Tywin lannister and arya stark relationship

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tywin lannister and arya stark relationship

In the books, Arya spends Lord Tywin's time in Harrenhal as a peon who novels – like every character from Rickon Stark to Tywin Lannister. Arya Stark & Tywin Lannister on King Robb. Love the I think Arya got really comfortable with Tywin # I like their weird "father-daughter" relationship . Tywin's relationship with Arya is reflective of and consistent with his Secondly, in the book, Arya is Roose Bolton's cupbearer and not Tywin Lannister's. With Arya Stark supposed to be in Kings Landing (Tyrion only learns.

I once spoiled the ambitions of the Reynes. They were from Castamere, you know. This is one of those occasions.

tywin lannister and arya stark relationship

On the show, Tywin looked like his usual disapproving self. So Tywin, why so serious? And from there, he just got more and more serious. Like a true king.

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But did Tywin never smile? I mean, even Stannis smiled once in awhile on the show okay, maybe only once, and ironically at that. Tywin occasionally acted contrary to expectation. He certainly delivered a surprise in the fourth season.


Tywin was very vocal about and very disapproving of Tyrion and his tendencies with sex workers. Tywin has figured out probably pretty fast that Arya is a highborn posing as a commoner, but he clearly cannot know who exactly she is, otherwise he'd immediately secure her in custody. He has multiple reasons for correcting her disguise: Tywin doesn't want anyone else finding out Arya's secret, since only him knowing about it keeps him in a power position - as such it is a genuine advice on how to maintain her cover.

tywin lannister and arya stark relationship

At the same time it is a power play move. Since Arya is trying to hide an important secret from Tywin, she considers herself in an empowered position to him.

That could be ok for a while, but he doesn't want her to get too comfortable thinking she's outsmarted him - he's reminding her that he's the one in power. Even further, he shows that even though she'd had a secret from him he has chosen to both ignore her mistrust and keep her secret safe from others.

The move also places Arya in subtle social debt. Tywin has now revealed a secret to her, while at the same time making sure she no longer has a chance to reveal it herself. This makes her be in social debt to him, and now her only social reciprocity option is to reveal some further secret, like who she actually is.

Although, maybe if there had been romance, he would've taken on the Mountain for Tyrion's trial by combat.

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He's as fast and as good as Oberyn Martell, but not nearly as arrogant in his skills or dead-set on getting a confession about a year-old war crime. And Tyrion wouldn't have hired Shae if he had Bronn, so we wouldn't have had to go through that horrible betrayal.

Or maybe we would have. Tyrion's a bit greedy that way.


Sure, he's dead and she killed his grandson, but who cares? The rightfully named Queen of Thorns is one of the few people in King's Landing who is completely not intimidated by the most powerful and richest man in the Seven Kingdoms. It's a shame the marriage between Cersei and Loras never went through. A person who is Tywin's grandchild and Olenna's great-grandchild would be a true terror on the Realm. This scene in season six made many GoT shippers very happy, especially when we found out that Yara was bisexual in an earlier episode.

We weren't sure whether these two powerful personalities would get along or tear each other apart, and were thrilled when we got the former, with the very real potential for more. They're already giving each other presents.

Why Arya Stark and Tywin Lannister was a really good idea

And they're going to go take over Westeros together. She could've tried to intimidate her like Cerseibut instead, she befriended her. Instead, she stuck with her and encouraged her through the marriage.