mirror. Part of me couldn't help but think of this exact same scenario, the only difference is it would be me in Rangiku-chan's place.

No one else in this room knew what I was feeling, they were all concentrating on the wedding and getting the bride ready. Nobody once noticed my hurt-filled eyes, or the way I'd cry a few tears as I remembered that Toshiro would be lost to me forever after today. And that he'd permanently belong to her. I was almost invisible. The only person who understood my feelings He knew because I had confronted him about this, not so long ago, when they had first gotten engaged It was only yesterday that he proposed to her.

How could he do this to me?! How could he tie himself down to another woman like that?! I thought he would wait for me! How could he betray me?! I felt the tears in my eyes as I stormed to his office. I opened the door and stomped in, slamming in shut once I was inside.

Just as I thought, he was at his desk, and no Matsumoto in sight.

toshiro and momo relationship problems

His head snapped up as I made my entrance. He raised a brow. Did I commit some crime I don't remember doing?

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How could you propose to her?! How could you do this to me?! I thought you loved me! You're like a sister to me. You want to know the problem?! I thought you would be happy for me. I did not falter. I stood my ground. She's probably using you! But I kept going. She's not some filthy whore! For your information I am the only man who's been in her bed! I could see in his eyes he did not regret what he just said.

He'd look almost smug if not for the angry expression. I could not believe what I'd heard though, he means to tell me that, after only five months, he and she had Those rumors were started by jealous fools that got shot down.

I had never thought he'd actually direct that tone towards me. I just want to know why you didn't wait for me Why you abandoned me He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Longer than I should have actually. I had helped you get back on your feet. But I never abandoned you.

I simply tried to teach you how to walk again. But you still believed in Aizen, and I knew that if I waited for you any longer, you'd begin to think I was his replacement. And I know you love me too! But the way I saw it, no one but Aizen would do. And I didn't want to be his replacement. I swear I'm over him! Shiro I truly love you! But I can't return that love. If you had said that about six months ago, I would've immediately returned them without hesitation. But I'm in love with Rangiku now, and she's the one I want.

I still love you of course, as a sister. A sob escaped me. I was frozen where I stood. And she loves me And nothing or no one is going to change my mind. Because he asked me to be. He had asked me when I went back the next morning before Rangiku-chan got there, and apologized.

I looked into the mirror once again.

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This time I really did see me, not a strange girl who looked like me. I know, because the real me is weak, and cries over everything. Becomes a big baby when she doesn't get what she wants. The look in my eyes was so clear, my eyes were jealousy-ridden. Because the simple fact is that I'm jealous of Rangiku-chan She helped him get back on his feet whenever he fell.

She was there to comfort him when he tried to hide his sadness. She was always there. It was all it took to make Toshiro fall in love with her.

And, to me, who couldn't love him back? It wasn't fair though.

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I couldn't be blamed for my state of mind, could I? I wasn't able to be there for him like she was, I needed him to be there for me. But that's where he thought he had become Aizen-Taicho's replacement And now he's moved on.

And I was the only one suffering, I was the only one who didn't get a happily ever after Long ago, when I entered the academy, I had been so sure of what I wanted. I had wanted nothing more than to serve under Aizen-Taicho, and earn his praises and, possibly someday, his love. I had worked so hard, done so much Yet it was all for nothing.

I never got the praise I had wanted, never got the love I yearned to experience. Never got the man I thought I had loved with all my soul. I couldn't think straight after waking up in 4th, and learning that I was in recovery from the wound inflicted on me by my own Taicho's zanpakuto. My mind couldn't take the new situation.

For days I grieved over the loss of my Taicho, wishing all the while that this was just a nightmare and soon I'd wake up. But I never woke up, I still lived in that nightmare. The idea of Aizen-Taicho betraying the Soul Society just wouldn't process in my weak, fragile mind.

I was blinded by the glorious illusion I saw, instead of seeing the reality that was thrust into me like Taicho's blade.

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I slowly became coherent enough to think more properly, and look at the situation that had became while I was unconscious. I learned that I was a fool for believing those pretty lies Taicho had told me. And I was an utter idiot for believing the lie he told me about Toshiro He was always there for me before the betrayal. He had been the crutch that helped me stand back on my feet. He slowly became everything Aizen-Taicho was to me and more. However I had refused to believe such things, because my heart still yearned for Aizen-Taicho.

Shiro had always been good to me, and always protected me. But I never had the mental capacity to realize that he did those things for me because he cared for me. More than I had realized. I had always seen him as my kid brother, and I had always assumed he looked at me like his big sister.

I know now that I was once again blind. But this time I was blinded by my own foolishness and naive nature. I was completely oblivious to the love that he felt for me, and unconsciously rejected him.

toshiro and momo relationship problems

Without knowing it, I had thrown away something I'd found to be what I had really wanted for all these years. But it was too late by the time I realized it. The day I found out that I loved him, I was so happy. The happiest I'd been since I had learned my Taicho was alive, before he I was really happy, memories of Toshiro and our childhood together flooded my mind as I ran to tell him my feelings. Who better than Shiro-chan to be my love?

I reached his office and was about to go in, before I saw them Through the crack in the door, I saw him kiss her. Her who was supposed to be nothing more to him than a close friend. Later that day, word spread and it became official. They were in love, and were a couple now. I was heart broken. I couldn't believe this happened to me.

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Momo tripped and fell and hurt her leg. I wish I can easily forget about that moment. I didn't get the job after that because I hurt my leg She opened the door and saw it was Matsumoto. Matsumoto what are you doing here? Its dark out right now.

Captain Hitsugaya kicked me out because I was being noisy but at least that gives me a break from work. Uh okay" Momo was unsure about drinking. They both went walking out and getting Kyoraku and Shuhei to go with them and have them bring sake. Luckily for RangikuKyoraku had some and brought along with them Shuhei. Momo was still feeling nervous about drinking but went with them anyway.

toshiro and momo relationship problems

Rangiku decided they should all go drinking on the roof of Captain Hitsugaya's office. They were all up on the roof just looking at the stars and drinking except for Momo she was only looking at the stars and not drinking.

Momo gazed at the stars looking at them and seeing how beautiful they were. Meanwhile Captain Hitsugaya was in his office doing some paper work. His work couldn't distract him from thinking about Momo. Both Momo and Toshiro were so near not knowing that. Momo on the roof of Toshiro's office and Toshiro inside his office. Both thinking about each other. Toshiro finished his work. He looked above his desk and noticed Matsumoto's work was on the couch unfinished.

I guess i will have to do her work for her again. Kyoraku got sake in one hand and put his other arm around Momo. Momo leaned against the wall. Momo was right around the corner of the doors of Toshiro's office. She was in the small ally between Toshiro's office and another building. She was staring at the stars. Toshiro looked at the door as if he heard someone calling him. He didn't see anyone. Momo was still standing and talking to herself. Her back is facing Toshiro's office.

She looks up in the sky. Looking at the stars and holding her hands together. Toshiro was still looking out the window and notices Momo. Toshiro decides to go outside. He stands outside the doors. Momo doesn't notice Toshiro outside the doors.